Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 20)

Episode 20:

Recap: Akash cancels marriage with Nandu.

Akash, Rocky and Deep leaves to Delhi.

Scene 1:

Indu wakes up and got ready to go for her classes. She comes out of her flat and was shocked.

Indu: Akash, u here?

Akash: Who are u? do u know me?


Rocky and Deep comes there.

Rocky : Hi Indu.What a pleasant surprise.u

Indu: Hi.I have to ask that. Why u guys came here? Didn’t u inform me atleast

Akash: Oh,is it necessary for anyone who comes to Delhi,must seek her permission?

Deep: What? Wat happen between u both Indu?

Indu: I..I don’t know. Ok.leave it. Tell me wats this surprise.

Deep: Actually,Akash and Rocky have a concert here. They are also going to do a album too. So,they came and going to stay for 6 months. We are staying in next floor Indu. I just accompanied them.

Indu: Oh thats nice.All the best Akash n Rocky.

Rocky : Thank u Indu.

Akash: Guys, I am leaving to flat. U guys waste all the time u had n come later.

Akash left. Indu didn’t understand anything.

Indu: Rocky, wat made Akash’s marriage. It is within 10 days na

Rocky:Haan,but they postponed coz of career. Nandu got admission abroad for her higher studies and Akash too got some offers which changes his career completely. So,they decided it with mutual consent. Because aft all career is imp than love na..thats y

Indu: oh. Is Akash upset coz of dat?

Deep: No Indu. He is normal but we don’t understand y he overacted as soon as he saw u.

Indu:hmm..ok..I hav to go to cls. getting late. Bye.

Deep and Rocky: Bye

Indu went to cls but still confused with Akash’s behaviour. She left the cls and called Akash. He didn’t receive her call. She tried again and again,but he didn’t receive.

At Akash’s flat:

Rocky: Akash, do u think this drama works?

Akash: Yes. Its very easy to befrnd a stranger. But its very tough to b avoided by a frnd, that too whom she loves. Definitely she will try to talk with me personally.

Deep: If Indu talks with u, then wat will u do?

Akash: I will confess my love

Rocky: What? U told u will make her to confess.But now r u going to lose ?

Akash: No. See the beautiful game of love played by Akash (smiles)

Deep: hmm..Rock star became lover boy now.Only God have to save u.

They laugh and calls their gang and told everything that happened.

Akash: Its my reverse drama. I know my behaviour hurts her. But pain is necessary sometimes. Now u guys, Go and see whether Indu returned from cls. I hope you guys remember wat to do next if she returned.

Rocky and Deep knocked the door n Indu opened.

Indu: Hi

Deep: Actually Bye

Indu: what?

Rocky:Indu,we r going out on some work.So bye.

Indu: Ok but r u going to knock my door while coming n going?

Rocky: Arey.We r going out n Akash is in flat.We thought that u both will end ur fight by talking with one another.So,we r informing u.Now ur wish.Bye

Indu(thinks): What shall I do now? Shall I talk with that mad person? Wat happen to him suddenly? Did he knew I love him? Watever I think I must talk with him once.

Scene 2:

Indu knocks the door and Akash opens the door smoking.

Indu: Do u smoke?

Akash: hmm,did u knock the door to ask this?

Indu: Stop it Akash

Indu about to leave. Akash stops her by standing before her.

Indu: Let me go

Akash: Y did u come.

Indu: Nothing

Akash: Oh u had a habit of disturbing ppl unnecessarily?

Indu: No. I came to talk to u

Akash:Hmm.When did u stop?

Indu: What?

Akash: When did u stop talking.Its ur hobby to talk and eat frnd’s brain continuously.

Indu: Akash.I am serious.

Akash takes the mobile and pretends as if he is calling.

Indu: What r u doing?

Akash: I am calling ambulance


Akash: U said that u r serious. So I am calling ambulance to admit u in ICU.

Indu: Bad joke

Akash: I forgot gud jokes aft befrnding u.

Indu: Whatever. I want to ask u something.

Akash:Pls go on

Indu: Y r u behaving like this with me?

Akash: Don’t u know?

Indu: How can I know?

Akash: ok then leave it

Indu: I want to know. Ur seriousness is hurting me.

Akash saw tears in her eyes.

Akash: So u want me to say the reason.

He comes close to her and she moves back to the wall. Akash keeps his hands on both sides to stop her from leaving. Indu was frightened. He comes more close to her and then he wipes her tears and leaves her.

Indu:Wat is dis Akash?

Akash: I don’t know to act like u Indu.I don’t to sacrifice. I don’t know to pretend frndshp with my love. So I am staying from u. So I can’t continue frndshp with u. So lets brk our frndshp. Forget everything. This is my decision. Got it.

Indu was shocked to hear this from Akash.

Indu (thinks): Wat did he say now? Did he propose me? Oh God

Akash: Hello

Indu: Wat did u say now?

Akash: I said I am angry on u bcoz u left to Delhi n didn’t inform me. U forgot me completely. As a frnd u united me and Nandu but aft dat u broke our frndshp.

Indu: U said something else before this.

Akash: No Indu

Indu: No I heard something from u

Akash: hmm.ok then tell me wat did I say.

Indu: Nothing

Akash: Yes nothing.I too said the same.

Indu didn’t understand anything. Akash smiles seeing her.

Akash: R u ok?

Indu: Yes. I am sorry for not informing u. Tell me one thing. Y did u smoke?

Akash: I love smoking.

Indu: Wat? I know u didn’t hav any bad habits.

Akash: Hmm.Do u really know evetything abt me?

Indu: Not everything but I know few things abt u.

Akash: hmm.ok.

He lights another cigarette. Indu got angry on him and threw it away.

Akash: What did u do? u wasted it

Indu: Its not gud for health. It spoils ur health Akash

Akash: Oh God. Stop it my frnd. U know wat. Nandu is very modern. She knew that smoking and drinking are fashion now a days. She nvr stops me. Thank God I got such a loving life partner who………

Indu: doesn’t care for u

Akash: what do u mean?Did u forget that u r the one who selected her for me?

Indu: No I didn’t. Its ur selection n ur love.

Akash: She loves me a lot Indu. She understands,supports,cares..

Indu: ok.She is perfect for u. Bye. I have work.

Akash(thinks n smiles): Jealousy and care are the two things which indicates love. Its enough for me to make u confess my dear sweet heart.

Indu(thinks): What he is saying? He smokes n drinks too. Did he change or acted till now? What kind of a girl Nandu is? She encourages him to smoke n drink. And this mad person says she cares for him a lot. Wat should I do now? No way I can’t see him spoiling his life like dis. I will change him. But who am I to do such things? Did Akash tell me that he loved me or its my imagination. Wat happen to me?

Scene freezes showing Akash smiling n Indi with fixed feelings.

Precap: Indu sees Akash drunk n scolds him. Akash proposes her and says his feelings to her in drunken state.

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