Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 31)


Recap: Akash n Rocky patch up.

Episode 31:

The episode starts with the arrival of Aarushi.

Aarushi: Hi guys. I need to say something to u all.

Suhana: Hi Aarushi..Wats up yaar..

Aarushi: For one yr I am going away from u all to pursue my dreams.

Akash: Wat do u mean? Whr r u going n r u saying that u r not going to be in touch with us?

Aarushi: Yes Akash. Listen to me. I am just taking a gap of one year to live my life in my own terms. Hope u all understand.

Akash: Ok. But remember whenever u need us, we r there for u always.

Aarushi: Thank u. Bye everyone.

Aarushi left n Inash came to their home. On the way Akash saw Angel on bike of a boy. Akash was disturbed. Indu noticed his anger but didn’t know the reason.

Indu leaving to IAS training. Indu took blessings from Vini n Viraj. She hugged Angel. Akash going with her to drop her at airport.

Indu: Akash pls stop the car

Akash: Ok

Akash stopped the car.

Indu: Wat happen to u?

Akash: Nothing. I am ok.

Indu: But I feel something is wrong with u. I am leaving now but can’t leave u like this. It disturbs my focus. So pls share the reason with me.

Akash: Yesterday I saw Angel on someone’s bike.

Indu: Ok. But wat bothering u?

Akash: Wat do u mean? I saw my sis with a guy n u r asking wats bothering me?

Indu: Hmm. I understand ur worry. Now don’t ask anything to Angel. First find it out who is the person n his character n nature. Because whether its frnd or someone, if he is gud later we can think upon it. Aft that if he is gud ask Angel wats the relationship. If he is bad, don’t ask her anything but prove it to her in ur way.

Akash: Yes I will do it. I will miss u a lot Indu.

Indu: me too. But its necessary to go for my career.

Leap of one year:

Indu returned as an IAS. Indu n Akash planning for a trip together.

Indu: I want to visit Taj Mahal.

Akash: But I am planning to go abroad.

Indu: Actually its my dream to visit Taj Mahal with my lifepartner. Thats the reason I never visited it before though I got chance of visiting it many times.

Akash: Ok.first lets go there n then to Malaysia.

Inash went to Agra. They visited Taj Mahal together n had special moments together. Akash got a call.

Akash::Indu, I hav some important meeting here. I am going to sign an agreement for upcoming concerts. I am leaving now.

Indu: Ok but come fast.

Akash left n had a meeting n returning. In the same restaurant he saw Indu with someone else. Indu noticed Akash n thought to come to him, but he left. Indu returned the place they are staying. Akash is working on laptop.

Indu: Akash, Actually

Akash: Can u get me a cup of coffee. I am so tired.

Indu: ok

Indu gave coffee to Akash.

Indu: I need to talk to u

Akash: I am busy now.Let me complete the work first.

Indu is feeling restless. It had been 2 hrs n finally Akash completed his work.

Akash: I am going out. I may return at late hrs. So no need to wait for me. Bye

Indu eyes are filled with tears coz of Akash’s behaviour.

Precap: Final episode: Inash patch up, Aarushi arrival n Angel’s marriage

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  1. nice episode pls don’t end dr

    1. Thank u swara..sorry dear..I ended it suddenly coz of few reasons..

  2. Oho akash u r impossible always gussa

    1. Haan..he is angry but he is able to control it..thats y nothing creates him problem..

  3. Nice episode n indu is superb always with her words.

    1. Thank u Lakshmi…

  4. What happened. ..he is so angry n didn’t even giving indu chance to explain the situation. …is the guy same person who was angel’s friend. is final episode? Why honeyyy, you’re finishing this story? R you going to start new ff soon? I loved this motivating story very much. …hope to read many more like this in future. you loads and very tight hug

    1. Hi darling..I ended this story…But started new ff My Judgement from today…Thank u so much for ur support..Love u

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