Love makes Life Beautiful (intro)

What if abhi has become a puppet to his wife just for the sake of his new born children??

Hi guys this is Vaishali I think some of them know me as I USD to comment in many of the ff I got this idea recently so here is the intro. Seeing ur comments I will decide whether to continue or not.
Abhishek prem mehra- owner ofehra groups also a rockstar lives his wife a lot but doesn’t know her true intentions and his life has been blessed with the birth of his two children recently.
Neerja mehra- wife of abhi a big lover of money married abhi fr the sale of his company and brand name coz abhi had told her that his properties will come to his heir only. Aunt’ s daughter of abhi so married in the name of relation
Pragya raichand- an orphan struggles to prove herself in front of her relations. Loves children a lot

Pragya will be introduced in later episodes abhi doesn’t know the dark side of neerja loves her a lot. Neerja waits fr her baby’s birth to get the property named to her and in the plan of leaving abhi and her children and marrying nikhil khanna a leading business man till that decides to keep abhi as a puppet to her in the name of children abhi first marries her fr his dadi but later loved her as she acted like taking care of dadi but one day dadi came to know. Of neerjas trurhu she tells it yo. Abhi but abhi denies as she was pregnant that time so dadi went to punjab.
so how was the intro pls level ur comments below so that I decide to continue or no..

Credit to: Vaishali


  1. Maya

    Interesting plot vaishali and very different… pls continue and I want to see how Pragya enters Abhi’s life….

    • Maya

      Again i just want to tell u vaishali..ur idea is very different and intriguing….so pls continue…. and of course I always had thanked u for ur comments and will also support u if u continue the ff…

  2. akshaya kannan

    Vaishali it was awesome yaar thank for supporting all the writers in this forums you are awesome and how can I forgot to tell this I love u what are you doing?

    • vaishali

      Thanks akshaya I HV entered 12th I am on leave so thought to write ff dear i love ur ff a lot dear

  3. Somiya

    That’s so different vaishali! Loved it to the core of heart, but i think for this ff my heart has no core and thanks for commenting over my each single episode of Ff and OS! I have always loved your comments and now your ff it’s like double treat for me! So no excuses for comments you arr gonna start this ff! I loved it’s intro, so final you are gonna start this ff! I would be waiting vaishali

  4. Manitha

    di its juz awesome ….u should definitely continue and I am so srry di I could not upload my ff …..I went to trekking and I retuned today ……….u will definitely read my ff tomorrow

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.