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Thank u guys Fr commenting i know i hvnt commented on many of the episodes sorry guys forgive me and support me always and I hv thought to finish this ff so always support me and love u guys…

Thank u guys Fr gvng such sweet comments I know all r angry on me as I am not uploading daily I am so sorry as I am in my native town there is network problem here so couldn’t upload friends forgive me so back to the story..

At the court,
Abhi was sitting with rishu and aditi sitting in his lap playing. Abhi was thinking” this fuggy she will hv work at important days I know she will reach at correct time but she should be there to support me na”. He saw neerja and nikhil sitting together laughing. Abhi remembered something.
After proposing pragya she stayed there Fr more than six months that was the best time in abhis life he experienced every happiness present in the world that time. His children’s growth his nok jhok with his fuggy her care her love his gifts made their life the best. But that day he didn’t expected. Neerja came with nikhil and gave Abhi the property papers. Abhi was shell shocked but the next one is like ending his world.. It was the custody of rishu and aditi to neerja. Abhi didn’t accepted it saying” I won’t ever allow this till I am alive what do u think if u give me a share of property I will give my children to u never I will take care of my children by lifting weight with my money ok just leave frm my sight” he shouted. Neerja said” aah haa now this is my dialogue by the way I will get their custody by hook or crook as 60% property is in their name only I have to change it in my name so lets see in the court mr. Abhishek prem mehra.
Flashback end.
Abhi was thinking all this while he noticed the judge entering the court. He stood up like respecting him.
The court hearing started. Neerjas lawyer was saying his opinion in favor of neerja. He was saying that” my more mr. Mehta was never fond of his children he will leave his children alone in home and arranged a babysitter. He didn’t even took care of his wife when she had an accident which was actually made by him to get mrs. Neerja out of his life. Neerja loved him a lot but he always concentrated in his office shares and money. He once went with his children to park and lost his daughter there an passer by only helped him. His father has written 60% of his property in his grandchildren’s name only so to get that property in his name je is acting as a perfect father to all the people fooling them and the sources also say that he cheated a girl saying that he loves her and we also got to know that that girl was living with him in the same house without marrying him fr the past six months”. Abhi just bursted out” no no ur honour he is saying wrong pls don’t believe him I love my children a lot I can’t live without them and don’t even try to point fingers on my love it was neerja who was full of agreed my lord he is..”. Judge ordered him to be quiet. Tears were continuously rolling frm his eyes. Rishu and aditi can’t see him crying so they wiped his teaes with their small small hands Abhi felt somewhat received but he felt more determined not to leave them at any cost. Neerjas lawyer requested the judge to give rishu and aditis custody to neerja. Here neerja was confirmed that she is gng to win the case. Abhi was called in the witness box.
Abhi made rishu and aditi sit and went and stood in the witness box. Judge asked him” whether the accusations of mr. Chadda are right or not?” Abhi immediately refused it” no my lord he is sayingfalse all r wrong old believe me my lord pls don’t separate me frm my children”. Neerjas lawyer Mr. chadda stood up and said” my lord we r hvng a video clip which shows that Mr. mehra is an male chauvinist who always loved money.” . He showed a video clip where Abhi is scolding neerja when he came from park na. But his voice have been changed and his accusation too. In that video Abhi was saying to neerja” neerja coz of u only I can’t take all these properties I hv to act in front of all to get this properties u only insisted me to hv children i told u to abort this but u didn’t u r the one responsible fr my defeat just get lost i don’t want to see u get out of my sight or else i will kill u”. Mr. Chadda said” see my lord he itself is gvng statement that he is interested only in money and he don’t love his children so pls my lord pls give the custody of this children to my petitioner neerja thank u my lord”. Judge noted of this point and asked Abhi” so Mr. mehra do u hv anyone to proceed on ur behalf?” Abhi nodded his negatively” no my lord there is no ..” suddenly a voice came” i am there my lord i am the lawyer who is gng to proceed on behalf of Mr. abhishek prem mehra” the voice was of a girl. Everyone was shocked to see that.lady Abhi couldn’t believe his eyes on the person who is standing before him who is gng to get justice on behalf of him.
It was none other than PRAGYA ABHIS PRAGYA..yes she was a lawyer. The judge surprisingly asked”miss. Raichand its been a long time to ser u in this court i thought u quitted the profession but to my surprise u r here nice to see u dear”. Mr. chadda was scared seeing pragya as the opposition lawyer he murmured” omg pragya Raichand is the opposition lawyer i know surely now that i can’t win this case now. This pragya has never seen defeat in her career oh god i always wished not to bring pragya as my opposition but u ditched me now my career is gng to end she is back oh god save me..”. Pragya replied to the judge” yes my lord it took me a long time u know that i always take cases after researching abt it whether my petiotioner is correct or wrong so it took me time or mr. Chadda what did u say abt mr. Mehras behavior he is a flirt u also said abt one girl na who is staying with him without marrying him she is none other than me do u get that? Yes i am the one who loves Abhi and i am gng to marry him soon. Do u hv any objection don’t u dare to say any words against him will u?” Mr. Chadda put his heads down in guilt.

