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Neerja said to Abhi” no one will take care of someone’s kids u r gng to stand alone with nobody near u just u and ur kids i am gng to marry my love just wait and watch. U gonna live ur life with much sorrow but i will live my life the way i want.” Abhi smiled hearing her words” don’t dance too much surely u will fall Down what u said i am gonna live alone u r wrong miss. Neerja u r completely wrong there is someone in my life who will give me unconditional love to me and my children i will be the most happiest person in this world do u want to know that angel she is none other than PRAGYA MY PRAGYA. she will become pragya mehra frm pragya Raichand. She will be the love of my life she will make my life heaven. Abhi was continuously saying like this. Pragya heard all these and gets shocked and she ran frm there. Pragya stands in the corridor and Thinks” what Abhi the rockstar loves me omg this is just a great news i hv heard in my life. I thought my destiny is that me Fr myself but now there will be someone who will.share my happiness my sorrow. I feel like flying in the sky. I am the happiest girl in this world.” here Abhi als says the same” I will be the happiest man in the world”. Pragya decides to teach Abhi a lesson Fr proposing late. She packed all her bags and was walking in the corridor. Abhi saw her and ran to her” fuggy fuggy where r y gng leaving me?” pragya said” I am leaving” abhi” did u heard what I said?”. Pragya stood silently Abhi turned her towards him and said” fuggy fuggy pls don’t leave me I can’t live without u u know the first time I saw u in hospital ma that time u were looking pole an angel to me and the second time in the park u were really mh angel and u saved aditi too that time u looked like god to me who saved my life without u i don’t know hw i will spend my life my day begins and ends with u fuggy ur smile ur care towards my children ur aloo paratha paneer butter masala without these i am nothing fuggy after ur arrival i see life in a different way all seems to be colorful full of joy and happiness after mt parents death there were no one to shower love on me except dadi i am really disappointed fuggy why god didn’t send anyone to take care of me now only i understand many hb to wait fr the best to come in our life and my wait is over fuggy coz u came in my life to give me love to give me advice to guide me pls fuggy don’t leave u i can’t live our children can’t live pls fuggy old fuggy I POVE U FUGGY I LOVE U TILL END OF MY LOFE U R MY SOUL U R MY HEART BEAT MY HEART GIVES AOUND IN UR NAME ONLYSEE..” he tool her nd made her hear his heartbeat. Pragya was overwhelmed and cried hearing his confession” u took this much time to say this huh” and hugged him tightly Abhi too hugged. Pragya kisses his face inch by inch then she took her abg and again walked on the corridor. Abhi followed her and asked” why u r leaving fuggy I told all that in my heart then again y u r leaving” pragya said ” arrey after our marriage I hv to live in our room na I hb to arrange now itself i will hv more works after marriage and our jnr.s will get allergy if i clean the room that time hw many years it had been cleaned i don’t know so only i am gng now bye buddhu” Abhi smiled hearing her words” my cute fuggy u r the one Fr me to make my life beautifulwith only me u and our children”.
Neerja saw all these but smiled wickedly” Abhi mehra now all ur properties r mine. U itself signed the property parts. Don’t u know to read the papers before signing?”.
When Abhi was signing divorce papers neerja has kept the property papers under that and tool sign frm Abhi without his knowledge.
Flashback end. Neerja smiling victoriously.
Three months after:
A small house is shown. Abhi and his children were lying a got Abhi was saying story to them their story. Now rishu and aditi can walk and tall they one and half years. They were continuouslyasking questions and Abhi was answering them without any problem. Seems that Abhi is more and more happy being here than in that big mm. Pragya came there wearing a white chudidhar coming inside after bargaining with the vegetable vendor” he is saying as if he is the agricultural minister half kg onions 27 rs too much” Abhi said to her,” how many times I hv told u don’t bargain why r u dng this fuggy” he made rishu and aditi and went to fuggy back hugging her. Pragya turned towards him ” u will say easily but do u know the price in the market is very less compared to him so only I bargained leave it did ur interview gt over?” in a funny manner. Abhi replied ” yes they both r eating my brains yaar surely aditi will become a journalist she is asking this much questions how mosquito bites us is it hv any home? His mother will not scold him or not? Is it hv big big teeth? Will it feel hungry? If it feel hungry where is his stomach? Will it eat chappathi or will drink mill like me? I am seriously tired of her questions and that rishu he is gng to become a boxing champion am I look like a punching bag he sits in my tummy always punching me like he is hvnf practice fr his tournament ufff I am helpless yaar” he told all these while hugging her. Pragya laughed at him and said” they r good childrenfr me after all they r my children na after all u hv to bear them u r their father na father has many responsibilities like…” Abhi interrupted her and said” ok ok don’t start ur lectures I am bored of it frm the past three .onths ok” he tried to kiss her. Pragya avaouding him” aaah haA no way not before marriage u only said i will marry after this case so lets start this after marriage
Abhi” not at all fair fuggy i only said but we two love each other na then what is the problem?” he again tried. Pragya pushed him” no means no” Abhi ” i am not gnh to leave u fuggy” he tried to catch her but aditi shouted” papa come here what r u dng there u left us alone and u didn’t answer my questions too come fast u hv to tell the remaining story” Abhi disappointed thought ‘ till they r here they will never let me romance’ and shouted” coming meri maa” and he went. Pragya smiled and prayed” pls god pls don’t let my family break always give them happiness”.

PRECAP: Abhi In court Fr the first hearing of rishu and aditis custody case.

Thank u guys Fr commenting i know i hvnt commented on many of the episodes sorry guys forgive me and support me always and I hv thought to finish this ff so always support me and love u guys…

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