Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 3)


Recap: First meeting of Akash and Indu.

Episode 3:

Scene 1: Indu and Akash’s family went to kids.They went to his mom’s room in her childhood days.

Akash:Maa,come lets go into the room.

They entered the room.Akash’s mom didn’t have words to explain her happiness and surprise.The room was decorated with her photos from childhood to till with her family,balloons and a cake was arranged there.

Akash:Maa,lets celebrate.

Kids came there and everyone wished her happy birthday.

Angel:Bhaiya,u really are such a good son,I feel jealous on u coz u always do something different and hence,mom and dad loves u more than me.(keeping child like face)

Akash:Hey my dear crazy sister,how can u say dat.Parents always love their children a lot n in bonus u hav a loving brother too whereas I had a devil sister.(he ran away from there as he knows his sister is ready to fight with him)

Angel finally caught her bro.

Angel:Say sorry otherwise i will not talk to u

Akash:Darling sis,how can I be without talking to u.I am sorry and Love u my sweet sis.

Indu is observing all this and smiling unknowingly at Akash.

Harini:Hello madam,where are you?Why r u staring like dat at him?Do u like him?Shall I talk with him?

Indu:Shut up.its not dat.I am just seeing their family and thinking abt bonding among them.Nothing else.

Akash’s mom cut the cake and celebrations are completed.As his family is with kids,He is just walking around the orphanage.He heard a voice from a room.Indu comes there.

Indu:I am sorry for shouting on u before.Actually its not ur mistake.

Akash:(shockingly) wow,u know to smile.


Akash:sorry,I mean i found u very serious,so i thought………

Indu:Ha,I am not in good mood as i am in angry on my friend.

Akash:oh,dats ok.I am Akash.Whats ur name?Streched hand for shake hand.

Indu:Excuse me.I said sorry to u for my mistake.It doesn’t mean you can flirt me.Understand?

Akash:Miss,I am flirting you n nvr had such intention too.Who will bare an angry bird like you.I am asking generally.

Indu:Acha,Generally,I used to say my details only to my friends.

Akash:ok,shall we b friends?

Indu:wat nonsense.wat do u know abt me?Just u met me once n then asking for friendship?

Akash:Actually ppl come to know one another only aft bcoming frnds.Anyhow ok,I will find ur details n then lets b friends.

Harini coming over there calling Indu..

Harini:Hey Indu,getting late,shall we move?

Akash:Nice name miss Indu.

Indu seeing Akash and Harini seriously.

Akash:Miss Indu,dis is my phone num,if u like to be my friend,just give me a call.Bye (handovered a visiting card to her)

Indu thought to throw it out but suddenly kept it in her bag.Harini noticed dis.

Harini:R u interested to befriend him?

Indu:Arey,no.U know very well about me.I never throw dust anywhere except in dustbin because we hav to keep our surroundings clean.My friend Rita taught this to me.

Harini:Omg,sorry for asking even though i know ur madness.

Scene 2:

Akash thinking about Indu.

Angel:where did u lost bhaiya?are you in love with that girl?

Vini and Viraj:Is it so dear son?

Akash:Arey,u all already know dat I am in love with my childhood friend and I………..

Angel:can’t imagine anyone else.hmm we know.

Vini:Why r u so interested about Indu?I nvr saw u talking to a girl like dat till now.What happened to u Akash?

Akash:She is the one who saved ur son from committing suicide.

Precap:Akash reveals the secret behind his desire of befriending Indu.Indu calls Akash.

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  1. Nice and precap is interesting.

    1. Hi dear Lakshmi..thank u

  2. Was waiting for it.. Thanq for updating, it was a nice episode.. Akash parents are super cool 🙂 🙂 A very cute family <3 <3 Eagerly waiting for the next update to know the secret behind his friendly nature..

    1. Thank u Adijo.Actually I am planning to show something new as a reason behind his friendliness.hope u guys likes it.Not sure but i hope.

  3. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u Hayathi dear..

  4. Loved the image with this update very much, very creative image…akash is around the lock in which indu is abandoned…n the key is ‘I love you’…wowww loved it very much…gr8 job dearrrr..

  5. Oh so again there is one suspense … Wow first the childhood friend secret a suspense and another is secret of befriending indu ….

    Wow making me crazy to knw the nxt happening ….. Continue

    1. Yes dear Devga..This suspense will b revealed in next episode.For childhood suspense have to wait some more time.

  6. Hi Roma,thank u for liking the story.Your way of understanding pic is superb.Very creative.In present days,I heard many frnds saying love is a restriction n girls face conditions and domination.But my view is different.I think love frees u from sorrows,loneliness n darkness.Hence Love is the key through which Akash frees Indu from her seriousness and makes her independent and happier.

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