Pragya started her point” my lord the prosecution lawyer has said that Mr. Mehra loves money a lot more than his children and he also shown one video na so I am requesting u to play that video one more time but without voice pls my lord” judge accepted. When the video was playing pragya gave voice Fr Abhi” abhishek bacchan coz of u only I can’t get aishwarya I always told u not to marry but u only insisted to marry her but u didn’t listen u r the reason fr me not marrying aishearys now get lost I don’t want to see u get out of my sight or else I will kill u” all laughed hearing this. Pragya said” my lord there r some more victims in this case pls play the video again” the video was again played. Pragya this time” mr. Chadda why u killed Osama bin laden all r searching fr him u only insisted to kill him I told u not to and u included mr. Khanna( the judge) too in this u r the reason fr his children to suffer just get list I do t want to see u get our of my sight or else I will kill u” . All laughed hard nudge ordered them to be silent.
Pragya” see my lots anyone can give any statement with this video hw can believe this and can’t u see the voice has been mimicked and u can see the lip movement of Mr. Mehra is not at all relevant to the voice and mt lord as I said earlier I am the love if his life I hv seem him taking care of his children I hv been working as the babysitter Fr his children. And my lord Ms. neerja was only gng to office and she has written all his property to her name by cheat. Here are the proofs that neerja mehra was gng to office” pragya gave the deal papers in which neerja signed as a new owner of the company and she has also submitted the property parts. Pragya narrated the whole incident that happened in mm. Abhi still couldn’t believe his fuggy is just making the court stand in fire by her speech. Abhi couldn’t believe all this. Pragya shows the video of him taking care of his kids with utmost care. Abhi now understood why she took those videos in that small house.
Judge was impressed by her oration and said” I appreciate ur oratioknbut let me tell Ms. Raichand we hv to ask the concern of the kids whether they live with their father or mother then only I can proceed ur judgment” . The judge called rishu and aditi and asked them” beta now I am gng to ask u one thing u answer without hesitation u r gng to live with ma or papa? Just think and tell” rishu and aditi chorously said,” uncle we want to live with ma”. Pragya and Abhi was shell shoicked Abhi felt like someone stabbed him and Fr pragya the world seems to be ending there itself.
Neerja and nikhil smiled victoriously that finally they won they can easily get those properties.

PRECAP: Abhi was crying bitterly he said to his kids” shall i feed u lastly with my hands ok champs?”. They both nodded their heads.

So so so sorry fr uploading late and my decision Fr ending this ff is coz i am in 12th my mom doesn’t know that i am updating ffs and my school is opening in June. I will end this on my b’day that is on31st may thank u so much fr supporting me Fr this boring story thank u and love u guys……

Credit to: Vaishali

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