Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 18)


Recap: Akash’s childhood frnd’s entry.

Episode 18:

Harini visits Indu.

Harini:What is dis Indu? Y did u do all this?

Indu cries

Harini:Tell me Indu don’t u love Akash?

Indu:I love Akash but I love my mom more than Akash.


fb shows:
Indu patched up with Akash and reached home. She is in her room, remembering the way Akash wished her.

Indu(thinks): Akash loves me. Yes,he loves me. Akash,I love u so much. Till now I thought U love ur childhood frnd. But no, I can feel love in ur behaviour n see love in ur eyes. I can’t miss u. I will reveal my love to u.But,how can I say it directly to u? Aft all I am a girl.

Indu thinks for a while and then makes a greeting card by herself expressing all her feelings.She kept it on the table and slept. She wakes up in the mrng n finds card missing. She searches everywhere but didn’t find. She goes to her mom.

Indu: Maa

Jyo: Tell me Indu

Indu:nothing maa..I am leaving to clg

Jyo:Ok.Take this card Indu.

Indu saw tears in mom’s eyes.

Indu:Maa,Akash is a good person.
Jyo: Indu, I know Akash is a gud person. But I didn’t expect this from u. U know everything. Though I faced many troubles, I nvr panic coz u r my hope. I am not saying love is wrong. But now its crucial point of ur career. But ur focus is diverted. Its wrong. I want to see u as an IAS. Love can make u and Akash happy. But if u become IAS, u can make many ppl happy. Tell me one thing.After ur frndshp with Akash, did u ever focus on ur studies seriously? In these two months,hw much time have u wasted in attending parties n fighting with akash? Aren’t these obstacles for ur goal? I am not forcing u Indu.Do wat ur heart says.

Indu remembers all the struggles faced by her mom in life as a single parent. She remembered her promise of making her mom proud n happy forever. She know its not force or pressure but its her responsibility as a daughter. She can leave anything even her life for her mom.

Indu goes to her mom. Her mom is sitting on sofa. Indu sat down near her mom and hold her hands.

Indu:Maa, I am sorry. I can sacrifice anything for u but can’t see tears in ur eyes. It kills me. U r right that I wasted a lot time n my focus was diverted. But I promise u,from now I will focus only on my goal.Indu cries and hugs her mom.

fb ends.

Harini:ok,but y can’t u say all this to Akash. He will wait for u.
Indu: Yes he will wait for me. But Harini, its not that easy to stay away from a person we love when they r waiting for us. We can’t avoid contacts. In love,fights r also very common. When we fight, we get upset. It diverts our focus. We feel to talk with our loved ones. This wastes our time. I am not that great to control my feelings and stay away from him till I reach my goal. Its not possible for me. Because I love Akash a lot.

Harini:If u can’t stay away from Akash for one year,how can u avoid him forever?

Indu: I can bcoz wen he belongs to another girl, I can’t continue my frndshp with him as I love him. I nvr contact him again. I may not forget him but I can stay away.

Anyways leave it.I am leaving to Delhi on Jan 16th for coaching.

Harini: All the best Indu.Bye.
Harini left.

Akash’s home.

Everyone got ready and its a function to fix marriage date.

Priest: Engaugement is on 20th jan and marriage is on 3rd Feb.

Nandu is so hpy on listening this. Akash didn’t react. As Nandu called him, he came to senses and gave a fake smile.

Indu leaving to Delhi.Jyo,Indu’s frnds came to give send off to her. Akash came to know this from Nandu and both came there.

Akash: All the best Indu. I know definitely u will reach ur goal. Take care.

Indu:Thank u

Nandu: All the best Indu. But its very disappointing to us that u r not going to attend our marriage which is on 3rd feb.

Indu:Don’t worry Nandu.Whereever I am, my wishes r always with u both. Wish u a very happy married life Akash and Nandu.

Akash: Thank u.

Indu saw tears in his eyes which he is trying hard to avoid. Indu left to Delhi.

Precap: Akash cancels marriage and Indu unaware of it.

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  1. Amazing ff and emotional epi and interesting precap ,,………………

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Jwala….

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Devi…

  2. Yeah akash cancel the marriage superrr

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes Akash cancels marriage n clears Indu’s confusion n fears on love..

  3. Indu was superb in everything yaar as a friend,daughter,lover .Precap was superb I think this is good for nandu also because akash loves indu.waiting for next update. Ye indu hi sindhu tho nahi , just a small doubt from beginning sorry if not.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Lakshmi..Indu’s character is based on my life. Even her negative points like short temper etc are also mine..

      1. So indu is our sindhu nice dear.Even short temper is good sometimes n what about

      2. Sindhu K S V

        Akash is my dream dear..I mean still waiting for my Akash..

      3. OK i wish soon ur dream will be fulfilled.

      4. Sindhu K S V

        Thank u dear Lakshmi..

  4. Loved the update. Update the next part soon

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Cherry..

  5. Nice epi sindhu …. Sorry I could not comment for so many days… But I was following the episodes… Pls update fast…..

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u mira…Don’t b sorry..I am hpy that u r reading all episodes….

  6. Awwww sooooo emotional. …… Really I am having two drops of tears in my hands ……..
    By the way indu is fantastic and practical and she really understands others feelings ….
    And always tries to keep others happy…..

    Hey ksv hifi …. Me too short tempered. …..
    U knw wen i read earlier episodes wer Akash wants to befriend indu and she was reacting rude …… I was blushing in happiness remembering me …. I too am short tempered…… Wana control it lil bit…..

    Precap interesting and as i expected …..

    1. Ha ha ha.. Need to control short temper but as Lakshmi sis told short temper is also necessary few times. Actually I love to be short tempered but not to the extent of brking relationships.

      Oh thats nice u expected the precap..So,now guess wat Akash will do aft cancelling marriage…

  7. Awesome, lovely, heart touching episode…indu loves her mom more than akash that’s really good but akash loves her more than anything…I hope they unite soon…loved the precap…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u dear Roma..

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