Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 25)

Episode 25:

Recap: Rocky Proposing Harini n revealation of past love of Rocky.

The episode starts with the happy moments of Harini n Rocky.

Harini: Rocky, I need a promise from u

Rocky: What?

Harini: Promise me n then will tell u.

Rocky: Promise.Tell me wat should I do?

Harini: I love u as u r. But I want u to prove wat u r to the world. If u hav interest towards music, try to make it profession. Otherwise, find ur passion n work towards it. I know now u r just working in Akash’s music band for timepass. If u work for ur pasion, surely u will win it. I will b with u in every point of ur life, but promise me u will prove wat u r to the world.

Rocky: I promise u. Till now I didn’t think seriously abt my career. But now I will do it.

Harini: Hey I forgot lets say this to Indu n Akash.

Rocky: I told Akash that I am gonna propose u today. Now lets go to Akash’s concert.We can surprise them.lets move.

At Akash’s concert:

Rorini( Rocky n Harini) reached the place. Akash is busy in rehearsal n Indu is starring at him.

Rocky: Hi Akash..Hi Indu
Harini: Hi frnds
Akash n Indu: Hi
Rocky: We had something to tell u both
Akash: We know
Indu: Nothing.Actually we r lil busy lets talk aft his program

Indu sighed Akash not to say anything,though they know wats the matter.

Akash: Ya ya Lets talk later
Rocky: No way.If u didn’t listen to me, I won’t allo u to concert
Akash: Oh God.this is really risky.ok come us wats the matter.
Rocky: I n Harini love each other n r going to marry.
Harini blushed..
Indu n Akash:Woooo hooo..

Akash hugged Rocky n Indu hugged Harini..

Akash: Ok lets move..Time to begin the concert.

Akash n his music band went on to the stage n Harini n Indu seated as audience.

Akash: Hello everyone..Here is ur Akash..Hope u all are doing well.

Today n this program is so special for me. Because I am dedicating today this song to my fiancee Ms.Indu as its her birthday.

Audience clapped.
Akash started his program.

Look into my eyes – you will see
What you mean to me.
Search your heart, search your soul
And when you find me there you’ll search no more.

Don’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for.
You can’t tell me it’s not worth dyin’ for.
You know it’s true:
Everything I do, I do it for you.

Look into your heart – you will find
There’s nothin’ there to hide.
Take me as I am, take my life.
I would give it all, I would sacrifice.

Don’t tell me it’s not worth fightin’ for
I can’t help it, there’s nothin’ I want more
You know it’s true:
Everything I do, I do it for you, oh, yeah.

There’s no love like your love
And no other could give more love.
There’s nowhere unless you’re there
All the time, all the way, yeah.

Look into your heart, baby…

Oh, you can’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for.
I can’t help it, there’s nothin’ I want more.

Yeah, I would fight for you, I’d lie for you,
Walk the wire for you, yeah, I’d die for you.

You know it’s true:
Everything I do, oh, I do it for you.

Everything I do, darling.
You will see it’s true.
You will see it’s true.
Search your heart and your soul
You can’t tell it’s not worth dying for
I’ll be there
I’d walk the fire for you
I’d die for you
Oh, yeah.
I’m going all the time, all the way.

Indu remembered their first meet or fight, Frndshp, his drama for her, surprise, confession..Akash dreamt as if he is dancing with Indu forgetting the world.

Audience gave a big applause for his song.

Akash: Thank u…Thank u everyone.

Show was ended n Indu abt to go to Akash. But audience rounded Akash. Indu saw Akash giving autograph n taking photos with girl audience as per their request. It had been one hour but still Akash is busy with audience.

Rocky: Indu, I think it takes one more hour because as u know he is so famous.

Indu: I am leaving

Rocky: But inform Akash once. He will b worried if u leave like this

Indu: Is he free to worry abt me?

Rocky: What?

Harini sighed to call Akash. Rocky called n Akash received the call.

Rocky: Akash, Indu wants to leave

Akash:I will b coming within 15 mins.pls tell her to wait in the car.

Rocky: Indu, he is coming n told u to wait in car.

Indu left from there. She sat in car n remembered Akash n tears rolled from her eyes. She felt as if someone made Akash away from her. It passed 30 mins but he didn’t come yet.

