Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 13)

Hi dear Hayathi,Lakshmi,Devga,Jwala,Liya,Ananya n Cherry..Thank u for ur feedback n encouragement.

Recap:Indu and Akash thinking about one another.

Episode 13:

Everyone left from Harini’s home.

Akash and Indu in car thinking abt their confusion.Akash stops car near a park.

Indu:Akash,we are getting late.why did u stop here?
Akash:I need to talk to u.

Indu can sense seriousness in his words.So,she followed him silently into park.They both sat on a bench watching kids playing.

Akash:Indu,Do u trust me.

Indu:of course.I trust u a lot.Coz I trust all my frnds.

Akash:Oh,dats the reason u hide everything from frnds,right?

Indu:Wat do u mean?

Akash:If u really think I am ur frnd,y didn’t u share ur prblms n hurtings with me.

Indu:hmm.I got u.U r asking me abt my past love,right?


Indu:Akash,I love to share my hpyness with all my frnds.But I can’t share my prblms with u n make u sad.However,past is past n I am happy now.

Akash:U looks beautiful wen u smile but if its true u looks more awesome.I know ur smile is just a fake smile.Tears hidden under ur fake smile.If u think I am ur frnd n trusts me,tell me why r u so serious n losing life?Why don’t u njoy ur life?actually I asked frndshp just to make u smile as u helped me to succeed…..(Akash stops realising wat he said)

Indu:oh,so u befrnded me only for this? (in tears)

Akash:I am sorry,its not like dat.

Indu:Stop it Akash.I will reveal my past love to u but aft dat we are no more frnds.


Indu:I hate ppl who shows sympathy on me.I don’t want that kind of frndshp.

Akash:Indu,u misunderstood my words.pls listen to me.

Indu:Let me tell my story.

Akash had no other option but to say yes.Indu saying abt her past.

Indu (thinking):Akash,till now u know me as perfect n innocent girl.But now,aft knowing my past,u will know I am not perfect n I may lose ur trust too.U will start hating me.

Akash:Indu…r u ok?

Indu:Akash,pls now we r not i didn’t need ur caring now.I will start my story.

His name is Raj.He is my frnd through social network site.

Fb shows:

Indu is 17yrs old.Because of her frnds she opened an account in social networking site.She got a frnd request with name Raj.She accepted.He sent msg to her.

Raj:Is ur name Indu? (her username on account)
Indu:no..its fake name is varsha.(scared to say original name)
Raj:Oh..nice name.Wat do u do.
Indu:I am a psychology student.(Indu is not psychology student)
Raj:dats grt.I am doing MCA.

Within 6 months,we both became frnds n are talking in mobile too.But still I didn’t say my original details.Once I got doubt coz of his words that he is loving me.we both didn’t see even pics of each other till then.But,he said I came into his dream n he introduced me to his parents.I am confused.I didn’t know how to handle it.So,I told a fake story to him.I told I loved a person in my schooling.He was close frnd of mine.His name is abhi.Abhi is perfect in everything.He is the one who runs orphanage n helps everyone.But he expired in a bomb blast.But I still love him n is taking care of his orphanage n his bro n sis.I thought this story helps me to make him stay away from me.But aft sometime I saw his status as RIP Abhi.I salute u.I was shocked.I didn’t have any words to tell him.

Still he is trying to bcom close to him.Though I know its wrong,I told him dat I hav a childhood n family frnd Arun who loves me a lot.My family wants me to marry him.I am going to b engauged to him within few days.Suddenly Raj proposed me.I didn’t know wat to say.I didn’t expect dat.I am excited with the word Love unknowingly.I accepted him though I know I am still confused.I revealed my name as Indu to him for the first time.Aft 1 month,I am again scared n stressed coz of my goal n studies.I decided to end it.So,I told Raj dat my parents r forcing me to marry Arun.I agreed coz Arun will tc of Raj’s siblings n I had no other option.I want to end it permanently.Raj thought I got married with Arun.I told Arun know everything abt me n Raj.I want to make Raj forget me permanently.So,I msged him from my mail id as Arun n told I am married.

But aft few days,I found I am in love with Raj.I contacted him n told I am not married.I thought to reveal everything to him but fear of losing him made me to hide my lies.Aft dat I avoided topics of Arun n Abhi while speaking to him.I started being truthful n loving towards him.I quit fights with him.He asked me to send my pic to him.I sent.Aft dat his behaviour was changed.Aft a month,I asked reason behind his rude behaviour.

He said his marriage was fixed.As his sister marriage was fixed with his uncle’s son,they kept a condition dat he had to marry his uncle’s handicapped daughter.Otherwise,his sister marriage will be cancelled.I am shocked b cried a lot.I asked him to cancel his marriage.Aft few days he said he cancelled his marriage n hence his sister marriage was also cancelled.So now he didn’t want me or my love.He just need his family’s hpyness n so he will marry his uncle’s daughter.Aft dat he nvr contacted me.

