Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 19)


Ep 19:

Recap: Akash’s marriage fixed and Indu left to Delhi.

Scene 1:
The episode starts with showing Indu in flight thinking about Akash.

Indu(thinks): I miss u Akash. I am sorry though I know how much u loves me. Its my bad luck to miss u. Love u Akash.
Indu closes her eyes n tears roll from her eyes.

Scene 2:
Akash, Nandu n frnds visit Orphange to invite mother. Aft inviting he met kids.

Kids: Bhaiya,where is Indu di?

Akash: She is lil busy. Actually she sent these chocolates for u all.

Kids: Who is she?( pointing to Nandu)

Akash: She is ur bhabhi. Say hi to her

Kids: Hi bhabhi

Nandu: Hi. Excuse me Akash. I will b waiting in car.

She left. Akash didn’t understand her behaviour. They distributed chocolates,fruits n they left.

Akash: Nandu,y did u behave like that? They are kids.

Nandu: Leave it Akash. I am not interested on all this. I didn’t want argument now. But if I hurt u I am really sorry.

Akash: Its ok.

Akash starts the car n found its not starting. They both got down from car.

Rocky: Wat happen?

Akash: Its not starting.

Rocky: As its marriage,u both may have many works. So,go on my bike. We will get it repaired.

Akash remembers Indu n his ride and their silly fights.

Nandu: On bike? wat r u saying? He is a rock star. How can he go on a bike.

Akash: I like bike ride Nandu. But if u don’t like we shall go in cab.

Nandu: Yes Akash I don’t like all this. I don’t understand hw can u b so simple. U should maintain ur status quo. U r a famous rock star.

Akash: But I reached that stage from here. I can’t forget from where I started. I love to be simple.

Nandu: As u wish. Whatever u love but I love u Akash.

Akash and Nandu reach home and find Aarushi at home.

Aarushi: Hi Akash

Akash:Hi,hw r u? By the way she is Nandu,my fiancee. Nandu she is my best friend.

Nandu: Hello

Aarushi: Hi nandu

Nandu: Tea or coffee?

Aarushi: Tea

Nandu: I will bring it for u both.

She goes to kitchen n finds Vini there.

Nandu: Aunty,who is Aarushi?

Vini:Akash’s btech frnd

Nandu: I don’t think she is a good person.Her dressing is also not gud. I didn’t expect Akash will hav such frnds too.

Vini remembers Indu but didn’t say anything and leaves from there.

Akash in his room:

Akash(thinks): Marriage is based on understanding n valuing one another’s opinions. Now I totally realised that Indu is perfect to me. Nandu is good n loves me. But she is different from my world. Atleast for one day I felt difficult to travel with her. How can I continue this journey lifelong? If I marry her,Either Nandu or I hav to compromise. But I can’t cancel this marriage coz Indu wants me to marry Nandu. Indu,I love u n marrying her just coz of u. If Nandu knows this, she nvr forgives me.

Scene 3:

After 4 days:

Its Akash’s engaugement. Akash is in his room with his frnds including Harini.

Akash (thinks): After this engaugement, I will lose Indu forever. But Hw can I hurt Nandu without her fault.

Harini:Akash,R u going to marry Nandu.

Akash: Yes

Harini: Don’t u love Indu?

Akash(thinks): Harini may know abt Indu well. I should make her tell the truth. This is my last chance.

Harini (thinks): Sorry Indu, I can’t hide ur love on Akash. I can’t see both ur lives being ruined. I will tell everything to Akash, if he says that he loves u.

Akash: Harini, Love turns into marriage only wen both loves one another. But here I love Indu. But Indu doesn’t love me. If she loves me surely I will brk this marriage.

Harini: She loves u Akash.But she had a reason for going away from u. Y don’t u understand?

Akash: Reason? Hmm..Wat kind of reason? If she really loves me y can’t she share her problem with me? Doesn’t she trust me? Anyways I am unsure that Indu loves me.

Harini plays the audio which she recorded without Indu’s notice while she explaining her love on Akash and reason behind avoiding him. Everyone listened to it. Akash felt happy. But at once he remembered Nandu. Everyone are confused how to cancel engaugement. Nandu comes there and sees Akash. Akash sits on his knees before Nandu.

Akash: I am sorry Nandu. But I am not ready for this marriage. I love Indu. Till I met Indu, I thought I loves u. But wen I met her, I realised wat is love. Even if I marry u, we can’t b happy bcoz we r not suitable for one another. This marriage spoils the lives of 3 people. Please understand me. Forgive me Nandu.

By that time Akash’s parents and Nandu’s parents reached there. Everyone r in shock.

