Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 21)


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Episode 21:

Recap: Akash meets Indu at Delhi.

The episode starts with Akash receiving call from Vini(his mom).

Mom: Akash, hw r u n my bahu? (its in speaker as suggested by his frnds)

Rocky and Deep: Aunty, u forgot us. We got hurted

Vini: No beta. I can nvr forget u both.

Akash: Yes no one can forget devils

Rocky: Aunty, do u know one thing, Akash started smoking

Akash looks seriously at them

Vini:What? Wat happen to u Akash?

Akash: Maa,they r just kidding. Its not true.

Deep: If u didn’t trust us ask Indu.

Akash beats both of them.

Vini: So u r changed.Wat is dis Akash?

Rocky and Deep laughs

Deep: Aunty,he is going to drink today

Vini: Wat r u guys doing without stopping him?

Rocky: We cannot stop him bcoz he failed in his love

Vini: You r confusing me

Akash: Maa, Its just a drama to make Indu confess. Pls don’t worry. Your son nvr changes.

Vini:I can’t understand ur plan.But Akash pls b careful bcoz u r playing with her feelings. I don’t know how Indu reacts if she comes to know this.

Akash: I know its not crct but I had no option. Anyhow I will end this very soon.

Indu comes there. Everyone r in hell shock. Rocky and Deep tried to escape from there.

Akash:Maa, I will call later.Bye.

Indu : Wat happen to u all? Y r u so tensed?Is everything ok??

Akash(thinking): Thank God. She didn’t listen anything. For now I am saved. I should end this drama as soon as possible.

Rocky: Nothing Indu.We r just thinking, no talking abt concert. You came na so we thought u heard everything

Indu: What? wats there to get tensed if I hear abt concert?

Akash: Nothing. Y did u come here?

Indu: Nothing.bye

Akash can sense seriousness in her voice. Rocky n Deep are relaxed as they thought that Indu didn’t know anything. But Akash is in doubt.

Rocky: wats ur next plan?

Akash: to escape safely

Deep: wat?

Akash: Yes. I think Indu heard our conversation with mom.

Deep: Stop it Akash.If she hears, she won’t be so cool

Rocky: Yes he is right. If she hears she won’t give chance to us to escape. She will kill us instantly.

Akash: But

Deep: No more buts n ifs. Just continue ur plan.

Akash: Ok. But drama will b ended today. I can’t act anymore like this. If drama didn’t work today, then I will talk directly with her.

At evng, Akash comes in drunken state and knocks the door of Indu. Indu opens it n sees him seriously.

Indu: Ur flat is in next floor. Go there.

she was abt to close the door,but Akash falls down.

Indu: Akash pls b careful. You will fall down.Wat happened to u.

She catches him.

Akash: Haan.I am already fallen for u Indu n unable to get up till now.

He acts as if he is not in this world. Indu calls Rocky and Deep but their mobile is switched off as per the plan. Indu takes him to his flat n finds it locked.


Akash: Hmm.I didn’t know the key to my hpyness. How can I give u the key


Akash falls on her shoulder n smiles.Indu sees him n he acts as if he is unconscious. Indu searches his pocket n finds the key n opens the flat. She takes him to the sofa and makes him to sit.Calls n wakes him up.

Indu: Akash,y r u behaving like this? Wat made u to drink? It spoils ur health.R u mad? Y r u behaving so recklessly?

Akash: I hav no reason to live but can’t die coz of my parents

Indu:Wat r u saying? You hav sweet family,loving Nandu n supportive frnds.

Akash gives a emotionless smile.

Akash: I am a failure Indu

Indu: You are a famous rock star.Y r u saying u failed?

Akash: I succeeded in career but failed in life


Akash: I failed in love.

Indu: Nandu loves u Akash

Akash:But I love u Indu.I really loves u.I can’t live without u. Missing the loved one is more painful than death n to control my emotion I choosed this way. I hav no reason to live.I am a failure.

Saying this he fallen n slept in Indu’s lap. Indu is crying n tears falls on Akash’s face.

Indu: Did u have anything?

Akash:Noooo. Y should I eat something.I hav no hopes to live.

Indu makes him to sleep in sofa and leaves from there saying

Indu: I will prepare something for u to eat.
Akash wakes up

Akash(thinking): Sorry Indu. I can’t bare seeing u cry. But wat can I do. Anyways I am lucky to have u who cries seeing me like dis. u loves me n cares for me. I can’t miss u Indu.

Akash hears shouting of Indu and rushed to kitchen.

Akash: wat happen Indu.R u ok? wats wrong?

Akash checks her fingers and hand thinking its injured may b while cutting vegetables.

Indu:Wats the brand of ur wine Mr.Akash which makes u to b unconscious n cures hang over suddenly?

Akash was shocked bcoz he stopped acting n talked normally with her thinking she got injured.

Akash:No Indu..I am

Saying this he started acting as if he was drunken.

Indu: Stop acting Akash. I heard ur conversation with aunty in the mrng itself.I didn’t say anything to u as ur frnds r there. I hate u.I just hate u. I like ur frankness. But now u started acting. Y did u do all this. U cheated me and Nandu too. Nandu is loving n u r abt to marry her. But here u r flirting me. I hate u Akash.

