Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 16)


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Recap:Inash United.

Episode 16:

The episode starts with droping Indu at her home.

Next day:

Akash comes to Indu’s college.

Akash:Hi Indu.

Indu:Hi.What made u to come here?

Akash(in mind): U and the pain of missing u for next 2 months.

Indu:Akash,r u ok? whr r u lost?

Akash:Nothing Indu.Actually mom wants to meet u n Harini.If u r free,I want to take u to home.Today its their wedding anniversary.

Indu:But actually I had….

Harini:She is free bcoz today we hav no clses but a boring seminar.I am sure,I am free too.So,I will come.

Indu:Actually I had seminar n want to make arrangements for it as I am VP of college.But its ok I will take permission n will come.

Akash calls his mom.

Akash:Maa,I am coming with Indu to home.

Vini:Oh..thats gud. What abt ur frnds?

Akash:They will b there within 10mins.

Vini: ok,Me n ur dad r going to temple.Will b back in 30mins.

Akash:Ok maa.

Akash,Indu n Harini reached Akash’s home.By that time already Rocky,Deep,Suhana,Angel,Aarushi started decorations.Harini,Indu and Akash joined them.

Angel came there with a bowl of kheer made by her asking Akash to taste.

Akash:No way.I hav many plans n hopes on my life.I can’t taste it.

Angel:Its so tasty.

Akash:U shouldn’t say that.The ppl who tasted has to say.

Angel:Thats y I asked u to taste.

Akash ran from there followed by Angel.Angel gave bowl to Indu.Finally,Angel n caught Akash and asked Indu to keep the kheer in Akash’s mouth.Indu made him to taste it.

Akash:Its really so tasty.So,the gift for this delicious kheer is……….(saying this he poured water on Angel).

Angel too took a bottle of water to pour on him,but Akash hided behind Indu.Water was fallen on Indu.

Angel:Oh,no.I am sorry Indu.Please take my dress.She handovered a half sari to Indu.

Indu coming down from stairs wearing half sari of meron colour desined lehenga and half white dupatta on it with loose hair and long hangings.Akash lost in her thoughts.

Akash(thinking):How beautiful u are.You looks like an angel came to Earth just for me.You are just amazing.I didn’t have words to express my feelings.Love u Indu.

Akash’s parents reached home.They all are njoying and its evng and function started.Akash’s parents are abt to cut the cake and the balloons are pierced and petals of flowers fallen on them from the roof.They cut the cake.Now its time to dance.Deep and Suhana danced together.

Akash went directly to Indu and gave his hand asking her for a dance.This time Indu too didn’t hesitate and went with him onto stage and started dancing.Akash can sense her love in her eyes whereas Indu sensed change in Akash’s looks and behaviour.She is surprised with his change and confused too.However,for few minutes,they both forgot this world and danced together.Dance was finally ended and Akash caught Indu in his arms and looking deeply into her eyes as if it is to make her realise his feelings for her.But,he found tears in her eyes which made him to leave her.He left her but still didn’t understand reason for her tears.

Rocky:Akash,Is everything ready?R u gonna propose Indu today.
Akash:Yes.Everything is ready.

Akash goes to Indu.

Akash:Indu,Can u come with me for a minute.

He closes her eyes and took her to his room.It was decorated with white and red heart shaped balloons.Indu was shocked to see this and guessed wat he is abt to say.Akash took remote and abt to press the button which makes a screen to appear as “I LOVE YOU INDU” and plays a song composed and sang by Akash especially for Indu.

Precap:Indu’s surprise that made Akash angry and shocked.

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  1. Superb update. Update the next part soon

    1. Thank u cherry…its submitted already darling..

  2. I think dat ws akash childhood lover

    1. Ha ha ha..Lets see Venni

    1. Thank u Devi..

  3. Akash aur angry no no plzzz

    1. Don’t worry dear..just 2-3 episodes..aft dat u can see Inash true love n strong bonding..

  4. Wow he is going to propose her .Actually ur ff is too nice there is no chance for negative comments in my opinion infact we r learning new things from ur ff.keep writing n luv u sindhu… take care…

    1. Thank u so much Lakshmi..Ur words r inspiring me dear..

  5. it was too gud. akash propose indu. that was superb yaar. but what is the surprise now.

    1. Thank u Manha..

  6. Negative comments and tht too for u … And ur ff not at all possible ….
    I agree with Lakshmi tht v learn lots frm ur ff ….. Thnk u …

    Really proud to have knwn u as a good caring person. More than tht a true friend….

    As I have said earlier day by day inash making me crazy to knw further happenings…….

    Hmm plz update daily Dr I cant stay without inash evn a single day ?

    1. Hi darling..Hw is ur preparation? Update was already submitted. Ur words encourages me a lot.

  7. Wowwww awesome, lovely episode, loved it very much…finally akash listen to his heart n confessed his love for indu, very cute…but precap doesn’t sound good…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Don’t worry Roma. Just bare for 2-3 episodes.Aft dat u will like the chemistry between Inash and their strong bonding..

  8. Sindhi ur story is so nic. Loving it completely.. Update nxt part soon. Want to know what made akash angry..

    1. Thank u Ananya..

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