Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 27)

Episode 27:

Recap: Playful moments of Inash.

The episode starts with Indu arrival to home town. Jyo (her mom) n Akash are waiting for her. Indu hugged her mom n said hi to Akash.

Indu is going with Jyo. But she want to spend with Akash. She is seeing Akash n sighing him to ask permission from her mom.

Akash: Aunty, one minute please

Jyo: Yes Akash

Akash: Aunty if u don’t mind shall I take Indu with me. I will drop her soon.Please aunty..

Jyo: Ok but tc

Akash took Indu with him. He took her to a diff place. Indu looked Akash.

Akash: Come in

Indu went with inside. She found musical instruments,CDs and other things related to his work.

Akash: Generally, I compose music here This is the best place for me to practise. As it is in outskirts of city, its very peaceful. Come, I will show u something.

Akash gave his hand to her asking her to come. Indu holded his hand.

Indu: Wow its really very beautiful. I love this place.

Akash smiled. Its the garden with beautiful flowers of different varieties n colours. The fragrance of the flowers making her relaxed n joyful. Rabbits, pigeons n parrots are increasing the beauty of the place. The sounds of sparrows n squirrels made the place more enjoyable.

Akash: Shall we hav lunch?
Indu: Ya

Akash took her to a little distance in the garden. There a table was arranged with two chairs. Dishes are placed on the table. Indu n Akash had their lunch. Indu is njoying the scenic beauty.

Akash: Can u dance with me?
Indu gave her hand to him n Akash caught her hand. Inash salsa dance started n the song plays:

Take my hand
We’ll walk awhile, we’ll talk awhile
Feel my love
Always there beside you
Be the one
I know you’ll tell me everything
You are the one
I cherish more than anything
I love you more than you’ll ever know
I love you more than you’ll ever see
More than my heart could ever show
I love you more than you’ll ever know
Think of me
And know that I’ll believe in you
There’ll always be
This precious time together
With every tear
A love so strong
No words could ever say
A love to last forever
I love you more……….
Take my hand……….
I love you more………

Dance completed and Akash shaked the tree n flowers fallen on Indu. Indu looked him. Sometimes eyes can speak more than words n only the loved ones can understand its language. Indu conveyed her love to Akash which made him smile. Aft few minutes, both went inside.

Indu: Akash, this is my gift for u.

Indu handovered a gift pack to him. Akash unpacked it n looked her. It a cup with Akash’s photo (Akash performing in concert pic)n top ten of his hit songs list.

Indu: Do u like it?
Akash: No

Indu became dull. Akash looking her.

Indu: ok.I liked it.So I thought u too will like.Its ok next time I will try to gift u the thing which u will like.

Akash: I loved it

Indu: What?

Akash: Yes its really awesome. It remembers my achievements every minute. Best gift ever. I too brought some thing for u.

Indu opened it. It was a photo frame with IAS national toppers including Indu’s pic mentioning years n near Indu’s pic,its mentioned present year.

Akash: Its my dream.I hope u will fulfill it.Promise me dat u will do it.

Indu: I promise.I am so lucky to have u Akash.(Indu became emotional)

Akash: Thank God finally u realised the truth. U r lucky to hav me. But see my fate.I hav to bare an angry bird throughout my life.

Indu: Akash

Akash ran from there. Indu ran behind him n caught him. She is abt to beat him n Akash caught both her hands.

Akash: I love you. U r the most precious gift in my life Indu.

Indu blushed listening his words. Suddenly Akash mobile rang.

Akash: Haan aunty. We r coming. Within one hr we will be there.

Akash to Indu: Indu,aunty called. Its late lets move.

Akash dropped her at home.

Next day:

Convocation in Indu’s college:

Indu,her mom n bro, Akash attended the convocation.

All the students gathered. The Convocation started. Chief Guest started announcing the winners of Gold Medals.

Gold Medal in Political Science goes to Miss.Indu.

Indu went on to the stage. Chief Guest awarded Gold Medal to her.

Next announcement,

Gold medal in Economics goes to Ms.Indu,Gold medal in Public Administration, 2nd language, Part 1 n Part 2 goes to Miss.Indu. Indu was awarded 6 goldmedals for being topper in all subjects. The hall was filled with applause. Indu is asked to talk few words as she became topper in all subjects n its a record in the college history.

Indu: Hello Everyone. I can’t give such a big speech.I just want to say only one thing. Enjoy ur studies along with other entertainments. Enjoy with ur frnds, bunk the clses, go for movies, celebrate with frnds but don’t forget ur goals. Balance enjoyments with smartwork. I njoyed my clg days a lot with my frnds but at the sametime I njoyed my studies too. Don’t miss fun.Never have regrets. Live simple n be happy. All the best frnds.

Convocation is completed.

Indu: Maa,these goldmedals are ur’s. U r my first teacher n u r the reason for my success. I love you.

Indu gave her medals to her mom n took blessings. Frnds congratulated her n the convocation day is completed with lots of happiness.

Precap: Leap of one year n Indu returning as IAS n Inash marriage fixed.

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  6. Awesome episode, loved it very much. ..6 gold medals…wowwww. ..indu u nailed it …loved her speech…precap very exciting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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