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Thank u guts Fr gvng comments I don’t want to bore u all so back to the story..

They both r embarrassed hearing those people’s talks. Pragya want to divert the topic so asked” Abhi u didn’t say ur sons name?” Abhi” Sry fuggy I forgot [email protected] but I will call him rishu hey na rishu?” he asked his son. Pragya smiled at him and said ” Abhi Abhi dear come to me na love U a lot sweet heart come come.” she showed like ‘ come come’ in her hands. Abhi thought” abhi the moment U expected came and he went near pragya. Pragya with a weird expression asked” why U R cmng near?” Abhi told” U only called me na” with a pout. Pragya pat him on his head” arrey buddhu I called my Abhi not U” she told and picked rishu frm Abhi. Abhi was disappointed and thought” she gave a bulb to me and enjoying but why I am thinking she said really to me?” he shook his head in disbelief. Pragya saw her watch and said” omg now time is 4 I should go to hostel now bye jnr. Pragya bye Abhi and bye buddhu” Abhi asked like a child” hey fuggy my jaan will not be like u boring chadhma looking like balloon she will be a princess ok and why U R leaving early spend some more time ma pls I love ur company and u too” and realised what he said. Pragya was confused” wait what u said” Abhi with oops expression” woh woh kuch nahi rishu and pragya will love ur company so pls be here” pragya said” nthng to worry buddhu I will come here daily as I think my parents R here and I also told U na I see my parents in them U also come here we will see daily ok I hv to report at the hostel ok I will also miss U a lot and gave kiss to rishu and aditi and showed bye to them. Abhi with heavy heart said bye to her then he thought” she made my name itself as buddhu but Abhi dear U R really a buddhu she told rishu to come but U thought as if she is calling to kiss went near her and put ur hands around her shoulder. Will U do like this? Will U do like this? ” he asked to himself showing his forefinger to himself. Seeing this one granny who was passing by said” so sad poor boy he is speaking to himself looks like he hv lost it someone help those little children if they stay with him they will also become like him then who will promise fr their future? She said with a sad expression. Abhi realised what he is dng and immediately withdrawn his hand.

Abhi was sitting there fr thirty min the he saw rishu smiling at the balloons flying there. So he asked him ” rishu U want that balloons ?” rishu gave smile as a reply. Abhi smiled and pulled the stroller. But aditi cried. Abhi asked” arrey what is this yaar one want to stay here and one wants balloons which is far am I having any clone or any time portal to be at two places at the same time hmm?” they both smiled widely. So Abhi didn’t have any choice. So he took rishu with him and locked the stroller ( guys u know na that handle at the wheels it helps the stroller to be at one place if we release it we can move clear..) he walked towards the balloon vendor but still he was hvng his eyes on aditi. He bought 5 balloon and asked” bhaisa how much?” he replied “12 rupees beta” Abhi searching in his purse” credit card or debit card?” vendor was confused” what?” Abhi realised and said” sorry bhaisa actually do U hv change fr 1000 rupees?” vendor replied with some anger ” beta if I hv change fr thousand rupees then why would I sell balloons here?”.

Abhi was arguing with him. At that time here aditis stroller handle slowly released and it started to move no one can stop it coz no one was noticing it. It moved forward as the ground was somewhat sloppy. Pragya again came into the park as she forgot her buspass in the table. She saw aditis stroller moving forward. She was panicked she felt like the world under her is slipping down.

She immediately ran fastly to catch the stroller. Here the stroller wad gng to hit a tree. Pragya went more faster and put her leg before the wheels before it could hit the tree. Inside aditi was crying a lot. She immediately took aditi and said while rubbing her back” junior u r fine na I know it its ok it’s ok champ senior is here I will protect u always ok. Come lets see ur papa and beat him hw can he leave my gudiya like this? Come we will see him today either he or us chalo…”

Here after buying the balloons Abhi was speaking to rishu” R U happy now? Now ur sis Na she is gng to be jealous but don’t worry we bought 5″ he looked at the stroller but wait it was not there he panicked ” omg now what am I gng to do pragya(jnr.) is not here she cannot walk also where she had gone pls god pls save my child” tears were continously flowing frm his eyes. He didn’t know what to do he ran here and there in the park like a mad man. There pragya is also searching Abhi and jnr. Abhi. After some time Abhi couldn’t control his emotions his mind was blank he can’t think also he asked all the passers by abt his jaan.

