Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 11)

Hi dear Hayathi,Lakshmi,Jwala,Ananya,Devi,Devga,Roma n other silent readers.Ur feedback is very valuable to me.Thank u n Love u all sisters and brothers.

Here is the episode 11:

Recap:Harini’s suicide coz of love failure.

Indu:Harini,u r a modern girl.How can u b so lame and pathetic?

Harini:Indu,u hates love n u can nvr understand hw painful it is to b cheated in love.

Indu(laughs): Dear, I know dat pain very well than u.Coz I too faced same situation in the past.But being in past n getting depressed is not my nature.So,I choosed to face the situation n handle it with more maturity.

Harini,Akash n everyone looks shocked.

Harini:Y didn’t u ever tell this to me till now?Don’t u consider me as ur frnd?

Indu:Harini,You are my best frnd but few things which had no value are better to be untold forever.


Indu:Lets stop this discussion here itself.Surely,wen time comes I will reveal this to u all.

Harini:But Indu,I am not as strong as u are.I can’t forget it n move on.its difficult for me. (harini cries).

Indu:Look Harini,As I experienced I am able to understand how u feel.I know its very difficult to handle the situation.But,Love is not everything.Love failure is not life failure.He betrayed u.I agree that its painful.But u can forget it by Sharing ur love to ppl around u than begging for love.

True love encourages u to achieve greater heights n break the boundaries of obstacles of life.Fake love bcoms obstacle for life.Face it boldly.This is life dear.Every experience must make u more stronger.Show wat u r to this world.Never waste even a single second or a tear for the one who nvr cares for.He didn’t deserve it. Let him cry for missing a gem like u. This is a challenge for u to prove how stronger u are.Keep urselves busy,so dat u won’t have time to remember him.Use this pain to achieve ur goals n bcom inspiration to everyone.

I am with u Harini.Stop crying and start moving and challenging the life.Let the life salute u for ur courage.You can win the life only wen u r bold enough.Come out of ur past n embrace the bright future awaiting for u.You can do it Harini.

Harini:(confidently) Indu,I am lucky to have a frnd like u.Thank u for ur support.Definitely,I will prove wat I am.Yes,I will show wat I am to this world.

Rocky:Indu,Akash told many things abt u but today I really realised wat u are.The words u told are really true.Thank u Indu.I realised wat I missed till now.But,from now U all will see a new Rocky who faces life with courage.

Indu,Akash and frnds:We are there for u. Lets rock.Everyone smiles and joins hands.

Scene freezes showing Harini and Rocky with new confidence and Others smiling.

Precap:Its frnds time on holiday..

Sorry for the delay in updating episode frnds.I am lil busy these days n a bit sick too.I will try to post regularly.Hope u all understand.I think these 4 episodes are a bit boring but I will try to write more funfilled episodes next.

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  1. hey you write very well n ur thoughts are so amazing

    1. Thank u manisha…

    1. Thank u cherry..

  2. nice ………..and indu’s words soo beautiful and it’s is the true way of facing life ………………..and take care my dear sis 🙂 …………will wait for ur next update and an advance happy new year to u 🙂

    1. Yes dear.its the way to face life.Lets see how Harini teaches a lesson for Viren..

  3. Jo indhu ne bola oh such hein yaar…. i want to share somethiing to u my dr…actually one my friend his name is sree ek ladki ko pasand kiya oh ladki bhi accept kiya after 4years of their love oh ladki ne usko chod diya…. sree na dipression me chala gaya he commit sucide oh ab iss duniya mein nahi hein yaar…. we cant forget him… so love gives pain only i hate love stories

    1. Hi hayathi dear.I understand.I am so sorry for ur frnd.Love is a very sweet n beautiful feeling but few ppl are making love a pain.Here Harini n Rocky teaches lesson to the one who betrayed them.It may b a serial but if we really think we can do it in our real life too.

    1. Thank u devi dear..

  4. Really it’s true ,if someone betrayed u that doesn’t mean u should end ur life .Indu loved someone interesting.It’s ok don’t worry take rest n get well soon.

    1. Yes Lakshmi.Indu loved someone but her bad experience made her strong.aft few episodes her story will b revealed.Thank u dear.I will tc of myself..

  5. Loved this episode yr u totally nailed it indu is such a nice friend
    Nd ways the past I m also thinking same that indu has some past that’s why she is not believing in love

    Nd plz take care of you ….u can also write ff after you got well….health come first….so first get sell and then write till then we will wait

    1. Thank u anu dear..Ya,sure I will tc of my health..

  6. sindhu u write so gud. n giving points which r happening in real, n ur can thoughts can make anyone think once. i like it.

    1. Thank u so much dear Manha

  7. Sindhu u are really good writing. Every word is inspiring dear… Take care of ur health..

    1. Thank u ananya dear..Ya i will tc of my health sis…

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