Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 24)


Episode 24:

Precap: Akash n Indu sharing abt their feelings,fears n family.

The episode starts with Inash talking in their car n suddenly its raining.

Akash: Lets go fast.its raining.

Indu got out of the car and embraced the rain. Akash got down seeing her.

Akash: Wat r u doing?

Indu: Whenever I am extremely happy or sad,it starts raining. I feel God showers blessings on us in the form of rain. So I embrace it.

Akash: Wait,wait, r u saying that u r extremely happy today?

Indu: No.I didn’t say that. I am just talking generally.

Akash: Come on Indu. Though u didn’t say it in words, I can feel it in ur eyes, voice n behaviour. R u really that happy today?

Indu: Yes

Akash: Can u pls tell me the reason too

Indu: Because today its my birthday.

Akash: Only for that

Indu: Not totally.hmm.Ha today all my frnds surprised me by wishing at 12 n I enjoyed with them a lot.

Akash(thinking): Totally mad of frnds. Actually surprise was planned by me. But she didn’t even talk abt me.

Indu: Y r u so serious Akash?

Akash: Nothing. I am just thinking my concert.

Indu smiled at him. Indu examined the road n found no one there.She started shouting

Indu: Thank u God for making this day so memorable n the most happiest by giving Akash to me.

Akash surprised to hear her n hugged her.

Akash seeing her with love n Indu was feeling shy. Akash caught her in arms n both had eyelock.

Akash came close to her to kiss her. Indu closed her eyes.

Indu(thinking): Akash,pls don’t do it. Till now u r the first person whom I felt the best. Don’t break my trust now. I am not ready to do this till we get married. I will stop u.

Indu is abt to move. But Akash left her.

Akash: There is no need to do this now.I can restrain myself till we get married. Because I love u Indu n as I always says I am confident of turning our love into marriage.

Indu: Thank u Akash. I love you.

Akash: Come lets go.

Akash n Indu went to their flats.

Akash: Indu, I hav a concert at tomorrow evng. Can u accompany me? Only incase if u like but I will b happy if u come.

Indu: Sure. I will. But tomorrow I want to spend whole day with u.

Akash: Sure. Good night..

Indu: Good night.

Akash went to his flat leaving Indu.

Next day:
(Ishq wala love plays in background)Akash took Indu with him to temple. Akash starring at Indu. Indu is in cream n red anarkali dress n left her hair.

Akash(thinks): U r so beautiful. I can’t stop myself from seeing u.

Indu: This is temple.can u pls focus on God?

Akash: sorry.I mean yes. oops ur words r confusing me.

Indu smiled. Inash went to an orphanage to celebrate her birthday. They spent good time with the kids n had lunch with them.

Akash: We have to move now for concert.
Indu: Ok.

Inash started from there to move to concert.

Scene shifted to Harini n Rocky in park.

Harini: Rocky, u told u want to talk something important.wats that?

Rocky: Harini, I love you.

Harini was shocked listening his words.

Harini: Wat r u saying? Wat do u know abt me? How can u say that so suddenly? I nvr…..

Rocky: I know everything about u,ur family,frnds,attitude n everything else. I love you as u r Harini.I am not forcing u. Think n tell me ur decision.

Harini:I am not correct for u Rocky. U r a good person n very gud frnd. As u said u know everything abt me,I hope u know abt my past love too.

Rocky: U urself said its past.So, wat should I do with it at present or in future. Harini, I care only for present n future. I don’t care abt ur past. Most of the ppl will have past love or crush, but it doesn’t mean we should stop there itself. If ur past love is the only prblm to accept me, then I want to tell u something which except Akash no one knows completely. I too loved someone in the past.

Fb starts:

Rocky and Akash in their school days. They r in their +2. Just few days remained to finish their +2. Rocky is waiting in play ground for Akash to leave to home. A girl came near to Rocky.

Girl: I love u Rocky.

Rocky is in hell shock n just then Akash came there.

Rocky: I am sorry. I don’t have any such opinion on u Megha.

Megha left from there crying. Rocky looked at her with sympathy for making her to cry.

Akash: Rocky, don’t trust her. She is not crct to u. She values money than relationships.

Rocky: Ya ya.I know very well abt her. I don’t.come lets go.

Though Rocky rejected her,as he is in teenage, the words ” I love you” made him crazy. From next day he started staring at her everyday. Final exams r finished n everyone garthered at school for meeting frnds as its their last day at school. Rocky is waiting for Megha n she arrived. She looked Rocky.

Megha: I am sorry Rocky.

Rocky: No actually I am sorry. I love u Megha.

Their love continued to their college. Though they r in diff clgs,they met each other everyday. Rocky used to gift her very often to make her happy. But once he saw her with another person so close.

Rocky: Megha, today I saw u with a boy so close

Megha: Yes. Actually I thought to say this to u. He is my would be. My dad’s sister’s son.

Rocky slapped her.

Rocky: Wat r u saying? R u mad? You urself said u loved me n now wat is dis.

Megha: Rocky, its true I love u. But can’t marry u. Because love needs nothing except sharing feelings but marriage is not like that. To stay together lifelong, we need money. My would be is very rich person. You can nvr reach that stage in ur entire life.

Rocky: Don’t u trust me? I will do anything for u.

Megha: Trust won’t enable u to earn money. Its easy to say but impossible to do esp for u. U r just a fun loving guy n suitable only for that. Worthless for anything else.

Rocky: Get lost from my life Megha. I really hate u now.

After 2 days Rocky committed suicide but saved by Akash. Because of his frnds, he was alive but lost before happiness in life. He became a member of Akash’s music band to get out of depression.

fb ends.

Rocky: Aft that I nvr trusted any girl till now. But now I feel love for u. U r so special. When u commited suicide I saw myself in u. But aft that u recovered sooner n today u r on the way of reaching ur goals. I loved ur attitude n courage. I promise u that I will make u happy throughout my life. If u trust n like me, tell yes. Otherwise lets be frnds forever.

Harini: I love u Rocky.

Rocky hugged Harini.

The scene freezes showing Inash and Harini n Rocky pairs separately.

Precap: Indu feeling possessive abt Akash. A small love fight between Inash.

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  1. Superb episode dear. Money is not everything n there are many things which we couldn’t be able to count with money. Will be waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care…

    1. Thank u dear..Yes money is not everything..We cannot buy everything esp true love n care through money..

  2. so many days finally you post thank you dear by the way episode is very nice.

    1. Thank u swara..sorry for making u wait so long..

  3. Ur diff writer dr because u r explaining each and every important point in every life nice

    1. Thank u Hayathi dear..

  4. Sindhi ur story’s are so different… I am happy to read ur stories… Loved this episode dear… Thanku for these stories..

    1. Thank u so much Ananya sis..

  5. It was a loooonnnngggg wait…. But sweet and awesome as always ….. Thank u ksv dear ….

    HR pair is also so loving and caring ….. Hmm trust matters more in any relation…..

    Bye bye bsy dr

    1. Sorry dear..Coz of few works, I am unable to write Inash.. But from now I will try to write it regularly…I am really sorry.

      Thank u darling..hw r ur exams going on?

  6. Very very cute episode, Inash n rorini rocking stars..Inash romantic moments were very cute….rock’s past very bitter. ..harini n rocky is perfect jodi…loving this story very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u so much Roma..Love

  7. Amazing part… i really lik ur writing dear.. u r explained very well each n everyone’s feeling emotions n thoughts… u r too good dear… 🙂

    1. Thank u dear…

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