Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 2)



Precap:Akash praying to meet his childhood friend whom he loves a lot.

Scene 1:

Indu in college.

Harini:Hey Indu,results are out.Did u check.

Indu:Oh not yet yaar.I am tensed.I hope I will b the topper this time too.

Harini:Arey why are you so tensed.Its the results of our exam,not ur life.

Indu:Hmm,its my life.Getting gold medal is my first goal where as

Harini:Becoming IAS is ur next goal.I am tired of hearing these words yaar.Just see this world.How everyone r njoying except u.U r really a bookworm.

Indu:Whatever I love my studies and myself as I am.Anyways lets go n check results.

Harini:Sure madam ji (in a teasing manner)

They checked the results.Indu is the topper with 95%.

Harini:woo hoo..lets celebrate.give me a treat yaar.

Indu:I will give party only 2 times,for getting gold medals and then becoming IAS.

Harini:Hmm,u never change (smiling at her frnd’s seriousness).by the way where r u going now.

Indu:My fav u wanna accompany me?

Harini:I understand.lets go.I know whr u go wen u r happy.

Scene 2:

Akash with his family

Akash:Maa,we reached the place.Can u remember wats this.

Vini:Akash (teary eyed)

(His mom’s parents expired in an accident when she is a child.Its her house where she had plenty of memories.It was sold by her uncle and she really want to visit atleast once)

Vini: Shanthinivas (Orphanage and Old aged home)

Akash:Yes maa,A NGO is running orphanage here.You can spend ur birthday with them and remember ur childhood days.Come lets go in.

Scene 3:

Indu:we reached.please catch these boxes dear.

Harini:Sure.tell me one thing dear.Why do u visit orphanage wen u r sad or happy?

Indu:Because children are so pure at their heart.They doubles my hpyness n lessens my sorrow. If ur doubt is cleared,lets move on madam ji.

Mother Mary (Admin of orphanage): Indu beti,come come..U r looking very happy.what did u achieve this time.

Indu:Mother,Bless me pls.

MM:God bless you my child.

Indu:I almost reached my first goal.I am the topper in sem 5 too.waiting for just one more semester.

Mother:Definitely you will do it my dear.I need ur help.I hav some work and going out.can u handle the works of orphanage for one day.

Harini:No mother.She have to study.Busy Bookworm.

Indu(seeing Harini angrily): Mother,sure I will.Pls don’t worry.I love to spend with these kids.

Mother:Ok beti.I am leaving then.(she left)

Harini: Hey Indu,I was just kidding yaar.y r u so angry on me.

Indu paying no attention to her n not talking to her as she teased her infront of mother mary.She distributed fruits to elders and books and pens to children.

Scene 4:

Akash: Excuse me madam

Indu:Yes (still serious on friend n in same mood)

Akash(thinking wat did i say?why is she so serious): Actually I met Mother yesterday,she told…………….

Indu:Can u come directly to the point?

Akash: (omg,what am I doing then,I nvr understand y few ppl r so serious) My mom want to celebrate her birthday with the kids here.

Indu:ok,where is your mom,tell her to come.I
will take you to the kids.

Both moved to go.As Indu was in bad mood,she didn’t see the ground properly and about to fall.Akash caught her in his arms and eye lock.Indu was terribly shocked.

Akash:Shall we move madam by being careful.

Indu still in his arms realised wat happened and broke the eyelock.

Indu:How dare you to touch me?

Akash:Actually its a matter of kindness to save a person from falling.I don’t think I have to show my dareness here.

Indu:Shut up.Do u think u r so smart?

Akash:(God,wats wrong with girl and wat did i do) Yes,I am.Madam,today its my mom’s birthday.I hav no mood to argue with anyone and spoil the mood.As I am not wrong,I can’t say sorry.

Indu:(may b he is right,he just saved me from falling.What happened to me.Y did i show my anger on him simply): ok,lets move.

Scene freezed Indu and Akash being together.

Precap:Akash asking Indu,Shall we be friends?

This episode is a bit boring.I will try to make next episode interesting.

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  1. Hey it’s not boring and children say and do things with pure heart and their first meeting is nice

    1. Yes Lakshmi…Children are always pure at heart.Thank u for ur feedback.It inspires me.

  2. Indu u r awesome yaar

    1. Thank u Hayathi for liking the Indu character

  3. Heyyy its not at all boring.. I hope they will become friends early.. Update the next episode as soon as possible..

    1. And I loved the way, how Akash was celebrating his mom’s birthday.. 🙂 B-)

    2. Thank u Adijo..Ur words are making me to go on with my story very happily.Yes,soon they will become good friends.

  4. Not at all boring….. It’s awesome …. PLZ update

    1. Thank u dear Devga..

  5. Awesome, lovely episode, I loved it very much, indu n akash cute pair …loved their first encounter. ..keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u dear Roma..

  6. Hey its not boring its interesting wen will be the next episode updated eager to read it

    1. Hi sreedevi..Thank u..already 6 episodes r released dear..

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