Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 12)


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Episode 12:

Recap: Indu on love failure.

After 2 days,Harini discharged from hospital.
Scene 1:

Akash’s home:
Akash thinking about Indu and smiles unknowingly.

Vini:Akash,Can u share the reason behind ur smile with us too.

Angel:May b coz of Indu.

Viraj:Akash,hw is harini?

Akash: Harini is fine dad.She was discharged from hsptl today.I am thinking abt Indu.I am remembering her words.I forgot to tell u.Indu loved someone in the past.

Vini:Oh really.But in the past?wat does u mean?

Akash:I don’t know wat happened exactly.But she said she faced same situation as Harini.But,wat surprised me is her courage n her way of handling life.She is just amazing.I really like her very much.

Vini(thinking):Akash,I can see love on Indu in ur eyes.I don’t know wat destiny decided for u both.But,I feel Indu is perfect for u.

Indu calls Akash.
Akash:Hi Indu.whats up?

Indu:Hi,I need a help from u,if u don’t mind.

Akash:I am always at ur service mam.pls tell me

Indu(seriously):I think I am troubling u.Bye

Akash:Hey Indu,I am just kidding.Tell me wat can I do for u.(thinking:Indu,really I am always ready to do anything for u to make u smile.As a frnd,its my responsibility).

Indu:Akash,actually its abt Harini.I know she will b alone n bored at home as aunty leaves to job as she had audit n uncle is out of station.I want u n ur frnds to join me to visit her n make her happy,incase if u all are free.

Akash:I am free this whole week.So,I can come.But frnds,let me ask them.Let me take them all into conference call.

Akash connects the gang into conference call.

Rocky,Deep,Suhana,Aarushi:Hi Indu n Akash.
Akash told abt the plan.

Everyone in unison:We are free for our frnds at any time guys.We are coming..just msg us address on watsapp.

Akash and Indu:Ok then see u all there.bye

Scene 2:

Akash,Indu,Rocky,Deep,Suhana,Aarushi visited Harini’s home n knocked the door.Harini opened it but didn’t find anyone n goes off.Again they knock n hide.Harini hides near the door n pretends as if she went off n Rocky abt to knock the door.At once,Harini opened the door n they both stare at one another having eyelock.Everyone shouts and comes there.

Harini:You guys here?(smiling with surprise)

Akash:Ya,we are here as we are free today n feel bored.Didn’t we disturb u.right?

Harini:Not at all.Actually I have to thank u all for coming as I feel lonely.Pls come in everyone.

Everyone sits at Harini’s home chitchatting.

Deep:Arey,have u guys ate elephant today?

Everyone in confusion.

Suhana:What?what r u saying?

Deep:I mean I am hungry but I didn’t find anyone of u hungry.So just asking that if by any chance,u all had something which makes u not to feel hungry.

Suhana:Bad joke but gud try.(in teasing manner)

Harini:sorry guys.I forgot.Let me prepare something for u.

Akash:Harini,u r not well.So,Indu,Suhana n Aarushi will prepare something for us.

Indu coughs.

Akash:wat happen Indu.

Indu:(like a kid) actually I don’t know cooking.

Akash:Oh no.R u joking?

Indu:No.Its true.

Deep:Akash,I love my life n want to live few more days.So,pls exclude Suhana the best chef from cooking.

Suhana:But Deep however I too can’t cook.

Akash:(laughs) So,u girls accept dat we r better than u.

Indu:Wat do u mean?

Akash:I mean today I am going to cook with help of Rocky n Deep.

Indu:Do u know cooking?


Aarushi:But guys,I too know cooking.So,I will join with u guys n hence,we don’t accept u guys r better than us.We nvr lose. comment.Lets move fastly.

They prepare lunch for them.Everyone r having lunch.

Indu:Akash,food is very tasty.The girl who marries u is very lucky.

Akash:Thank u.Can I give compliment to u too?

Indu:ya sure.

Akash:The one who marries u is also very lucky coz He will learn new skill called cooking.

Indu:Akash….(acting seriousness)

Akash:No world war 3 pls (smiling).

Everyone smiles.They completes their lunch.
Aarushi,Harini n Rocky are in hall.Deep and Suhana,Akash and Indu are in garden at separate places.

Indu is collecting the flowers falling from a tree like a child.Akash shakes the tree n flowers fall on Indu as if its rain of flowers.Indu leaves herself to that n enjoys showering of flowers n stretches her hands horizantally n rounds as if she is dancing unknowingly.Akash smiles seeing her innocense.

Akash(thinking):Indu,if I didn’t love my childhood frnd,I would definitely fall for u.I really love ur innocense.

Indu stops her playing n looks at Akash.It starts raining.The rain drops are falling as if they are called for, to stop the emotions n disturb Akash from his thoughts.

Akash:its raining.lets go inside.

Indu:Don’t u like rain?

Akash: I do but now not interested.

Indu:I love rain n am always interested to play in rain.

Akash was shocked to see diff Indu for the first time.

Indu(thinking):I know u r surprised to see me like dis.But Akash,I don’t know the reason behind my feelings.I feel very free n secured,wen u r with me.I just feel as if I am with my mom.I don’t need to hide my true emotions n feelings from u.If I can trust anyone in this world apart from my mom,its u Akash.

Akash:Indu,Where r u lost?

Indu:I am here.I didn’t lost anywhere.

Akash:Ok.If u r done with playing in rain,lets go inside.

Indu nodded.They both r about to move.Suddenly,Indu hears the thunder sound n hugs Akash.Deep silence between them for few minutes.Then,Akash breaks the hug n both goes inside thinking abt their feelings on one another.

Deep and Suhana in garden.

Deep staring at Suhana.

Suhana:Why r u seeing me like dat.

Deep:I am watching u bcoz I am surprised to see the beauty of star on Earth.

Suhana (smiling):Thank u.Oh its raining heavily.lets go inside.

Precap: Indu reveals her past to Akash.

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    • Rocky’s past ….

    Nd many more …. I just love u and ur story yar …. Take care bye keep updating

    1. No way dear..I nvr forget u.Ya,I suggested u to study..pls study dear.But I really miss u.Read it only wen u r free.but don’t neglect studies.I want my sis to reach her goals.Soon Indu’s past n Akash love will b revealed.But Rocky’s past takes time dear..

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