Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 15)


Hi everyone…Wish u all a very Happy New Year.God bless u all with love,hpyness and success.May ur life be enlightened with fun and glory.

Ep 15:

Recap: Akash realises his love on Indu.

Akash got an offer to present his show in USA.He is about to leave in a week n will be back after 2 months..He informed his frnds about it.

Rocky(thinking):Indu and Akash are not talking with one another from a month.Now,he got a very good offer which helps him to be more successful in his career,but aunty told he is not yet practising.I am sure he lost focus on career coz he is upset for being away from Indu.I should do something to unite them.

Harini(thinking): Akash is about to leave in a week to US and Indu had final semester next month.But,she is not at all serious abt her exams.Though,she didn’t agree,I know she is missing Akash.Its very imp semester for her.If Akash n Indu reunites,only then Indu will b hpy.
Rocky calls Harini.

Rocky:Hi Harini,I need to talk with u abt Akash n Indu.

Harini:Hi,ya,I am also thinking about them.

Rocky:I had a plan to unite them.As its 30th dec today,tomorrow I will arrange new year eve party at my residence.I will invite all our frnds including Akash n Indu.If they both meet,I don’t think they can b without talking with one another.Even if they didn’t,we can do something to make them close again.wat do u say?

Harini:Its a good plan but I am unsure that whether Indu comes or not.

Rocky:I am sure she won’t but you can ask her to come for u n then she will surely come.I will try to convince Akash.U pls try to convince Indu to attend party.

Harini:I will for sure.

Rocky calls Akash:

Rocky:Akash,I am arranging a new year eve tomorrow.You must attend without any excuse.

Akash:Sorry,I am lil busy n not in a mood to celebrate anything.I can’t attend.

Rocky:Indu is better than u.she is attending party for Harini.

Akash:Wat?Is Indu coming?

Rocky:Yes.Why are u so excited abt her?all our frnds are coming too.

Akash:hmm..actually I am not excited.just asked generally.Ok,I didn’t want to disappoint u all.So,for ur sake,I will attend the party (smiling)

Rocky:I know for whom u r coming..Anyways catch u there.bye.


Akash(thinking):Indu,somehow I will manage talking to u.I will make u understand my love on u.

Harini calls Indu:

Harini:Hi Indu,R u attending party of Rocky?I am so excited to attend coz it will change my mood n I can be hpy atleast for sometime.
Indu:No I can’t attend.

Harini:Wat?Why dear?Hmm.If u didn’t attend then mom won’t allow me too.R u not attending coz of Akash? So still u r missing him,right?

Indu:No no.I…I already forgot him.

Harini:oh really?then why can’t u come ?

Indu:ok.I will attend party for u.Lets meet there.

Next day evening:
Everyone attended party including Akash n Indu.

Indu sees Akash talking to a girl.

Suhana n Deep talks loudly enough to b audible to Indu.

Suhana:Hey,Is she the same girl we met on that day?

Deep:Yes Suhana.She is that girl who is a very big fan of Akash.She is really mad for him.

Suhana:But,hw she came here.I mean who invited her?

Deep:Can’t u guess with whom she came by seeing them?

Suhana:Oh,so she came with Akash.


Suhana:But Akash loves his childhood frnd na.

Deep:of course.But who knows wat destiny decided for him.When love is true,it always succeeds.May be that girl’s love made him to understand wat is true love.Lets hope for the best.

Harini comes to Indu.

Harini:Y r u so serious Indu.


Harini:I think u r jealous by seeing Akash with another girl.

Indu:No.I am serious by listening to the words of Deep and Suhana.Give me a minute,I will b back.

Indu goes to Deep and Suhana.

Indu:Hmm..So nice.I really appreciate ur efforts to make me talk with Akash.But,I know about Akash.He didn’t know flirting.Just talking to a girl doesn’t mean he is loving that girl.Even for fun,don’t talk like this again please.

Indu turns back to leave and sees Akash behind her n shocked.Akash smiles at her n tries to talk with her.But,Indu leaves from there.

