Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 28)

Episode 28

Recap: Inash lovely moments..

The episode starts with Indu at airport leaving to Delhi.

Akash: I will b waiting for u. Come back as IAS. I love u

Indu: Sure. I love u too.

Indu becomes emotional to leave. Akash hugs Indu.

Akash: Cheer up angry bird..Tears doesn’t suit for u. You are going to Delhi to make ur dream true. Its ur aim, u must reach it. Once if u reach it, u will forget all pain n sacrifices u made with a smile. Though we r away from u physically, we r always with u through heart. We r just a call away from u.Smile Indu.

Indu smiled n left.

Indu cleared prelims n mains of civil services n attended for interview. One year had been passed n its the day of her final results. Indu, her mom,bro, Akash n frnds r waiting for results to come out. Akash went to Indu as she is in tension. Results r out.

Indu: U check the results pls. I am scared.

Akash: Don’t worry. I will do it.

Akash is checking the results n frnds called Indu. Indu received the call.

Rocky,Harini,Nandu,Deep,Suhana: Congratulations


Akash:Congrats Indu.

He bursted the paper bomb on Indu. Colour papers are fallen on Indu.

Indu: Stop it.Tell me the result.

Akash: U are the national topper.

Akash switched on the tv and every channel is showing her success. Indu hugged Akash. Indu’s mom n bro called her n congratulated.

Indu and Akash returned to hometown.Frnds received both of them.Akash took her to his home. Akash’s parents welcomed her n she didn’t understand y Akash took her to his home. She went inside n saw her mom n bro there. Indu hugged both of them n took blessings of mom, Vini n Viraj. Pandit entered. Indu is seeing Akash.

Akash: Whats going on?

Vini: Ur marriage is going to b fixed.

Akash: What? Y didn’t anyone of u inform us?

Viraj: Wat happen Akash. U both love each other n settled in ur career too.

Akash: I need to talk with Indu.

Everyone r shocked n tensed. Akash holded Indu’s hand n took her to next room.

Akash: I am sorry

Indu: Why?

Akash: Because I don’t know wats ur opinion. Is it ok for u to marry now? Or need time?

Indu: What abt u?

Akash: I am well settled in my career n our parents accepted too. So I am ready to marry. But I need ur opinion too. Because just now u r going to enter into ur career. Marriage doubles ur responsibilities. Can u manage new responsibilities of both career n marriage at once?

Indu: I can manage anything with ur support.

Akash: U mean…

Indu smiled. Indu n Akash entered into the hall n everyone r waiting for their reply.

Akash: We r respecting ur decision. We r ready to marry.

Pandit fixed the marriage.

Akash n Indu r busy in celebrating her success n frnds are busy in arrangements of marriage. Indu threw a party for her achievement. Everyone r busy in chitchatting but Rocky missed. Akash called him but of no response. Everyone r in tension except Harini. Aft sometime Rocky came.

Akash: Where r u till now?

Indu: Why r u so late?

Deep: Y didn’t u pick the call?

Rocky: Wait wait guys.I have a gud news for u. My novel was completed n Jaico publications accepted to publish it.

Frnds: woo hoo

Celebrations are doubled. Everyone r very happy. 2 more days fo Inash marriage.

Precap: Inash marriage n fight between Akash n Rocky. Rocky left frndshp of Akash.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Ya they both r childhood frnds n best frnds too..Don’t worry fightings r common between frnds..

  1. Devga

    Oh wow m national topper….. Thts grt epi .. motivational epi…

    But frndship broke ? Only thing I can’t bare is separation of best friends…… Hope they unite soon coz of indu and Harini…..

    But thr wil b a very strong reason for leaving frndship of best friend…… Lets look into the future episode wats gona happen…

    Bye thank u ksv dear ….

    • Sindhu K S V

      Dear,if frnds r true there will b no sepation.if not they won’t deserve our frndshp..see next ep u will understand..

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode, indu national topper. ..wowwww. ..very motivating story…waiting for Inash wedding. ..precap is little bit tense…why akash n rocky fight…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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