Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 10)


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Recap: Akash bday celebrations.

Episode 10:

Everyone rushed to hospital to see Harini.

Suja (Harini’s mom):Indu,I didn’t know wat to do.They r asking to pay 50000 to start the treatment.

Indu:Aunty,pls don’t worry.Lets do something.

Akash:Indu,I called dad,he is bringing the card,I will pay it.pls don’t worry.

Doctor:I am starting the treatment.Hope for the best.

Indu:But the fees?

Doctor:Its paid.

Indu n Akash:Wat?who paid?

Doc:I don’t know the details.ask in reception.(he left)

In the reception:

Akash:Excuse me,can u pls tell the name of the person who paid the fee of Ms.Harini,suicide case?

Receptionist:One minute.let me check.

Its Ms.Aarushi sir.


Indu:Aarushi,Thank u so much.You saved my friend today.Thank u.(in tears)

Aarushi:Indu,Pls.I hate this tears n all this.I am leaving.(without any emotion)

Akash:Let Rocky drop u.Its too late n not safe to go alone.

Aarushi:Stop it Akash.You already knew me.I hate all this bullshit.I can go alone.Bye.(she left)

Akash:Rocky n Deep will drop Indu n Suhana n will come back.u both pls go home n come tomorrow.We three will take care of Harini.

Indu:No.I can’t go.I want to see Harini.I will stay here.

Suhana:Its ok Akash.I informed my parents already.No worries.I will stay here.

Aft sometime,Indu to Akash:

Indu:Akash,Harini will be ok na?Nothing happens to her na?

Akash:Nothing happens to her.Don’t worry Indu.

Indu cries and hugs Akash.

Akash:Its ok Indu,pls don’t cry (brks the hug).

Doctor:Patient came into conscious.You can go n see her.

Everyone went into the room.Harini was lying on the bed in tears.

Indu:Harini,hw r u feeling now?

Harini:Y u all saved me?I want to die.

Indu:Stop it Harini.Wat happened to u?Why did u commit suicide?wats wrong with u?

Harini:Yesterday I saw Viren(harini’s hobby) with another girl.I asked him abt her.

FB shows:
Harini:Viren,I want to ask u something.

Viren:You can

Harini:Today I saw u so close with a girl.May I know who’s she? I am not doubting u but…

Viren:Yes,She is my fiancee.

Harini:wat r u saying? You said u loves me,but wat is dis?
Viren:Yes,Look Harini,you r not suitable to me.Initially I loved u.But now I am not interested on u.I love Sanjana.She is perfect match to me.Though its tough to accept,its better for u to accept asap.Forget me n live ur life.

Harini:But wat should I say to my parents?Pls Viren,I know u r just kidding.Pls say this is a joke.I know u loves me a lot.U can’t forget me.

Viren:Wat nonsense harini?I don’t love u.I already forgot u.Never try to contact me.Good bye.

Fb ends.

Harini:I can’t forget him.I love him.I can’t imagine my life without him.I had many memories with him.My first hug,first kiss.I can’t live without him,Indu.I want to die.(Harini throws everything n behaves like a mad person).

Indu slaps Harini to stop her from harming herself.Both cries n hugs.

Precap:Indu’s counselling on love failure.

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  1. Indu was an extradinory girl yaar

    1. Hi dear Hayathi.Thank u

  2. Awesome epi.eagerly waiting for the next update

    1. Thank u Jwala sis…

  3. So sad for harini ,how could viren do this to her.Nice story ksv.

    1. Yes dear.Now harini state was pathetic but in next episodes she will show how girls should face such situations n bcom inspiration.Lets see wat happens next

    1. Thank u devi..

  4. Sad episode. Felt bad for harini. Waiting for nxt episode…

    1. Hi ananya..ya its sad episode.But sometimes sorrow is necessary to make a person strong.Lets see how Harini face this situation..

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