Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 29)

Episode 29

Recap: Indu became IAS n Inash marriage fixed.

The episode starts with Indu calling Akash saying that she wants to meet him. Inash met at a temple.

Akash: Waiting for tomorrow for our marriage.

Indu: I am scared

Akash: What happen?

Akash lifted her head n looked into her eyes. Indu is crying

Akash: R u ok? Tell me wats wrong?

Indu: I didn’t know the reason but I feel scared n worried

Akash: About marriage?

Indu: May b

Akash made her to sit. He wiped her tears.

Akash: Pls calm down. To some extent I can understand ur fears. Getting married makes u to leave ur family n u will step into new family. New family, new attitudes, new customs, new responsibilities. Frankly its starting of a new life.

Indu: Yes. I am a bit tensed thinking all this.

Akash: Don’t worry. Everything will b ok. Ur mom n bro will b shifting to the flat near to our home. We can take care of them. Though my family is new to u, I will b with u to help u in coping up with every situation. I promise Indu.

Indu: I love u

Akash: Love u too. I will leave now. If our parents come to know that we met without informing, they will b angry. So keep smiling. Bye.

Next day:

Akash in meroon n cream salwar kameez looking handsome and Indu in red designer saree. Inash family, frnds gathered to bless them. Pandit started mantras. Everything set for their marriage.

Akash tied mangalsutr n kept sindoor to Indu. Inash got married with the blessings n wishes of loved ones. Inash went to their home aft completing all the rituals. Indu went to Akash’s room. Akash waiting for Indu.

Akash holded her hand n took her to the bed. Indu is shy. Akash took her hand n gave first kiss to her.

Akash: I love u Indu

Indu rised her head n looked into his eyes.

Akash: U look so beautiful.

Akash hugged her n kissed her again. They consummated their marriage.

Next day:

Akash woke up n saw Indu sleeping. He caressed her hairs n kissed her. Indu woke up.

Akash: Good morning .

Indu: Good morning

Indu stood up to fresh up but slipped n Akash caught her n Indu fallen on Akash. Inash had eyelock. Both remembered their first meeting that Akash catching her in arms while falling n their fight. Akash smiled seeing her n kissed her.

Indu: Its late. Aunty will be waiting for me.

Akash left her n both got ready n came down. Both took blessings of Vini n Viraj. Akash n Angel r teasing one another n Indu n Vini r busy in kitchen. Indu is preparing sweet as per ritual.

Rocky came n called Akash from outside.

Akash: Hi Rocky. Come inside.Y r u standing there?

Rocky: Y did u do dat for me? Y did u cheat me?

Hearing Rocky’s words everyone came there.

Akash:Rocky, I didn’t get u. But watever it is come inside lets talk.

Rocky: Y did u pay money for Jaico publications to publish my book? Don’t u trust my abilities? Do u think I can’t prove myselves? Do u think I am useless

Akash: Its not like dat. I just helped u as a frnd. In initial stage, everyone needs help n support to develop. I didn’t want u to suffer n lose ur confidence. So I just helped u.

Rocky: So U thought that I will nvr get any opportunity to publish my novel without help. Today because of u I lost my confidence. U r my frnd. I thought atleast u will trust me but u too didn’t trust my talent.

Akash went to Rocky n hugged him.

Akash: I just did it to encourage u Rocky.

Rocky pushed Akash away.

Rocky: Stop it Akash. U want to prove urselves as a very good n helping frnd. For that, u r ready to kill the confidence of anyone. I didn’t want ur help. Infact, I didn’t want ur frndshp too. U thought only u hav the talent n everyone else r useless. I will prove myselves. I am rejecting ur offer to publish my book. From now we r no more frnds. Good bye Akash

Akash was shocked to listen this. Akash eyes are filled with tears.

Indu: Rocky, wat r u…

Akash: Let him go. Frnds who understand n love us nvr leave us. If they don’t understand, its better to leave such kind of frndshp.

Precap: Akash apologising Rocky n Akash-Rocky patch up. Inash lovely moments.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Amazing episode. Finally inash r married???.Sad for akash n rocky’s fight but happy coz they will patch up in next epi. Waiting for next update. Love u …take care…

  2. Roma

    Misunderstandings. ..very bad…but precap is very interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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