Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 17)


episode 17:

Recap:Akash tries to propose Indu.

The episode starts with Indu getting call from her mom.

Indu:Hello maa

Jyo:Ur bro arrived just now.

Indu:Ok maa.I am coming.

Indu goes to Akash:

Indu:Akash,I am leaving to home. Bye

Indu left without giving a chance for Akash to utter a word.Later Akash left to US for his show.Indu completed her final semesters.Two months completed and Akash returning to India.

Akash calls Indu.

Akash:Hi Indu

Indu:Hi Akash. Tomorrow I will come to receive u at airport.

Akash(thinking):This time I won’t let u escape from me.Surely,I will reveal my love to u.

Akash:I hav something to surprise n make u happy

Indu:I too have something to gift u which u nvr forgets n ur hpyness will b doubled.

Akash(thinking):is she going to propose me?lets see.

Next day,Akash arrived.He met his parents n frnds.Indu also was there.As Akash asked them,they all left leaving Inash alone.

Akash:Where is my surprise gift?

Indu:I will give it to you.But,first please close ur eyes.

Indu closed his eyes and then asked sighed someone to come.

Indu:Open ur eyes Akash.Here is ur surprise.


Indu:Meet her,She is ur Nandini.Ur childhood frnd cum love.

Nandini:Hi Akash,hw r u? I really missed u a lot. She hugged Akash.

Akash brks the hug and sees Indu seriously.Though Indu noticed it acted as if she didn’t.

Nandini:Thank u so much Indu for uniting us.

Akash:Thank u Indu for everything.

Akash,Nandini and Indu are abt to go home.

Akash (seriously):Indu,From here I think we should take different paths. I will take Nandini to home.Though its late,I understand that our paths never meet. I nvr imagined that u understood me so well. Thank u once again Bye.

Akash went from there with Nandini.His parents are in shock as they nvr expected this. Nandini guessed that Akash loves Indu through his behaviour,but not ready to accept it.

Indu was shattered aft uniting Akash and Nandini.She is crying literally. Harini comes there.She hugs her and consoles her.

Akash meets his frnds.

Deep:Akash,I know that u r upset.But…

Akash:Why don’t u inform me that Indu is searching for Nandu? U guys know everything but still u didn’t inform anything to me.

Rocky:Akash, we understand u.But Indu took promise from us not to reveal this to u and she asked us to help her. Still she thinks u love Nandini.

Fb shows:

Indu talking to them.

Indu:I am going in search of Nandini. I want ur help to unite Akash with Nandini.Akash loves Nandini a lot.

Suhana: Indu hw can u say that? May b now he changed.

Indu:Love nvr changes.Akash is always true.He won’t change his feelings that easily.Whether u helps me or not,its upto u.But,I am going to search her.

Deep:ok,leave abt Akash.Don’t u love Akash?

Indu:Its really a very funny question.I didn’t even have such a thought on Akash.He is just my frnd.Nothing more than that.

Rocky:Oh really? Trusting Akash more than anyone else, Forgetting world while dancing with him, crying for him,everything is just frndshp,Right?

Indu:Yes.Its all just frndshp. If u guys think other way, I am not responsible for that. I hope atleast Akash won’t think so about me. I am going now to Nandini’s hometown.

fb ends.

Suhana:Sorry Akash,but we don’t think Indu loves u. We misunderstood her frndshp as love. Its our mistake. Forget her. Nandini loves u a lot. When we went to her hometown,we got to know abt her father who works as High Court Advocate.Through internet, Indu found his mobile number and she contacted him n Nandini. Finally we met Nandini. When we said abt u to Nandu n her family, we came to know dat even Nandu loves u n searched for u. Marrying the one who loves u is better than marrying the one whom u love.Think once Akash.

Akash(thinking): No.I know Indu loves me. I am not wrong. But wen she realised my love, I saw tears in her eyes than hpyness. There might b some reason behind this. But watever Indu is wrong in bringing back Nandu into my life. I can’t hurt Nandu’s love. But how can I marry her.

Akash leaves to home. Nandu remembers him their childhood memories. She is totally mingled with his family. Vini calls Akash to talk separately.

Vini: Akash, I know u love Indu.But she doesn’t love u. You should not trouble the girl who don’t love u. Its not correct. Sometimes, God may not give what u want but always gives what u need. May b destiny choosed Nandu for u. Accept the truth and forget Indu. If u r ok, We will fix date for ur marriage.

Akash hugs Vini.She is really unable to control his tears. She too cries. Aft few minutes Akash came to a decision.

Akash: I am ready for this marriage.

Precap: Akash’s marriage fixed with Nandu and Indu leaves to Delhi for civil services coaching.

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  1. it is awesome. ..plz update soon

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u dear Sara..

  2. Ahhhh, very sad …feeling very bad for Inash..don’t know what gonna happen…precap very disappointing…waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Yes its so sad separation of Inash..

  3. Indu mad or what…. god what will happen yaar

    1. Sindhu K S V

      No dear..Indu had a reason for doing all this.But this reason makes her more aware of wat Akash is really..

  4. …Lovely and emotional…….

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Jwala…

  5. Nandu really loves him or not? I think indu feels that akash still loves nandini .Actually as a friend indu did right thing by helping akash to find his childhood love but she don’t know about his love for her na that’s y she was doing like this.I hope they won’t separate from each other. Nice story yaar.Update next part soon sindhu.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Nandu really loves him..In coming episodes u will understand..

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u devi..

  6. Don’t separate akash and indu

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Don’t worry Jay..Inash nvr separates..Their love is more stronger than their confusion..

  7. Wat a drastic change ??? omg …. Uff really heart broken … Inash …. Inash …. Inash …
    Hmm but Nandhini also dint do wrong ….. But lets hope for the best ….

    Thank u ksv …. For such wonderful story ….

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Devga darling…Don’t worry everything will b fine soon..

  8. Oh tht was wrong smiley …. Not angry smiley I thought its shocked smiley ….. But after posting I understood it’s angry smiley …. Sorry. ….

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Ha ha ha..its ok swt problem..No need to b sorry..

  9. Felt sad for akash… Plz unite inash soon…

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Sure Ananya..They will b united very soon n nvr separates again..

  10. Awesome..
    I wrote about friendship in blog. Hope you all read it

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Dear, in which blog dear? tell me I will read it for sure…

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