Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 23)


episode 23:

Recap: Inash love confession

The episode starts with Indu talking with Nandu.

Indu:I am sorry Nandu, bcoz of me ur engaugement was cancelled.

Nandu: Don’t b Indu. Marrying a person who loves u will b a sin to my life. Akash is right in cancelling this marriage. And bcoz of u I got my best frnd back n good frnds like all. Though I hav few frnds in my college, they all r selfish. But ur frnds are selfless n they always tries to make one another happy. I am lucky for getting such frnds.So, I should say thank to u.
Indu hugged Nandu.Akash came there.

Akash: I think u both r busy. Actually our frnds r calling u both. Nandu went off.

Indu is abt to move n Akash catches her hand n pulls towards him. They both had eyelock. They both had a strange feeling now than before. Indu blushed

Indu: Leave me Akash pls.

Akash:I can’t leave u Indu. I wanna stay with u throughout my life.

Rocky: Oh r u both going to stay forever here under this tree?

Akash leaves Indu.

Nandu: So to hav privacy u lied to me. Oh God..Indu u really changed Akash.

Akash: Nandu, actually u told u wanna call ur parents. Rocky u pls practise for concert. Deep n Suhana u both can have a fun time. Aarushi, u pls drop Harini. Y r u all wasting time

Gang: Ooohhh..So,u r asking us to politely leave. Because u have to…

Akash:Thank God. These devils got it. U all are not that dumb.

Rocky: We lost our Akash. Now he is Indu’s Akash. If we stay here anymore,he may even kill us.

They all left from there.

Akash: Actually Indu, I need to talk to u.

Indu:Anything serious?

Akash: Actually it is. I want to know more abt u. I don’t like hiding anything from me. I too wanna share abt my family n many things abt me. I didn’t want to hide anything from u.

Indu: You are right. Secrets make relationships weak. But till now I didn’t share my feelings with anyone.

Akash find tears in her eyes. He takes her close to him n wipes her tears.

Akash:Indu, though u didn’t say anything, many times I felt u r going through something which makes u unhappy everytime. I didn’t ask u till now, but now I want to know. Now its my responsibility to make u happy each n every second of life. I promise u that I will remove every fear of ur’s n solve all problems.

Indu didn’t say anything.

Akash: Don’t u trust me even now?

Indu: U r the only one whom I trust than anyone in this world. But….

Akash: Ok I won’t force u. Come lets go. They will b waiting for us.

Indu n Akash started from there. Akash didn’t speak even a word. Indu feels uncomfortable with Akash’s silence.

Indu: I feel very bore

Akash played music

Akash: Very nice songs listen to them.

Indu switched off the music player.

Akash: Don’t u like music?

Indu: Wat happened to u?

Akash: Nothing

Indu saw him but Akash was just serious n didn’t see her. Indu turned another side crying. Akash saw her.

Akash (thinking): Wat am I doing? I am hurting her. No,I shouldn’t. May b she needs little time to share her problem with me. I should give her support n make her trust me n reveal herself. If I behave like dis, it hurts her.

Indu( thinking): Akash is not wrong. He is right in thinking to know abt me everything. I am hurting him. Anyone will get hurted if loved one’s didn’t trust n hide few things from them.

Indu turned towards Akash n Akash touched her hands.

Akash n Indu (unison): Sorry

Both laughed at once.

Indu: Stop the car Akash. I will…..
Akash: Its ok Indu, Take ur time.
Indu: I trust u Akash

Akash stopped the car.

Akash: First let me tell abt myself. I love music,family,frnds n now u. My mom n dad r guiding light to me n Angel,my sis is my friend. I don’t like secrets n commenting anyone. Shortly, this is wat I am.

Indu: Do u smoke or drink?

Akash: No way. its just acting to make u reveal ur love.

Indu: ok. My family consist of mom n bro. I love mom n bro a lot. My mom is my friend, guide, sister n in one word she is my world.

Akash: Ya I heard dat ur dad had expired. But u didn’t say much abt ur bro?

Indu: My father died. But the truth is I didn’t see him from my childhood. They took divorce n he got married again.

Akash: Its ok. Do u miss him?

Indu: No. In my childhood may b I missed. But now I don’t. However wen I met ur parents, I thought I got a new family where I get all the love missed till now.

Akash: Ur bro?

Indu: I love him but he don’t.

Akash: What?

Indu: He feels I am the reason for their divorce.

Akash: I didn’t understand

Indu: My dad hates girl child. But mom loves me a lot. This is the reason behind their divorce. My bro hates me. From my childhood, I am trying to gain my bro’s love, but till now I didn’t get it. My dad is rich n my bro dreams that if I am not there, he would njoy all that. I can’t explain to him that love makes a person richer than money.

The only solution I found is to reach my goal. If I succeed, my bro may love me. Aft all I can make my mom happy only by becoming IAS.

But at times, I feel all alone. Sometimes I feel I should have someone who understands me. Ur frndshp changed my life. Aft ur frndshp, I didn’t feel lonely anytime. Frankly ur love made my life beautiful.

Akash holding her hands:

Akash: I understand u. From today, U will get everything u missed. I will make u to get ur brother’s love. From now, u will nvr miss anything in ur life.

Indu: I have one more fear too.

Akash: U can share

Indu: Actually its about u.

Akash: What?

Indu: I saw my frnds n many lovers. I found that once girl accept them, they will stop dominating n asks to change. R u going to change like dat?

Akash laughs out loud.

Indu: Stop it pls. (kept childish face)

Akash: I can’t control aft hearing that.

Indu shows fake anger.

Akash: My dear sweet heart, I love this innocense in u. Ok, let me clear ur fear.

I nvr dominate u. I behave as same as I wish u to behave with me. True love lies in respecting one another. I nvr ask u to change. Because I love u as u are. Loving a person n asking them to change aft getting their love is not love at all. We love a person only when we like their qualities. Aft loving we will come to know abt few bad qualities too but love is something which makes one to feel they r so special inspite of their flaws. No one is perfect but loved one is so perfect than anyone else in this world to the eyes of the one who loves.

Indu, the one who says I can’t live without u n talking to u is the one who nvr really mean it. I nvr say I can’t live without u bcoz I live for my family. I nvr say I can’t live without talking to u bcoz love is not a drug to get addicted. Its a feeling which makes us to live forever.

True lover is the one who is capable of turning love into marriage n giving it a happy ending by neither hurting parents nor loved one.

Indu hugged Akash

Indu: I love u. I am lucky to have u.

Precap: Rocky proposes Harini. Rocky’s past love.

Sorry guys, I am little busy n sorry for updating late. I know this episode is boring. So sorry…

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