Nandu(in tears): I heard everything Akash. U r absolutely right. Love turns to marriage wen its from both sides. I love u but I won’t force u to marry me. If u don’t hav objection, lets b frnds.

Nandu streched her hand forward and Akash accepted it. Everyone r happy.

Harini: Ok then Shall I call Indu to inform this?

Akash: No. I will talk with aunty first.

Suhana: Aunty?

Akash: Indu’s mom. I will convince aunty. I didn’t want Indu to b confused again. One more thing, I am sure that I can convince aunty. But,u guys even aft dat don’t inform Indu abt this. I want her to understand that true love stands as a support in reaching goal n not an obstacle.

Everyone nods.

Indu(thinks): Today is his engaugement. I miss him permanently. Now Nandu is his wife. Its all my mistake. I am the one who done all this. But, I must keep my promise to mom. I must focus on my goal. Akash will b happy with Nandu. Now I shouldn’t cry. I must b hpy.

She wipes her tears n determined to study, though she can’t forget Akash.

Scene 4:

Akash reached Indu’s home. He knocked the door and Jyo opened the door.

Akash: Namaste Aunty. I am Akash

Jyo: Namaste. I know Akash.

Akash: If u don’t mind, can u pls permit to talk to u for few minutes aunty.

Jyo: Ok beta,pls come in.

Akash sits silently as he is confused how to start.

Jyo: Tell me Akash

Akash: Today is my engaugement

Jyo: Wat? I didn’t understand

Akash: Aunty, I love Indu a lot and I know Indu too loves me. I am wrong in disturbing her by inviting her to unnecessary parties wen she had a grt goal of becoming IAS. But I didn’t do anything wantedly.

Today is my engaugement. But I cancelled it. I can’t live without Indu. I didnt inform her about cancellation of engaugement coz I don’t want to trouble her by confusing. So I am talking with u aunty. I promise u that my love nvr diverts Indu from her studies. I will b the one who supports her throughout her journey of reaching goal.

Aunty,Indu is thinking love is an obstacle to goal. But I am sure, she can’t study well even now. Because her heart is filled with pain of missing her love. I don’t think she is able to bare this and continue her studies. This really disturbs her a lot. If u permit me and accept our love, then surely I will make her happy and I promise that I will give her hpyness throughout the life. Pls understand us aunty. I am sorry, if I talk anything wrongly.

Jyo: Akash, I know u both love one another. But, I am unaware of ur engaugement. I didn’t know Indu left her love completely. Aft all I am her mother. I want my daughter’s hpyness. I said her to focus on studies now. But I didn’t mean to leave her love forever. I don’t have any objection for ur love until and unless she losts her focus.

Akash hugs Jyo.

Akash: Thank u so much aunty.

Jyo: God bless u beta. Indu is very lucky to hav u. I will call Indu. She may b worried abt ur engaugement. Talk with her. She feels happy n relaxed.

Akash: No aunty. Please don’t say all this to Indu now. I will clear all her doubts n confusions on love n me. I need sometime for this. Please aunty.

Jyo: ok beta

Scene 5:

Akash reached his home n everyone r waiting for him. Akash is very sad n serious.

Viraj:wat happen Akash? Y r u so dull?

Vini: R u unable to convince Indu’s mom? Don’t worry Akash. We will go and will talk with her.

Rocky:Yes Akash. If we all go together, I am sure we can convince aunty.

Everyone r abt to move.

Akash: No need. Its already too late. Now no one can convince aunty. Because because

Deep: Because?

Akash: Because aunty accepted our love..woo hoo..

Everyone r happy. Deep,Rocky,Angel,Aarushi and Suhana started beating Akash for his acting.

Akash: ok guys. I am sorry. Stop it now. I need ur help to convince Indu. So,pls listen to my plan.

Harini: wats d plan?

Akash said a plan to them. Everyone joined hands.

Harini called Indu and kept it in speaker.

Harini: Hi Indu, hw r u?

Indu:Hi. I am ok. Is Akash’s engaugement conpleted? hw is he now?

Harini: Yes,engaugement was over. Akash is so hpy with Nandu. I didn’t imagine Akash will b changed that easily n forgets his love on u within just 3 days.

Indu: No Harini. Don’t say that. Akash is a gud person. I know he nvr forgets me but at the sametime he won’t hurt Nandu. May b thats the reason he is pretending to b hpy.

Harini: Hmm.I don’t think so. if u meet him now, u will understand.

Indu: Leave it Harini. ok, tc of urselves. Its time to study. Bye

Indu remembers Inash moments and cries.

Akash(smiles thinking): Indu,I am coming. Now u will see different Akash. just wait.

Precap: Indu sees Akash and Akash pretends as if he didn’t see her.

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