Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 30)


Recap:Inash marriage n Akash-Rocky’s fight.

Akash is in his room seeing photos of him n Rocky. Indu came to Akash.

Indu: Akash

Akash: I want to be alone pls

Indu:hmm..But I want to b with u.

Akash: Indu pls

Indu: Ok. I will leave u alone but first u listen to me.Just 5 mins n then I will leave u.

Akash: What

Indu: Do u think Rocky is wrong?

Akash became serious

Akash: So u mean I am wrong. Its ok I am wrong. I am sorry

Akash stood to leave n Indu holded his hand.

Indu: I didn’t say u r wrong. Actually both r right.

Akash: What?

Indu: Sit, I will explain u.

Akash sat n looking Indu seriously.

Indu: Do u trust Rocky n his talent.

Akash: Of course I do. He is very talented n I am sure he will reach his goal.

Indu: Then y did u pay money to get his novel published?

Akash: I just did it because he is struggling n may b if its late to get offer he may lose his confidence again.

Indu:Yes but do u think now he didn’t lose his confidence?

Akash didn’t respond as he is already angry n Indu’s words made him more angry.

Indu: I know u r getting angry on me. But Akash think once from Rocky’s perception. U r his best frnd. Can’t u understand his feelings? Just imagine u r trying to get a chance for ur concert n u r very sure u will get the chance. But before that someone from ur frnds organise a show for u. How do u feel? Obviously in that stage u feel that even ur frnd didn’t trust ur talent. I am not saying u r wrong. But sometimes its better to leave who is right or wrong. Aft all nothing is more important than a relation n if a simple sorry has the power to stop the breakage of a frndshp, I think we can do that wen that frnd is true n important to us. May b later on Rocky will understand u. Ok, now I am leaving. Think urselves.

Indu abt to go n Akash caught her hand n kissed.

Akash: Thank u

Indu:Does ur anger went off?

Akash: haaaaa…Actually on Rocky went off. But not on u.

Indu: What?

Akash: May be it will go off only wen u kiss me

Indu: Acha.. But u became serious on me without listening to me completely. So now catch me if u want….

Saying this Indu ran n Akash ran behind her. Akash finally caught her n pinned her to the wall.

Akash: I caught u. Now give me my kiss.

Indu bent her head with shyness. Akash lifted her head.

Akash: Ok then I will take it myself

Akash kissed her on forehead n Indu closed her eyes. Akash kissed her on her eyes, cheeks n lips.

Akash whispered in her ears.

Akash: U look more beautiful wen u r blushing.

Akash hugged her n abt to kiss her again.

Vini: Indu, come downstairs.

Indu: Coming aunty.

Indu: Akash, Aunty is calling me. Let me go.

Akash: Is it necessary to go?

Indu smiled n pushed him away.

Indu: Let me go pls

Akash lied on his bed

Akash: Hmm..ok go..However u have to come back to me.

Indu: Agreed Mr.Rockstar..First u come down for lunch.

Indu went down n called Rocky to meet. Indu met Rocky.

Rocky: Indu pls leave it if its abt Akash. I am sure u will take Akash’s side.

Indu:Stop it Rocky. Did u forget that we all r frnds first?

Rocky: Sorry. Tell me wat u want to

Indu: Is it that easy for u to break a frndshp? Did u forget the bonding between u both? You are not just frnds but more than siblings. Do u think Akash did it to destroy ur confidence? How can u think like dat Rocky?

Rocky: Indu, I know Akash is a good frnd but he didn’t trust my talent. Its hurting me more.

Indu: No he trust u n ur talent. But he did it because, only wen we get opportunity we can prove our talent. There r many ppl in our country who had grt talent but not recognised as they hav no support. But u had a grt frnd who is ready to support u. U should b happy for that. Ur talent will b proved as per the sales of the book. Akash just gave a chance to prove urselves. He had grt confidence on u n thats the reason he invested money on ur novel. Think urselves. Bye.

Rocky n Akash are thinking abt one another.Akash remembered Rocky’s support in becoming rockstar, in gaining Indu’s love n everytime he need. Rocky remembered Akash’s support at the time of his love failure to till now. Akash called Rocky.

Rocky: Akash

Akash: I need to meet u. I am coming to ur home in 15 mins.

Akash disconnected the call thinking Rocky may not agree to meet him. Akash went to his home. Rocky waiting for him.

Akash: Shall I come in

Rocky: Its ur wish.

Akash went to Rocky n started to beat him.

Rocky: Hey wat r u doing? R u mad?

Akash: I am going to kill u today. If u didn’t want to b my frnd then u no need to live. Idiot

Rocky: Stop it plz. Someone save me from this Idiot.

Deep,Suhana, Indu, Harini are seeing their fight.

Deep: Sorry we won’t interfere between 2 idiots. U both pls continue ur fight. We r njoying live action episode. Aft breaking ur frndshp, come to me n I will give a grand party to all of u on the occassion of brking ur frndshp.

Akash n Rocky ran to Deep n both started to beat him.

Rocky: I will kill u. Tell me Who said I am going to brk my frndshp with Akash?

Deep: U said

Rocky: I don’t remember. May b u all are in nightmare. Isn’t it Akash?

Akash: Yes they are. Actually they r mad Rocky. They don’t know no one can separate us.

Rocky n Akash had tears in their eyes.

Akash: I am sorry Rocky. I didn’t understand ur feelings. But I am always confident abt ur talent.

Rocky: No Akash. I am sorry. I am lucky to have a frnd like u who supports me always. I am ready to publish my book with ur help.

Akash punched him on his face (playfully)

Rocky: Why r u beating me now?

Akash: For saying sorry n making me to say sorry. There is no sorry between frnds.

Scene freezes showing Frnds together n Akash n Indu together in 2 scenes.

Precap: Inash lovely moments..

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Roma

    Awesome episode, indu is rockstar…both friends finally realized their mistake n got together. ..wowwww. ..loved the friendly cute fight…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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