Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 4)


Hello guys..I am happy to know that u r following my story regularly.Thanks to Lakshmi,Hayathi,Adijo,Devga and Roma.Your feedback means a lot to me.It inspires me to continue with my story.if there are any silent readers,pls try to comment and express ur views.I am very curious to know ur views.Thank u all.

Roma dear,ur ideas on the image is really awesome.I shared my views on the image with u on that page.pls check my reply there for ur comment.

In this episode,I am trying something new as the reason behind Akash’s friendliness with Indu.I really don’t know whether u guys like it or not.Here is the new episode:

Recap:Akash mother’s birthday celebrations and Akash asking Indu “Shall we be friends”?

Episode 4:

Scene 1:

Akash: Indu is the person who saved me from committing suicide,2 yrs ago.

Viraj,Vini and Angel teary eyed.Everyone remembering Akash before 2 yrs.FB shows:

Akash completed his graduation.He aspires to be a rock star.He went through many competitions,but can’t establish himself.He failed in all those shows and was very depressed.He was dying with failure.He decided to suicide.He wants to see his parents and friends once,but if he visits them he can’t suicide.Hence,he opened his fb(facebook) to see the pics of his happy moments with all of them.Suddenly he came across a fb page “Willpower Now” which posted quotes about life and success.He smiled n commented on post that he is about to commit suicide and lost hope on his life.He got a reply from the founder of the page asking him to message him.He msged.He was surprised to know that the founder was a renowned author and motivational speaker,yet replies to fans and was running a team whom he trains to counsel people on life problems.He didn’t even imagine there would be such a forum where everyone committed to help others through just fb without any profit.The founder assigned a member of the team to counsel him.

Akash:Hello,I am Akash.Master Will (founder of the page) told to contact u.

Member:Hello Akash,hw r u.Yes,I know.Can u pls share ur reasons for losing hope on life.It makes me easier to counsel u,if u didn’t like its ok,however I will help u.

Akash: I am a failure.I aspire to be a rock star,but failed in every competition.I can’t choose another field and unable to succeed in this music world.So I prefer death.

Member:Wow,u aspire to me a rock star? Thats awesome.All the best Akash.

Akash:I can’t.I realised that I can nvr be a rock star.

Menber:Akash,wat made u to feel so?your failures? Hmm..ok,let me tell u something.Do u know about Abraham Lincoln and Edison?Do u know how many times did they fail?Lincoln failed 28 times and Edison failed 10,000 times before succeeding in their goals.I would share a quote of Edison with u, I have not failed,I have learnt 10,000 different ways that won’t work.”

This is life Akash.You need to face challenges and thrones on ur way to success.I can understand ur pain of losing competitions.But,can u imagine the pain of losing a grown up son by ur parents? Do u think parents can bare it? Do u want them too to lose their hope on life? Is this the gift u r going to give to ur parents for their love on u?

Akash,U r born to succeed.U can prove urselves.Rectify ur mistakes.Find out the reasons behind ur failure.Plan ur journey perfectly and try again and again.Try till u succeed.Never Give up.Trust urself and be confident.You are more than u think of urselves.All the best,Akash.

Akash:Thank u so much.Your words really inspired me.I will achieve my goal for sure.Thank u once again.

Member:You are welcome.Bye.

FB ends.

Everyone are listening to Akash.

Akash:Do u know who is that member counselled me? Its Indu.I have seen her photo on that fb page with as a part of the team.I am surprised to see her in orphanage.I am inspired by her words and today I am a rockstar because of her and team.I admire her.

Viraj:We are ever thankful to Master Will and Indu.We r so happy today only bcoz of them.Otherwise…………….(tears rolled in his eyes)

Vini,Angel and Akash teary eyed.Akash hugged them.

Vini:I want to meet her.Let me go to orphanage.

Scene 2:

Akash and his family in orphanage,asking Mother Mary to meet Indu.They said the whole story.Mary called Indu to come orphanage.Indu came to orphanage and got irritated seeing Akash.

Vini:Indu,Thank u so much beti.Blessed her by touching her head.

Viraj:You didn’t save one but four lives.We are very thankful to u beti.

Angel:Thank u so much for saving my brother.I love you so much Indu.

Indu is in confusion.She was angry on Akash but can’t say anything as she saw tears in their eyes.She is unable to understand anything.Mother Mary tokd her the reason behind their thanks and how much Akash admire her.She didn’t remember him crctly.

Indu:You are welcome aunty,uncle and sis.But I didn’t do anything much.Credit goes to the founder of the page,Master Will.I am just a volunteer there trained by him.If not me,someone in the team would counsel him.So,there is nothing special abt me,Mr.Akash.Your talent made u great,thats it.I hope u will end it here itself.If u want to thank,pls thank Master Will.

Akash:I want ur frndshp.Can u pls accept me as ur friend?

Indu:Stop it Akash.I told u once I have done nothing to u and we can’t be friends as I know nothing about u.Never try to contact me again.Excuse me everyone.I need to go now.

Akash:Indu,I am debted to u and hope will repay it one day.Because I don’t like to be debted to anyone.

Indu:This is called ego and thankfulness.I will rather die than to ask u for help.

Akash:But if u take my help then I won’t bother u again.

