Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 26)

episode 26:

Recap: Indu possessive about Akash.

The episode starts with Inash n Roni (Harini n Rocky) having dinner together. Indu finished her dinner n went to kitchen. Akash n Roni r busy in chitchatting.

Akash: Oops whats dis?

Indu poured water on Akash n he is busy with his frnds n shocked at this.

Indu: Gift for making me crying today.
(Indu laughed)

Akash: its revenge..Wait I am coming.

Akash took a bottle of water with him n Indu ran from there. Akash followed Indu. Roni are laughing seeing them.

Harini: I never saw Indu so happy before. Akash changed her totally.

Rocky: Even Akash changed too. He became totally mad for her.

Harini: Indu is so lucky

Rocky: Aren’t u?

Harini blushed n looked him. They had eyelock.

Rocky: I am lucky to have u. Love u so much

Harini: Love u too.

Harini leaned on Rocky’s shoulder. Rocky took her close to him. ( Mar jayenge song from Aashiqui 2 plays as BGM)

Inash reached next room running.

Akash(shouting): Offo.Its paining( He caught his feet n was screaming with pain)

Indu ran to him

Indu: What happen? I am sorry, Its coz of me (in tears)

Akash: Indu, I am sorry,I just acted to catch u. Nothing happened to me.

Indu looked him seriously n went from there.
Akash followed her saying sorry.

Akash: Cheer up Indu.I did it just for fun.Pls sorry.

Indu turned towards him n poured water again.

Akash: U

Indu: Just for fun

Akash poured water on her. Indu ran to take water again.But Akash caught her from behind to stop her taking water. He turned her towards him n remembered her words “I can’t see u with other girls,it kills me,I love u”. He is looking into her eyes with love n Indu blushed. Akash holded Indu’s face in his hands.

Akash: U r so beautiful. I love u

Indu: Luv u too.

Roni: We love u too.

Akash left Indu seeing them.

Inash: Oops devils entered..We love u devils.

Akash: Indu, tonight we r going to home.

Indu became dull.

Akash: Don’t worry. We will b in touch with u. However remember the purpose y u came here. U came here to fulfill ur dream. If we stay here, obviously u will b disturbed from ur studies. So, its better to leave.

Indu hugged him n Harini.

Indu: Bye,tc

Akash,Harini n Rocky left to home.Indu busy with her studies.

Harini n Rocky met to discuss abt his career. Rocky gave a book to Harini.

Harini: Wat is dis?

Rocky: Read it

Harini read few pages n looked at him.

Rocky: How is the story.

Harini: Its awesome. Did u write it?

Rocky: Yes. From childhood I like to write stories n series.

Harini: Its amazing Rocky. I think u can make it ur profession if u like to

Rocky: Do u trust me that I can succeed as a writer?

Harini: Yes.I do but wat matters is ur trust n confidence on urself. When u trust urself u can do anything. U will succeed for sure.

Rocky hugged Harini.

Indu received call from her mom informing abt her convocation. Indu calls Akash

Akash: Hi Indu

Indu: Hi. I am coming home for convocation

Akash: Wow. Thank u

Indu: What

Akash: Actually I miss u a lot Indu. But didn’t want to disturb u.So I didn’t call u.

Indu: Aft convocation, I want to meet u n spend whole day with u, if u r free

Akash: Sure Indu.Lets meet.

Indu: Can u come for my convocation.

Akash: Yup.I am coming.

Indu: I love u.See u tomorrow.

Akash: Luv u too. see u

Scene freezes showing Akash n Indu looking each other’s photos n Roni hugging each other.

Precap: Indu’s convocation n winning goldmedals. Inash lovely moments n conversation.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Roma

    Awesome, such a cute episode…lovely Inash n roni moments, very interesting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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