Akash:Did he know abt ur lies before he ended ur relationship?

Indu:No he didn’t.

Akash:Did u ever contact him again?

Indu:Actually my childhood bestie contacted him without saying she is my frnd.As He chatted with her at late hrs continuously,she said he is not right person.So I didn’t contact him for a yr.But,later on,as I can’t forget him n want to accept my lies n mistakes before him,I contacted him last with my frnd’s help.I revealed all my lies to him n asked apology.But,he didn’t accept me or my apology.He said he can’t trust me.He blocked me on fb n then my frnd also tried to convince him.But he blocked my frnd too.

Akash:So,still he is unmarried.Right? n u r feeling guilty for lying to him?


Akash (laughing):hmm

Indu:Y r u laughing?

Akash:Indu,I thought u r very matured n clever but u r very innocent n foolish.


Akash:Look Indu,u r in teenage at dat time.Stressed n scared.So,u lied to him.But my point is why he went away from u without even knowing u lied to him?He doesn’t know anything.Then,y he did so? He said he is going to marry his uncle’s daughter.But even aft one year,he is still unmarried.Didn’t he lie to u regarding his marriage?

Indu:I asked this to him.But he didn’t say anything and became angry on me.

Akash:Indu,u r a girl n in teenage too. u r immatured n busy with ur studies.So u said many stories to him just to avoid him.But wen u realise dat u r loving him,u started being truthful.U contacted him again n said everything n apologised him.It shows ur frankness.Though,u did mistakes unknowingly u realised it.But just think once.The moment he saw ur pic,he was changed rudely.It means he didn’t love u truly.Coming to u,u just contacted him as u felt guilty n want to reveal everything m ask him apology.Ur guilty conscious made u to request him n u mistook it as love.But its not love.Love is trust.But u didn’t trust him.So its just a mere misunderstanding of ur feelings as love.U both doesn’t know abt one another completely,without understanding each other,hw can u both love one another? I am sure he is also not true to u but u accepted n he didn’t.Leave it n from now leave ur guiltyness.Start being happy Indu.A person who loves u nvr hurt u n forgives ur every mistake.True love is nothing but thinking loved ones as perfect even aft knowing their flaws.

Indu surprised to listen Akash’s words.

Indu:Akash,I know u r saying these words just to make me hpy.But truly u feel I have done wrong.I can’t forgive myselves forever for hurting the person who loved me by saying lies n showing my frustrations n stress on him.Thats y I decided not to marry anyone in my life as a punishment for my mistake.Now my hpyness is only my goal.dats it.Pls stop showing sympathy on me.I befrnded u aft knowing ur thoughts n understanding u by reading ur interview in Young Talent magazine.But,ur frndshp is just acting to make me hpy as a repayment for counselling u before 2 yrs.watever,I felt very hpy coz of ur frndshp thinking its true.But now I realised its all just coz of pity on me.Thank u for few swt moments I njoyed in ur frndshp.Now I am not ready to be a frnd to u anymore.Lets end our frndshp.

Akash:Indu,u misunderstood me.pls listen to me.

Indu:Bye,I am leaving.

Akash:I will drop u.I can’t leave u alone at this late hrs.

Indu:hmm..I am ever grateful for ur sympathy on me.

Akash thought to say something but stopped.He dropped Indu at home.

Scene freezes showing Akash n Indu separately with tears in eyes.

Precap:Akash realises his love on Indu.

Sorry guys,its soooooooo long n very boring.But Indu’s past is something which happened in my frnd’s love truly.So,I wrote this very long story.If its boring,excuse me.Pls give ur feedback if u like my story.Thank u.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    In teenage anyone will scare about those things n hides some things to avoid problems ,after realizing that she accepted her lies n told truth to him .But if raj really loves her he should understand her feelings , as akash said he never loved her.Hope indu realizes akash’s true concern for her soon.And about ur frnd feeling sad for her hope she also get someone like akash.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Lakshmi.I wrote this episode to make my frnd understand reality n to be happy in her life…

  2. Ananya

    Sindhi story was not at boring. Thanks for this long update. I love to read long updates so no prblm… Update long chapters like this if possible…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Ananya..Ur comment really encouraged me.Because I thought this episode is really boring.But ur words increased my confidence.

  3. Devga

    not at all boring ….. infact as always thought provoking …….. awsome superb no words … u nailed it wit all valuable thoughts …..

    to b frank i dont like advices but …….. ur writings and values strive me to read and understand the inbuilt meaning of the advices and mistakes …….. thank u ……..

  4. Roma

    It’s awesome episode, not boring at all…loved akash n indu convo very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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