Indu went off seeing him seriously.

Scene 3:

Akash’s home.

Vini:Leave it beta.U shouldn’t force someone to be ur friend.Its bad and I know my son is good.

Akash(thinking): Maa,How can I say that I need her friendship to make her smile.I don’t know the reason but I guess she is very serious because something is stopping her from being happy.She inspired me to achieve my goal.Now how can I leave her knowing she is not ok.I want to see her happily.

Precap:Indu calling Akash.Akash dropping Indu on his bike at her home.

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  1. Awesome episode, loved the fb part very much…I was wondering when n how did she helped him and stopped him from suicide and she doesn’t even know about it…but now it’s clear to me…I’m loving the pace of your story…akash is really very good humble, polite and down to earth person, being a rockstar now, he still remembered her favor/good deed bt her n trying to be friend of her to bring her out of her shell n make her happy…very motivating n positive story…thx for giving us this outstanding gift…precap looks interesting….
    Loved you reply on previous epi page…very distinctive n marvellous thinking…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma.Actually Master Will n fb page “Willpower Now”which counsels ppl on life,career n family problems is real.I wrote this episode based on the works of that team.I am so inspired by Master Will,who being a famous author n busy motivational speaker,helps ppl around the world.I dedicate this episode to Master Will and his team.

      Yes,Akash is a down to earth person n his characterisation will b such that every girl dreams of having such a life partner.

      1. Thx K S V, I’m glad to know about ‘Willpower Now’ team…hats off to you and Master Will n his team… in this selfish world there are some very selfless n kind hearted people still exist…. im very thankful to this association…we should encourage this work n help humanity…love you loads my dear for bringing this to our attention. …take care dearrrrr…

    2. Haan sis…Willpower Team is really great.They r launching new batch of team soon.Coz of my exams,I lost chance to be in team.I am a very big fan of that Willpower Page and team.Master Will treats everyone as his sisters n brothers.I met him once when he came to India.He gifted me his famous book “Willpower Now”.Reading that book really changed my attitude n prospective towards life.Just go through the page n comments on their posts,U will experience my words.

  2. Awesome dr

    1. Thank u dear Hayathi…

  3. Hey your story is very nice, i m a silent reader but can u plzzz change the name of female lead plz put some modern name u can keep her name as akashi,arushi anything esle but not indu

    1. Hi dear Anu.Thank u for ur feedback.Sis,sorry to say,now we can’t change the name of the characters coz it creates confusion to readers n more over her character is real.So,I kept the name similar to original name though not exactly the same.

  4. Nice episode and “willpower now” team is really great . ‘Master will’ is doing great job without expecting anything from the people. Akash wants indu to be happy ,he is really nice person. Precap is interesting…so indu calls akash for help, waiting for next update.

    1. Yes dear sis Lakshmi,Work of Willpower Now and Master Will is really great.I am a very big fan of them n their work.Saving a person’s life is awesome.Many of us have a desire to help ppl but don’t know the way to do it.Here,we can just counsel a person at our free time n through our words,we can change their lives.As team undergoes the training by Master Will,it changes their own personal life n they will become the best.I am really inspired by Master Will.

  5. Actually u r awesome …. I strongly feel somewer this episode is related to done real situation …. Anyways u r very good in writing skills and I must thank u … U must not thank me ….as I am just giving reviews on ur writing dear ….

    Actually I am saying I don’t know y but ur story is really attached to my heart …. Love u loads and frnd forever ksv …

    Today’s will power is the fb page real ??? If it is so thn its really grt work by the founder …

    1. Not done its some*

    2. Hi devga dear..I am glad that i got a frnd like u.I really hav to thank u bcoz without ur feedback,I won’t b able to write like dis.Thank u for ur valuable words..its really very encouraging..

      Yes fb page is real.The idea and work of the founder and team is really grt n they rocks.

  6. Wen I was reading about akash I felt very bad that he lost his faith on his goal…yup it happens wen someone face the situation like akash ….but again wen he motivated through the “will power” which changed his thoughts through negative to positive……its really awesome because there are very few people who don’t think about others
    …….The story is really interesting,loving thank u for bringing such wonderful story

    1. Dear sree,ur wonderful comments encourages me a lot.Thank u ra

  7. hi k s v i’m new in this page. But i love ur story coz it is different n positive everywhere. Its really an amazing work. Such a beautiful n happy family. They r emitting their positive energy into us too, i can c that the origin of this positivity is u. I felt very happy while reading this. Thanku dear.

  8. hi k s v i’m new in this page. But i love ur story coz it is different n positive everywhere. Its really an amazing work. Such a beautiful n happy family. They r emitting their positive energy into us too, i can c that the origin of this positivity is u. I felt very happy n positive while reading this. Thanku dear. Actually if there is any such fb page or community???

  9. the way u choose to present the motivational quotes were really appreciable n the dialogue which convey abt the feeling our parents n their loss etc. were awesome. Keep it up. Waiting for ur next update. Plz do daily update

    1. Thank u dear Lachu…

    2. Yes dear..Willpower Now is real.There is a fb page n team who helps ppl throughout world n esp in India.Master Will is the founder of page..His original name is Mr.Will Harris (author of best seller “Willpower Now”).

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