Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 14)


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Episode 14:

Indu at home.Harini calls Indu.

Harini:Hi Indu,Did u confess ur love to Akash?

Fb shows:

Akash n Indu goes inside as its raining.Indu goes into Harini’s room to dry her hair n change dress.

Harini:Indu,wats ur opinion on Akash?

Indu(talking as if she is another world):Akash is very unique person.Till now I nvr saw such a person.I feel very secured wen he is with me.He cares for me.He makes me smile.He will do anything for me.He is such a great rockstar,but he is very simple.I like him very much.

Harini:Love or like?


Harini:Look Indu.I know u r loving him.But scared coz of ur past.If a person cheats u,it doesn’t mean everyone will cheat u.

Indu:I don’t know.She told abt her past to Harini.

Harini:Indu,Forget it.No one is perfect in this world.U r in teens.So,u did all that.Whatever I don’t think u loved that person.Moreover,even if Akash knows all this,still he will understand n will love u.I am sure.

Indu hugs Harini.

Harini:Confess ur love to Akash.Do it today itself.

Indu:Yes,I will

fb ends.

Harini:hey wat happen?tell me did u confess or not?



Indu:Akash loves his childhood frnd.So,I shouldn’t interfere in his life.I told my past to Akash n unnecessarily I fought with him.Now we r not even frnds.

Harini:wat r u saying?r u mad? I know Akash loves u.Who said this to u?


fb shows:

Deep,Akash,Aarushi,Harini,Rocky r busy in talks.

Suhana n Indu are talking with one another.

Suhana:Indu,I am sure if Akash didn’t love his childhood frnd,he would definitely fall for u.U r perfect for him.

Indu:Childhood frnd?

Suhana: Don’t u know this till now? Didn’t Akash tell u this? (thinking she done wrong by revealing this matter to Indu).

Indu:No.But I really want to know.pls tell me Suhana.

Suhana:Nothing.I am just kidding to know ur feelings on Akash.dats it.

Indu:Really?Till now I thought I am also ur frnd but now realised only Akash is ur frnd.

Suhana:pls Indu,its not like dat but.

Indu:Then tell me the truth.

Suhana:hmm.ok.Akash loves his childhood frnd.When he is 10 yrs old,he had a best frnd.As his dad was tranferred they shifted from that place n he lost contacts with her.But,still he loves her.Till now he searched many places like the place where they studied,her native place etc.But he didn’t get any info abt her.He told many times,he can’t imagine any girl in his life except her.

Indu:ok.But Pls don’t let him know dat I know abt his love on childhood frnd.


fb ends.

Harini: ok but y did u end ur frndshp?

Indu:Bcoz I can’t be a frnd to the person whom I love.Its difficult for me.

Akash at home:

Akash’s eyes are red in colour indicating dat he cried a lot.

Vini:Wat happen to u Akash?

Akash hugs Vini n cries.Tells everything to his mom.fb shows Akash hearing the conversation of Indu n Suhana.

Akash:As I am confused with my feelings on Indu I told Indu that I befrnded her just to make her happy.But the truth is though initially its my thought later on I really liked her thoughts n understood wat she is.I like her a lot.But,I love my childhood frnd.

Vini:Akash,U told Indu’s love is not love.its just mere misunderstanding of feelings.wat abt ur love?Is it matured love?wat do u know abt ur childhood frnd?Why do u love her?

Akash shouts:Mom

Viraj:Akash,stop it.She is ur mom.Remember that.Most imp thing is She asked the right questions.

Akash:Dad,u too

Vini:Akash,If u both r frnds from childhood to till now,then I agree u both will have good understanding.But,u both are frnds wen u r just 10yrs old.U loved her at dat time.Till now u didn’t meet her.U don’t know hw is she now.How can a child of 10yrs old can know wat is love.Relationship between u and Indu is developed by understanding.U know each other well.U love each other even aft knowing flaws n weak points.U both supports one another.This is called true love.Don’t take decision as we r saying but think urself n follow ur heart.

Akash left to his room.

Akash(thinking):Yes mom is right.I didn’t know anything abt my childhood frnd.I didn’t know her thoughts,life style or anything else.But I know abt Indu everything.Wen I am with Indu,I feel very happy.I lose myself n fly in new world.Is dis love? May b Yes.I love her.I love Indu.But how can I confess her?She told she decided not to marry anyone.I didn’t know whether she loves me or not.

As days are passing by Indu n Akash r pretending as if they r busy with their works n forgot one another completely.But they both check status of each other on watsapp n fb.Akash is going everyday to Indu’s college but in different car to see Indu n hides himself.Indu collects info abt Akash from his frnds.

Precap:Rocky and Harini plan to unite Inash..

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