Rocky,Harini,Deep,Suhana and their other frnds danced and everyone r njoying the party.Clock strike 12am.Every one shouted “Happy New Year”.Everyone wished one another.

Akash turned towards Indu.Indu about to leave but Akash caught her hand and pulled her close to him, and had eyelock with her.He came more close to her n went close to her cheeks.Indu is in shock with his strange behaviour.

Akash:(smiles)Happy New Year Indu.(in her ears,in low voice).Akash then left her.

Indu is still in shock and then realised he left her.

Indu:Thank u.Happy New Year.But,Is this the way to wish?

Akash:hmm.I thought to wish normally,but u r not at all listening to me.So,I behaved like this as I hav no option.

Indu:If u behave like dis with any girl,definitely they will……

Akash:slap me..right? Then y don’t u do it?


Akash:Because??? complete it Miss Angry

Indu:Nothing (moves away from there)

Akash(thinking): I will make u to confess ur love very soon.

Everyone got ready to leave.

Rocky:How will u go Indu?

Indu:I will go by auto.But I am worried abt Harini.

Rocky:I am going to drop her at home.But hw can u go alone?

Akash:I will drop Indu.

Indu:No no.I mean I didn’t want to trouble u Akash.I will manage.Already u hav done so much for me.So,now leave me.

Akash winks eye to Rocky.Rocky hired auto for Indu.Indu goes in auto.Auto comes to a place where there is no one n auto stops suddenly.

Indu:What happen.

Autowala:Madam,I think tyre was punctured.I will see if anyone comes on the way.I will request them to drop u.

Indu(thinking):wat should I do now.Going with strangers at nite is not safe but had no option.I would have listened to Akash.

Autowala stops a bike coming on the way n then informs Indu that man accepted to drop her.Indu came out of auto fearing n shocked seeing Akash on bike.Now she is relieved from tension n felt relaxed.

Akash:Madam,R u ready to take my help?

Indu(smiling inside):hmm

Akash driving very slowly.

Indu:Y r u driving so slow.I feel as if I am going on a bullock cart.

Akash: I am drunk.So driving slowly.

Indu a bit angry on listening that he was drunk.

Indu:Where is ur car n driver?

Akash:I told driver to go home coz I want to go on a bike ride.

Indu:But its not safe to drive when u r drunk.

Akash:Really? is it safe for a girl to go alone at late nite?

Indu:What? Tell me one thing.R u following me from there?

Akash:Do u think I will leave u to go alone like dis then?

Akash stops at a park.

Akash:I want to talk to u.

Indu:I am not interested.

Akash:Ok then go by urself

Indu:But how

Akash:So follow me.

In park:

Akash:Indu,I want to clear the things.Actually initially I asked u to befrnd me as I found u very serious and wished to make u hpy.But,aft befrnding u,I really liked ur frndshp n the way u r.U r very special and I like u.Shall we resume our frndshp?

Indu(thinking):Akash,avoiding and staying away from u is really very tough for me.I love u.Though,I can’t share my life with u as u r in love with ur childhood frnd,I need ur frndshp forever.


Akash:So,now ur anger on me went off right?

Indu:I nvr get angry on u Akash.

Indu:Do u really drink?
Akash:No.I don’t have that kind of habits.

Indu:Then y did u drive slow?

Akash:To make u angry.I have something to tell which really makes u angry.

Indu:hmm.I know.Auto stopped at a place n u came there at that time,its all a part of ur plan
Akash:Yes but how do u know?

Indu:Coz I know abt u.

Precap:Akash takes Indu to his home.

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  1. Loved it. Beautiful episode. Akash knows that indu loves him. Their frnds are the best. Always supportive.. Thanks for update…

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    cool n superb epi.

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  6. Awesome episode .Akash n indu knows eachother well and respects eachothers feelings.
    Happy New Year to u and ur family sindhu. I think u enjoyed alot with ur family on this new year.

    1. Sindhu K S V

      Hi Lakshmi.Yes dear.Understanding n respecting each other feelings is true love in my opinion.So,I am highlighting that…

      Happy New Year dear.Yes,I really njoyed new yr a lot..

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