Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 22)

Ep 22:

Recap: Akash reveals his love to Indu.

The story starts with someone knocking the door of Indu at 12 am (midnight).

Indu was scared n calls Akash.Its switched off. Indu opens the door n was surprised. Its Harini,Rocky,Deep,Suhana,Aarushi n Nandu.

All at once: Happy Birthday Indu

Indu:Thank u.But hw u guys came here n hw did u know my birthday?

Rocky: Its all Akash’s plan Indu.

They sprays snow n blasts paper bomb on her. They asks her to cut the cake. She searches for Akash. But didn’t find him.

Indu: whr is Akash?

Deep handovers a letter to her..

Dear Indu,

Happy Birthday. This is the most beautiful day as its ur birthday. I thought to wish u first,but I want this day to be more memorable for both of us. I am waiting for u. Come with me if u too love me.Love u.

From Akash.

Indu(thinks):I love u Akash. But I can’t come. I can’t brk my promise to mom.

Just then her mobile rings.


Jyo: Happy Birthday Indu.

Indu:Thank u maa

Jyo:Did u meet Akash?

Indu: Akash?

Jyo: (she explains everything that happened). Indu,u r very lucky to hav Akash. Every parent wishes to marry with the person who understands their daughter well. I am sure Akash understands u well. If I can gift u anything which is more precious on ur birthday, that would be Akash. Don’t miss him. With his support, u will reach ur goal too.

Indu:Thank u maa.Thank u very much.

Indu rushes to Akash. Akash is waiting for her in car. Seeing her he comes down n hugs her. Akash takes her to a place.

There is a banner with flowers stating:

“Welcome to the Palace of my heart”.

Indu looks Akash. Akash sighs her to get in. Indu enters n finds red and white roses arranged in her path from gate to the house. Indu is walking along with Akash. She finds red roses arranged in the heart shape in front of the door. She opens it. The hall is arranged with balloons of red n white heart shaped.
She sees the cake in the middle of the hall. Akash takes her there. Indu cuts the cake and gives it to Akash.

Akash pulls a rope hanging from top of the roof. Petals of roses fall on her. Suddenly lights goes off. Indu was scared. In the darkness,she finds a screen on which its written ” I love you Indu”. She hears the song sang by Akash. Lights are switched on.

Akash sits on his knees with a bouquet of red roses.

Akash: U r my frnd who supports me wenever I need. I often see me in U. U r always in my thoughts though u r far from me. Though I hav everything. I am nothing without u. Though I lose everything,if u r with me,I feel as if whole world is with me. I won’t say I can’t live without u bcoz u r not my weakness. But surely I live for u. U r my world. Just b with me throughout my life. I love you Indu…

Akash gives bouquet to Indu. Indu eyes r filled with tears. Indu takes the flowers n Akash hugs her.

Indu:I am sorry for hurting u Akash. U r the most important n happiest thing ever happened to me.

Akash:OMG. Even now don’t u wanna say I love u to me?

Indu smiles.

Indu: I love you Akash. Love u so much.

Frnds: Woo hoo.. finally our love birds united.
They celebrated it together. Indu gave cake to everyone.

Scene freezes showing Akash on knees proposing Indu and everyone’s face with smile n cream of cake.

Precap: Indu shares abt her family n her fears with Akash. Akash clears all her fears. Rocky proposes Harini.

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