Saying this she was abt to go. Akash holds her hand n pulls her towards him.

Indu: Wat is dis Akash? leave me

Akash:Just answer my question n will leave u. Don’t u love me?

Indu: Yes.I love u but wen u r frank n doesn’t know to act n lie. But now I hate u. Hate u the most. If u really love me, just leave me forever.

Akash left her hand.

Akash: Indu, I did everything for u. But u didn’t understand me. U didn’t trust me too. When there is no trust n understanding,there is no love. Bye

Indu left.Akash calls Rocky.

Akash:Come to flat.

They reached.

Akash: We r leaving from here
Rocky: Wat happen suddenly
Deep:Is everything ok
Akash said everything happened.
Rocky: Leave it Akash. U know abt Indu. She is a bit short tempered but she loves u.
Akash: only love but no trust n understanding.Its over now.lets go.

Indu at her room crying:

Indu(thinking): I am sorry Akash. I know u done everything for me. But I promised mom. I can’t brk my promise. I love u Akash. But I can’t say this to u. Though I hurted u, u r not angry on me n still u r loving me. But its true I didn’t deserve u. I thought abt my mom but didn’t care for u. Atleast once I didn’t think abt u. My love had selfishness but ur’s love is really pure. sorry for brking ur love. Akash nvr forgives me if he knew y I left him.

Akash:Stop the car.


Akash: U guys go back to home and I will come only aft gaining her love.

Deep: Akash, U are mad for Indu.

Rocky:But someone said Indu didn’t trust n understand. So,its over?

Akash: I mean she didn’t trust n understand my drama. So drama was over.(smiles)

Deep: God,pls save this man. He is really mad now

Rocky: Indu is right. Akash changed and started lying too.

Akash: Anything is fair in love n war my frnds.(smiles)

Rocky and Deep: We won’t go without seeing u both united. lets go back.

They went back.

Akash knocks the door n calls Indu. Indu opens the door n really shocked as she didn’t expect he will b back aft such a fight just few hrs ago.

Akash: Take this (he handovered a parcel to her). Have food n then sleep. I won’t leave u darling, so don’t cry.

Indu:Don’t call me darling.

Akash: ok sweet heart

Indu:Don’t call me as darling,sweet heart n dear.I hate such words.

Akash:Ok Mrs. Akash.

Indu sees him seriously and tries to close the door. She is happy by hearing him calling her as Mrs.Akash. But didn’t want to show off that to Akash. Akash stops her closing door

Akash: A good news for u. My marriage was cancelled. I am not cheating Nandu. Because I told Nandu abt my love m cancelled marriage. I am not cheating u. I am just playing with u. Because aft all I should hav some swt menories with u before our marriage. Right?

Indu: I hate u. Who told I will marry u?

Akash: Ur tears wen u saw me drunk. Though u know,its acting,u cried seeing me in dat stage. Its true love Indu. By the way seeing u crying for me made me happy.I know its wrong but I felt happy.

Indu:Yes,Sadist ppl feel happy wen they hurt others. I know.

Akash: Wow..U have very grt opinions on me like I am a flirt,sadist,cheater n mad etc.

Akash saying this seriously moved from there.


Akash:Wat now?

Indu::Sorry.Actually I didn’t mean it. Sorry if I hurt u.

Akash(smiles): Don’t worry Mrs.Akash. I nvr get hurted even aft knowing ur madness.

Indu:I am not Mrs.Akash.

Akash comes near to her n moves close to her. He is so close to her. Indu was confused.She didn’t know wat to say. She was seeing him with fear coz of tension. He pulled her more closer. Deep silence was there between them. He saw into her eyes. They both had an eyelock. He sees love in her eyes. Akash leaves her.

Akash: Only a husband had right to catch u like this n to be so close to u. ? Only a man who had confidence to be with his girl lifelong through marriage had this right to catch her in his hands. I had that confidence.Any girl slaps the person who behaves like this with her. But u didn’t do dat. Because, u agreed that u r Mrs.Akash till the end of life. Now tell me r u not Mrs.Akash? if not do u allow anyone to b close to u like this?

Akash finds tears in her eyes.

Akash: Indu, I am sorry if my words hurt u. Please don’t cry.Please Indu

Indu:I am not crying for ur words Akash. But……

Akash: Don’t say anything. I understand wat made u to cry. Wait till tomorrow. U will get answers for all ur doubts. Now pls go inside. Gud nite Mrs. Akash.

Indu: Gud night.

Akash smiles at her coz she reacted to his calling as Mrs.Akash.

Indu: Oh shut.

Akash smiles n leaves from there. Indu was reminding his words again.

Indu(thinking):He cancelled marriage for me. He is calling me as Mrs.Akash. How nice to hear that. He is absolutely right. No one had the right to b so close to a girl except her husband. Only Akash had the right to b so close to me, if its not Akash, I would kill that person.He knew I am loving him. But I can’t say that to him directly, because of my promise.

Scene freezes showing Akash smiling n Indu thinking.

Precap: Akash proposes Indu and Indu accepts his love. Inash love starts….

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