Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 10)

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Recap: Akash bday celebrations.

Episode 10:

Everyone rushed to hospital to see Harini.

Suja (Harini’s mom):Indu,I didn’t know wat to do.They r asking to pay 50000 to start the treatment.

Indu:Aunty,pls don’t worry.Lets do something.

Akash:Indu,I called dad,he is bringing the card,I will pay it.pls don’t worry.

Doctor:I am starting the treatment.Hope for the best.

Indu:But the fees?

Doctor:Its paid.

Indu n Akash:Wat?who paid?

Doc:I don’t know the details.ask in reception.(he left)

In the reception:

Akash:Excuse me,can u pls tell the name of the person who paid the fee of Ms.Harini,suicide case?

Receptionist:One minute.let me check.

Its Ms.Aarushi sir.


Indu:Aarushi,Thank u so much.You saved my friend today.Thank u.(in tears)

Aarushi:Indu,Pls.I hate this tears n all this.I am leaving.(without any emotion)

Akash:Let Rocky drop u.Its too late n not safe to go alone.

Aarushi:Stop it Akash.You already knew me.I hate all this bullshit.I can go alone.Bye.(she left)

Akash:Rocky n Deep will drop Indu n Suhana n will come back.u both pls go home n come tomorrow.We three will take care of Harini.

Indu:No.I can’t go.I want to see Harini.I will stay here.

Suhana:Its ok Akash.I informed my parents already.No worries.I will stay here.

Aft sometime,Indu to Akash:

Indu:Akash,Harini will be ok na?Nothing happens to her na?

Akash:Nothing happens to her.Don’t worry Indu.

Indu cries and hugs Akash.

Akash:Its ok Indu,pls don’t cry (brks the hug).

Doctor:Patient came into conscious.You can go n see her.

Everyone went into the room.Harini was lying on the bed in tears.

Indu:Harini,hw r u feeling now?

Harini:Y u all saved me?I want to die.

Indu:Stop it Harini.Wat happened to u?Why did u commit suicide?wats wrong with u?

Harini:Yesterday I saw Viren(harini’s hobby) with another girl.I asked him abt her.

FB shows:
Harini:Viren,I want to ask u something.

Viren:You can

Harini:Today I saw u so close with a girl.May I know who’s she? I am not doubting u but…

Viren:Yes,She is my fiancee.

Harini:wat r u saying? You said u loves me,but wat is dis?
Viren:Yes,Look Harini,you r not suitable to me.Initially I loved u.But now I am not interested on u.I love Sanjana.She is perfect match to me.Though its tough to accept,its better for u to accept asap.Forget me n live ur life.

Harini:But wat should I say to my parents?Pls Viren,I know u r just kidding.Pls say this is a joke.I know u loves me a lot.U can’t forget me.

Viren:Wat nonsense harini?I don’t love u.I already forgot u.Never try to contact me.Good bye.

Fb ends.

Harini:I can’t forget him.I love him.I can’t imagine my life without him.I had many memories with him.My first hug,first kiss.I can’t live without him,Indu.I want to die.(Harini throws everything n behaves like a mad person).

Indu slaps Harini to stop her from harming herself.Both cries n hugs.

Precap:Indu’s counselling on love failure.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


    • Sindhu K S V

      Yes dear.Now harini state was pathetic but in next episodes she will show how girls should face such situations n bcom inspiration.Lets see wat happens next

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi ananya..ya its sad episode.But sometimes sorrow is necessary to make a person strong.Lets see how Harini face this situation..

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