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Thank u so much fr the lovely comments many new ones have commented now I am just on cloudnine so happy thank u guys so back to the story..
Abhi entered by pushing the stroller with one hand and speaking in phone with someone. That someone is none other than pragya. Abhi was saying to her” arrey fuggy now only I stepped in first I have to freshen up then I will do what u say please be online in Skype so that I will be asking any doubts if I hv any ok fuggy I am feeling so tired I will call u after 40 minutes bye fuggy.”. At that time neerja came near” Abhi dear where were u been all the while I was searching fr u and our chutkus answer me I am asking u na why r u standing like dumb?” Abhi replied with much anger” yes I am dumb only coz I married u na don’t make me shout in front of the kids I don’t want them to be spoilt like u just get out of my sight right now and I am not a slave to answer all ur questions I just concentrate on ur meetings files shares and all we will take care of ourselves ok get lost” he went turning back to neerja and went to his room. Neerja was very angry she said to herself ” how can this idiot speak like this to me? But neerja calm down if u want to take revenge Fr ur fathers death u have to stay calm ok cool down cool down.
Neerjas father at the death bed saying ” dear u r the one who is gng to take revenge on the mehras Fr me they have snatched my identity my business my money all just because I have sold some of their details to their rivals. U should make the mehras stand in the road hvng nothing promise me marry that Abhi make him ur slave and get all their properties in ur name ok tv and don’t forget my words” and he died in neerjas hands.
Flashback end.
Neerja ” neerja remember what nikhil said and follow all that to all get all these properties in ur name.
Again flashback:
This morning in office neerja explaining the fight between her and Abhi to nikhil. Nikhil told her” neerja dear u have to behave as a good wife and good mom in front of Abhi he should believe to that extent if u ask him to sign a blank paper he should sign ok don’t forget just act act act in front of Abhi I will make ready fr the property papers. Bye dear” neerja nodded her head.
Flashback end.
Neerja went to her room to start her acting. There Abhi was giving massage to both before bathing. Neerja said” Abhi dear give them to me I will make them bath give them” Abhi refused to her saying” why sudden change if anyone told u that u will get money if u do these works? Haa?” neerja replied ” why u r always taking wrong today morning I was at my peak of tension so only I told like that but I am also a mom na” Abhi ” I see MOM really I don’t see anyone like that”. He showed like searching. Neerja again got irked and got the babies frm Abhi and went straight into the bathroom. Abhi was pacing here and there as he knew that his children would give her a nice treatment. Neerja returned with a different avatar. Abhi saw her he couldn’t control his laughter as she was fully drenched with water her favorite red short dress was looking like maroon dress. There was not even a drop of water on rishu and aditi. Abhi asked controlling his smile” I asked u to make them bath but u itself bathed and came and that too with ur dress see I told u already if u approach them with love only they will respond u u don’t hv to do this fr namesake give them to me and go frm here change ur dress first because of u they will get cold and I won’t like that” neerja went frm there stamping her foot. Abhi went and gave a pat on their heads and said” u both did a great job guys superb she was looking like a marinated chicken hahahah leave her come lets have a bath”.
Abhi went inside the bathroom as he know that his fuggy will help him anyways. Pragya came online and gave him instructions on how to hold then and all finally Abhi mehra.made his children bath after a lot of struggle. But wait where is fuggy?? Abhi called her but the line came shocked him.
omg now what am I gng to do the only hope was destroyed, Abhi gasped. He looked at his kids they looked at him evily like” Abhi beta u r gone today just u r gng to know our capabilities of making someone dance on our legs just wait and watch. Abhi was scared but somehow he went to the kitchen made the milk with the help of robin and went to his room. First he feeded rishu he showed him silently Abhi was happy” its not that much tough job its quiet easy only see my son is obeying me.a.lot no one will believe that I feeded my children at my first attempt, he thought. He didn’t know that the second one will break his bones.
Then he went to aditi with overconfidence. He didn’t know that overconfidence is not good fr health. He went and tried to feed her but our aditi was a ditto of Abhi so she didn’t budge at all. So he took her to his couch and tried to feed her he was trying non stop he said” pragya dear pls meri gudiya hey na pls pls take this milk so that u will sleep peacefully see its really nice” he said and took a sip frm the feeding bottle immediately he spitted out” yuk it tastes like hell hw do children drink this” he saw aditi staring at him like see so only I didn’t eat it. Abbhi managed and said” no no it tastes good only see see I will also eat” he again took a sip but managed not to spit it. Now they were in the living room he again tried” just a sip pragya try it ma pls pls.” now guess they were in the kitchen counter here Abhi surrendered himself” dear U hv to eat i am begging U” hmm no change. He kept his hand in his head and flipped the bottle. A sound came yes it was aditi she smiled he again flipped the bottle again she smiled Abhi” U like that? I do this at bar everyday U want some now U want it here it comes baby!!!” he kept the bottle in her mouth and finally she drank it fully Abhi ” U look so beautiful”. From a his eyes a lone tear came” holy crap now I am crying” then he said to himself” crap no don’t use swear words Abhi U R hvng children ok be mature.”. After making her sleep Abhi went to his room and made them sleep in the bed. He looked at neerja who was speaking to her bf nikhil. Abhi ignored her and switched off the lights to give nice sleep to his jnr.s
Next morning, in mm Abhi was running here and there doing breakfast feeding milk to then making them sleep playing with them massaging them taking them out again feeding them making them sleep( yeh hai most wanted munda in bg) this became his daily routine. May be the work load was more but he loved to do that. Sometimes they will rock in the music room. Abhi will put rishu in drums section and aditi in keyboard section. They will move and use their hands to beat which will make the greatest music Abhi will coordinate with them by his guitar. They will make the mm to cry aloud by their music. Now Abhi was the happiest man and wealthiest man in the world coz U know that happiness is the best wealth in a mans life. And rishu and aditi can’t even sleep without hearing a his Lori even though Abhi only know rock songs he will sing those in a melodious tune. This was the routine of mm one and only with abhi and his jnr.s.
But one day the bhootni of that house came witha big bandage in her head and legs and walking with the help of nikhil. After making her sit nikhil immediately went out not able to face abhis eyes. Neerja then called Abhi and said” U hv to take care of office till I am fine ok” Abhi didn’t responded but said” it is not my problem U did nottake care of urself what will I do and moreover who will take care of my children U the super mom huh? Silly girl” neerja” I know that U will ask this question I hv arranged fr that also” she clapped her hands. Someone came inside mm with their bags it seems like a girl first hereyes R shown chashma wake then her lips nose and finally her face is shown it is none other tha our beautiful pragya there was a wide smile on her eyes may be she got to know that her life is gonna change here.

PRECAP: Abhi saying” ok fine I will go to office but don’t forgot to be online I hv to see everymoment happening here ok”
Sorryguys fr late update actually I slept this whole day like kumbakaran so only couldn’t update pls frgive me and don’t frget to put comments as they R my boost….. Love U all..

Credit to: Vaishali

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