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Thank u so muuuuuucccchh guys love u all all waiting fr their union day after tomorrows episode is their union until then support me guys..

Pragya entering mm with a wide smile may be she got to know that her life is gonna change here. Abhi lifted his head sidewards to see who is that neerja is believing this much he got much surprised that his crazy fan his secret love was standing there with her bags as if she is shifting frm her maayka to her sasural. Abhi was very much happy to see her that too Fr taking care of his jnr.s now he don’t have to worry Fr his kids not able concentrate on his works in office. By that time pragya who also saw Abhi she asked with excitement ” arrey buddhu tum yahan???” Abhi nodded his head negatively he was saying with his eyes like” no fuggy don’t make a bomb blast here she doesn’t know u if u know abt what I said abt u to her u will itself explode”. Neerja asked with doubt” kyaaa buddhu? Hw dare?” pragya got to know of abhis thoughts said immediately” no man actually ur husband looks like Buddha hw calm hw mature by excitement I said buddhu u know na aeiou r same category vowels” she smiled sheepishly. Abhi was dumbstruck that this fuggy has done a phd in changing topics. Neerja said” whatever see Abhi dear I hv given life Fr a parkmaid now onwards u understand my real nature” pragya was confused” park maid what nonsense?” Abhi thought ” Abhi u r really gone today u r struck with ur love and ur wife” Abhi didn’t utter any word. Neerja only said” yes Abhi told me that u r his crazy fan and u r also working as that park maid so only I chose u fr this work coz u also know Abhi and my children too na r u happy now?” Abhi pleaded with his eyes no fuggy no pls don’t disclose the truth.. Pragya understood him but said with slight anger” yes I am working as a paaaark maid I amm veeeeeeerrrrry happy to get this job can u pls show my room I will keep my things pls mam?” Abhi said” come miss. Pragya I will show ur room come”.pragya nodded.

Pragya was following Abhi when they were in the corridor she made sure no one was there. She suddenly bursted out” hw dare u budhhu hw can u say like that am I looking like a park maid who sweeps the park huh? Tell me”. Abhi was scared of her anger” arrey fuggy calm down or else u will burst out calm down first of all sorry yaar I don’t hv any options when she saw our selfie we took in that park na I kept it as my wallpaper she saw it she asked me who is this. If I hv said that u r my friend she will just eat me so I said to her that u r working in park and my crazy fan so only she left me that day pls forgive me plsss” he said cutely holding his ears. Pragya just herself in his smile and said ” ok fine let it go just Fr my kids now show me my room I hv to freshen up soon and see my jaans it have been one week I hv seem them as my warden didn’t let me out and as I am gng to stay here we will talk later first show my room get ready fr office soon as it is late already chalo chalo.. ” she said without gvng breathe..abhi was struck and shook his head and showed her room. Pragya first changed the room to her choice quickly went and changed her dress then straightly went to abhis room.
Coz of her excitement she didn’t knock the door ther Abhi was standing with his bare chest. He was just like a perfect boyfriend material. Pragya was surprised to see him like this she unknowingly walked towards him Abhi saw her and immediately covered his chest with the shirt” hello fuggy don’t u know to knock the door don’t come near why r u coming near omg pls someone help me this fuggy is trying to flirt me pls pls anyone help…this time pragya sgut his mouth with her hands. She told him” why r u shouting like a girl r u afraid of me don’t worry I won’t do anything just..” she locked him in the wall by her hands and came closer to him and gave him a paaaaat and shouted ” yes this mosquito died now move away idiot ” she said and turned as if nothing happened. Abhi was disappointed oh know I thought she came near to give me kiss Abhi u missed the chance.pragya was thinking” just miss pragya u got to know what u r dng u went to kiss him pragya just know that he is a married man and hvng children ok don’t get attracted to him.
After feeding them pragya felt lonely as Abhi went to office and neerja went to meet nikhil. That time a sound came from her phone yes that was an invite frm Abhi Fr a online call. Pragya didn’t thought anything and logged in her Skype account. Abhi was in his car gng to office pragya before gng in front of him made some touch up and said hii. They both started talking via Skype Abhi asked abt Abhi. He went Fr meeting also there also he kept on speaking with pragya and after finishing meeting this was the time for rishu and aditi to sleep. Pragya tried her level best to make then sleep but they were abhis children na so she had no way to ask Abhi to sing Lori Fr them after making them sleep Abhi saw pragya also sleeping like a child after hearing his Lori. After admiring her Fr some time Abhi switched off his phone.

Abhi came early frm office to see his children no to see pragya. Pragya saw Abhi and said” arrey buddhu come fast after freshen up I have made dinner fr u”. Abhi immediately rushed frm there” after a long time I am gonna eat nice food rather than those burgers and sandwiches. Abhi returned in his normal attire. Pragya was struck with his abs and muscles she went near him and put her arms around him and made him sit then she served him. Abhi ate with much eager as if he hasn’t eaten Fr long days coz of the hurry he got hiccups pragya immediately gave him water and patted his head. Abhi could feel a motherly love Fr him Abhi and pragya had an eyelock(hum tere bin plays) pragya said to him” arrey buddhu why this much hurry? Give that plate” she started feeding him by her hands. This was the best dinner fr Abhi.

After dinner both were hvng chit chats Abhi was playing with his kids and pragya was sincerely reading a book. Abhi was hvng his kids in his chest as he was in sleeping position he asked pragya to give him a pillow next to her. Pragya didn’t listen him. So Abhi thought she kept the pillow and started moving back he ended up hvng his head on pragyas lap. Pragya also didn’t notice as she was sincerely reading. She sang a song patting her lap ( I also do that when I am reading that) Sry not merely lap but abhis head. Abhi was mesmerized by her song and that song took him to his childhood soon he dozed off hearing her song. Pragya after finishing her book tried to move but saw Abhi sleeping in her lap she don’t want to disturbb Abhis sleep so she decided to sleep there itself. She admired his beauty and caressed his hairs and put the children down soon she also dozed off.neerja saw all this and fumes.

Next mornin, neerja asks abhi to sign divorce paper. Abhi didn’t asked any reason signed the paper saying” its good that u r leaving my life and my children so that I will marry my love of life who will take care of my children as her own and also me she will give me an unconditional love.” neerja said ” don’t have day dreams abhi no one will accept other ones children” abhi said” not everyone are like u there is somethings in life which cannot be bought love friendship leave it u cannot understand u asked no one is there na I will say there is one she is my love my to be wife mother Fr my children PRAGYA PRAGYA RAICHAND”. Pragya heard all these frm back and gets shocked.

PRECAP: Abhi and pragya dancing on high heels Te nacche.
sorry guys I know all r angry on me but forgive me I posted yesterday itself I don know why it didn’t post. So forgive me so ur awaited abhigyas union will be on next episode Fr that stay tuned and give me support love u guys..

Credit to: Vaishali

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