After ten minutes of search Abhi stood near a statue which was at the centre of the park” I told her she cannot be a good mother but I itself cannot be a good father I lost my child he culd U do this Abhi ?” he was continuosly scolded himself. His eyes struck at one place he saw pragya carrying aditi with a searching eyes. He ran towards her calling ‘ pragyaaaaa’ pragya also saw him and ram towards him calling’ abhiiii” both came closer and hugged each other

Sorry they were hugging the children pragya hugged jnr.Abhi while Abhi hugged jnr. Pragya. After a while pragya scolded him not taking care of the children and what if something hv happen to her. Abhi was quietly listening to her with her heads down as he knew that he did the mistake looking at him rishu giggled and aditi laughed. Seeing that both forgot their sadness and sat on a bench. Pragya was holding the babies. Abhi said ” u go fuggy i will take care of them” pragya” you? Taking care of them? Huh?” Abhi ” ok fine they will tale care of me ok u said u hv to go to hostel na u go” pragya nodded her head and tried to give the babies to him but they were holding her duppata tightly. Abhi tried to take their hand but he couldn’t. Pragya said” no i will take care” and she phoned her warden stating that she will be late. They talked Fr a long time Abhi shared abt neerja and her behavior her motive and all hr itself don’t know why he shared this with a stranger when he didn’t even told this to dadi. Pragya” so u r only gng to take care of them alone huh not bad ki and ka part 2 hey ma gudiya” she laughed Abhi was just mesmerizedby her smile and thought” o god she is taking all my attentions she looks so so cute i can’t take my eyes out of her” same were gng in pragyas mind but favor of Abhi. Then pragya shared abt her parents death which is because of her father business partner who want to take over their company. Abhi felt sad but unknowingly he thought” this is also good coz i can easily marry her i font hv to wait fathers permission mothers scolding brothers antics uff” then he thought” he weird Abhi U R already married and hv.g children bro U R not a bachelor samji U R family man now ok cut off these thoughts” then they shared their phone no.s and took photo of each other and without wasting a second made that photo as contact photo. Lastly pragya said ” buddhu after gng home make them bath with warm water and give them mild warm milk as they played a lot today and ur care towards them was extra dose sp they will be tired also if U give them milk they will sleep peacefully do it first don’t forget it ok” Abhi” arrey fuggy don’t worry dadi is the…. He remembered’ arrey haan dadi left fr Punjab all these days I lord to neerja that I am dng their works I was now only learning now dadi also not here now I am sure my backbone is broken today fr dadi itslef they will do much antics fr me.. Omg it would be very good if U stay at my home I will also help U hey na” pragya was staring at him. Abhi thought” Abhi beta again U blurted I should buy a large lock specially made fr my mouth but I front of her only I am blurting out it will damage my image ohgod” . Pragya said ‘ I heard u buddhu don’t worry ur image will not damage ok u hv to take care today night u try nothing wrong after all u r a father u should do all these things” then she turned to the babies” see guys u hv to make it dad bend before u ok they r gng to torture when we became old so this is the time do whatever u want and don’t forget to tell me tomorrow what happened ok. Bye sweetos”.

Abhi ws like aww this fuggy is instigating them to make me work. Bad girl but i love her antics her care towards my children i don’t know why i am attracted towards her
Episode ends with Abhi and pragya happy faces.

PRECAP: Abhi struggling to feed aditi.pragya entering mm with her bags with a wide smile.

I don’t know guys if u will enjoy it or not butpls tell ur views both positive and negative. Even chappals rotten tomatoes are also accepted here thank u and love u all dears….

Credit to: Vaishali

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