Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 32)


Final Episode: Episode 32

Thank u dear Hayathi, Lakshmi, Devga, Roma, Swara, Ananya, Manha, Aditi and other silent readers. I am so grateful to u all for ur support. All the best for u all. May ur life shine with lots of love,fun,happiness,success n prosperity. Enjoy every second n make most of it. Life is to celebrate n celebrate it all the way.

Episode 32:

The episode starts with Akash returning home at 1am n Indu still awake waiting for him.

Akash: Didn’t u sleep yet?

Indu: I want to talk to u.

Akash: Ok but 5 mins pls. I will come back after fresh up.

Akash came back n sat besides Indu.

Indu: Y r u behaving like this Akash? Don’t u know abt me? Don’t u trust me?

Akash kept his finger on Indu’s lips to stop her talking.

Akash: Wat happened to u? Y r u so serious n dull?

Indu: Don’t u know?

Akash: Hw can I know wats up in ur mind. First tell me did u have ur dinner? I am very hungry.

Indu: I am angry. I want to talk to u.

Akash: Oh God, Wat r u doing till now then? Aren’t u talking to me till now?

Indu: Akash I am serious

Akash: Wats ur problem?

Indu didn’t understand how to start. Akash brought dinner for both. Indu is trying to collect words to explain him wat happened. Both had dinner. Indu is looking him but unable to talk anything. Akash asked her to sit near him.

Akash: Indu, R u worried coz I saw u with someone in restaurant?

Indu: Akash, really I didn’t

Akash: wait. let me tell u something. First wen I saw u there I felt a bit angry on u. But wen I went out I thought for a long time. Finally I made up my mind. I love u. Love includes trust n understanding. I trust u. I don’t want any explanations from u. Because I know my Indu never do anything wrong.

Indu hugged Akash with tears in her eyes. Akash wiped her tears n kissed her.

Indu: I am so scared. I thought u didn’t trust me. I love u Akash. I love u so much n I can’t miss u. I can’t bare even a small misunderstanding between us.

Akash: Misunderstandings r common but I am sure our love had the power to solve anything. And nothing had the power to create cracks in our relationship.

Indu: Actually he is IAS belongs to my batch. He is working here. When I went for shopping, he saw me there. He recognised n talked with me. We went to hav coffee there. He invited both of us for lunch tomorrow.

Akash: Sure lets go.

Inash returned home aft their lovely trip. Indu reported to her duties as Joint Collector. Harini is a Lawyer n Rocky a famous writer. Deep n Suhana got married. They are taking care of Deep’s father’s business. Angel completed her studies n is a journalist now. Everyone reached airport to receive Aarushi. Aarushi cam along with a guy.

Aarushi: Hi everyone. He is Mr.Arnav,my husband. Arnav,they r my frnds Akash, Indu, Rocky, Harini, Suhana n Deep.

Everyone went to Akash’s home. All r busy in chitchatting.

Akash: So, hw is ur health now? Did u quit drugs n alcohol completely?

Aarushi: Yes. With the love of Arnav n ur’s support as a frnd helped me to recover completely. Did anyone get doubt on me?

Akash: No. No one knows that u r in rehabilitation centre these days. Everyone thought u went abroad.

Aarushi: Many ppl thinks dat I hav no emotions n I am rude. But the fact is I am disturbed everytime when someone comments or cheats me. Even my frnds whom I trusted, played with my feelings.

Akash: I understand. But I didn’t know wat made u to choose a path that destroys ur life.

Aarushi: Akash, there are many reasons behind dat. Many ppl feels thats a very small reason but I spoiled my life myself. Its not true.

Every child needs love n care. But I am starved for it in my childhood a lot. I know my parents are very good n loves me a lot. But they were very busy in my childhood which made me feel that I am lonely n had no one from me. My anger on them made me to stay away from them from my +1. Parents how busy they are, must spend time to understand the feelings of their child.

At +1 I am addicted to drugs coz of frnds just for fun. Later on, even before I realised how its affecting my life, I am totally addicted to drugs. Love failure, frnds comments n their drama, finally made me to live in that unconscious world as I felt its less dangerous than the ppl who plays with my feelings.

But Arnav’s true love changed me totally. I got the love for which I am starving from my childhood. He understood me so well. His love made my life beautiful n created new hope on life. Today I am totally recovered n now working for the girls who r addicted to drugs. I didn’t want anyone to spoil life like I did. I will stand for them n will make them better with my love.

Akash: I know Aarushi. U r the best n definitely u will make us proud one day for being ur frnds. So now u r working as a NGO. All the best.

Aarushi: Thank u.

Leap of 2 months:

Angel marriage is fixed with their relative. Inash n frnds r busy in the preparations.

Indu: Akash, I am going to function hall to see the arrangements. I will b back in 1 hour.

Akash:I am coming with u.

Inash started in their car n Akash stopped the car at side to talk with Indu.

Indu: Why did u stop here?

Akash: To thank u.


Akash: Yes. On that day I became serious on Angel aft seeing her on someone’s bike. If I vent my anger on her, Angel would nvr excuse me. I enquired abt that guy n found he is good. When I asked Angel, she said he is just a frnd. If u didn’t advise me, I would have committed a big mistake of doubting my sis n it would spoil my relationship with her. U saved me. Thank u.

Indu smiled. After a week Angel was married. Rocky n Harini married in a register office with just a few ppl who loves them. They donated remaining money that should b spent on marriage to Aarushi’s “Sahaya Foundation” to save the life of girls addicted to drugs n alcohol n victims of rape n child marriages.

Inash home:

Indu is in work n suddenly fainted. Its confirmed that Indu is conceived. Celebrations reached the sky with the hpyness of Inash n their parents Vini, Viraj, Jyo n frnds. Celebrations finished n Inash at their room:

Akash: Thank u for the most valuable gift to me.

Indu: I love u. Because of u my life became a celebration. Thank u. I am so happy today.

Akash hugged Indu n kissed their baby in womb. Indu hugged him back n kissed him for making her life ever beautiful.

Inash are happy forever with their love n understanding. Inash n frnds reached their goals n their frndshp continued. Though they face challenges in career, frnds helped one another n together they are successful n happy forever.

Scene freezed showing Inash with their family n frnds together.

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    1. Thank u sweet sis…Actually I too didn’t thought I will end it that fastly..coz of few reasons, I ended it.Thank u for ur wishes..Love u will miss u very much..

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