Indu(thinking): Akash,pls come fast.I feel as if I am all alone in this world. Didn’t u remember that I am waiting for u?

Akash is abt to move as he said aft 15 mins but media surrounded him for his interview which made him late.

Akash(thinking):Sorry Indu. I know u r waiting for me but I am stuck here. So sorry. I hope u won’t misunderstand me.

By the time Akash came, Harini n Rocky are waiting for him.

Akash: Where is Indu?

Harini:Oh u remembered her now.Gud.

Rocky sighed Harini

Harini: She is in car waiting for u from an hour.

Akash went to Indu. He found Indu sleeping n still can see her eyes wet. Akash started the car n reached their flat. Still she is sleeping. He lifted her in arms n took her to flat. Rocky opened the door n Akash dropped her on bed.

Akash: Indu, pls hav ur dinner n then sleep.

He gave dinner prepared by him to her. Indu woke up but is still in the same mood.

Akash: Have it Indu

Indu: I want to b alone.pls leave me Akash

Akash: How can I leave u alone?

Indu: Its ok Akash. I will b ok.pls go. You can leave me alone. Because u r celebrity n wat am I before u.Whatever pls leave me now.

Akash sat near her.

Akash: Indu, R u angry on me?

Indu: No not at all. Actually I am so happy because whole day u r with me n didn’t leave me alone even for a second. I am happy for ur care n concern.

Akash: So u r angry on me. Don’t u trust me? Do u think I will leave u?

Indu: Akash, I don’t know all that. But I can’t see u with any other girl.It kills me. U r mine n should b only mine. I love u. I can’t bare u leaving me for anyone else.

Indu is in tears n saying this he hugged Akash. Akash broke the hug.

Akash: Indu,ok I agree watever u said. But I want to say something to u. Shall I speak now or talk later.
Indu: Tell me.

Indu is surprised to see Akash so cool. Though she is so emotional n crying, but she can’t find any emotions in Akash. He is neither emotional nor irritated. Indu looked him.

Akash: I know u r upset as I am busy with audience. But tell me one thing, r u upset coz thinking that I left or forgot u? or as u saw me with girl audience?

Indu didn’t reply coz his questions made no sense to her.

Akash: its ok. If ur problem is that I left u alone, then listen this.

I love u. But loving u doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care for my career. U too loves me but it doesn’t mean u should forget ur career. Though u love me, u thought it will be a disturbance to u n left me. But actually love is a support not a disturbance. Its an assumption of many people that love means to roam together, romance, forget the world including career n family. Its totally wrong. Love is understanding one another n encouraging.I thought to come to u within 15 mins but as Press came for my interview n it helps my career I am unable to come to u. When I am with u I can give the whole hpyness in the world to u. When my focus is on career, I will b concentrating only on it. Because for me, my family, my career, my love n frnds are equally important. I can’t leave one for another. I give utmost importance to these 4 aspects in my life. I am sorry if my words hurt u.

Indu: No u r right. I understand. Giving importance only to love n leaving all other things is impossible. If we want to make it possible then we will miss hpyness.

Akash: Ok. So ur first reason got cleared now.

Second, u saw me giving autographs n taking photos with girl audience. But neither I nor anyone crossed the limits. They are my fans. I must respect fans. Because without them, I am nothing. Any person becomes a star coz of fans. So giving them little time is nothing wrong.

I know there will b possessiveness in love but overpossessiveness make relationships tough. U r the only girl whom I love. Thats true n I never betray u.

I love ur possessiveness but not ur tears coz of possessiveness.

Indu: I love u

Akash: I too love u. I took u to my concert because I want u to understand me completely. Did my words hurt u?

Indu: No. Actually cleared my fears. U had clear opinions on everything. Ur words taught me how to focus on my career completely without any other worries or fears.

Akash: Shall we hav dnr now?

Indu: Sure.

Harini n Rocky: Shall we join?

Inash: Sure guys.

Precap: Akash left from Delhi to home n Indu busy with exams. Rocky’s career boost with Harini’s support.

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  2. Hmm…Sindhu superb song n amazing episode dear. I was literally running out of words to praise you dear. Day by day i was becoming a crazy fan of u n ur stories n ur thoughts sindhu. Thanks for sharing ur thoughts n story with us dear.
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