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Thanks u guys Fr giving comments there was a wide smile on my face while reading u comments I don’t know hw u guys enjoyed I itself was bored and thought what r u writing Vaishali hw they gonna enjoy it but ur comments amused me so back to the story.

Abhi and pragya were seated in the same bench but ins opposite direction they were looking as if a husband and wife had a big fight and not talking to each other and the wife has handed the children to her husband. Pragya saw a man losing himself in the mobile phone and his pregnant wife is struggling to walk. They were passing near pragya so pragya called him and scolded him fr not taking care of his wife. Abhi heard her and thought very nice girl he turned to ser her face but at that time rishab made a sound so Abhi turned.
An old couple was passing by them they thought abhigya to be married and also they thought they had a big fight so only they are sitting separately and this boy is handling the kids so they thought to sort out the problem between them they sat in middle of the two. Aunty asked pragya” hello dear why r u sitting here alone and why did u scold him?” pragya thought that she was asking why she scolded that man who was passing by. Pragya answered” yes aunty he is so mean doesn’t care fr his wife and children always losing himself imobile this generation men hey na loves in Facebook marry in twitter buys children in olx and get divorce in instagram their day doesn’t start or end with mobile so irritating aunty…” aunty thought” ohh this girl is that much frustrated and this boy doesn’t seem like that type.”. There uncle speaks to Abhi” hello my boy why u r handling the children u can give them to ur wife n? Is she not good?” Abhi thought so he recognized me as the rockstar and also know abt my personal life hah ok fine. He answered ” no uncle she is so irritating not at all taking care of the kids always looks after makeup parties dress and all that nonsense I didn’t like that at all. Irritating idiot. WhT will the kids do coz of their mothers mistake motherhood is not only gvng birth na uncle”. Uncle thought” oh god he is this much frustrated what to do and this girl also didn’t seem like that type she looks very sweet and caring may be he had a misunderstanding. I should sort out. He told to Abhi ” my child, life is not a bed of roses u should face all the problems, u should make her understand that life is not a glam world it also includes emotions like love care friendship and so on” he kept on saying advices Abhi got irritated and immediately said” ok uncle surely I will make her understand ok leave it” he had a sigh of relief. This side aunty was saying to pragya” dear u should make him understand that day doesn’t start with mobile fb twitter ok u should tell him to spend some time with u and his children I will give u some ideas come near” she told some wierd romantic ideas like put a short skirt and also don’t forget to put dark red lipstick it will attract him a lot don’t put this chashma use contact lens when u saw him using him mobile just go seductively and grab the phone slowly and put it aside sit in his lap and give a tight kiss on his forehead and… She kept on saying pragya couldn’t hear all that and thought” omg this aunty is making me embarrassed I should stop this” she said” ok aunty I will surely follow this and tell u the result” aunty also added that” I followed thus when I was newly married to make my husband come in my way u also follow this it is very effective and gave a wink to her. Pragya was like ‘awwww’ this aunty followed these steps hah omb.

Here Abhi was irritated by the uncles talks” ok uncle now I will go and explain her all this ok bye uncle” and stood up to go but the uncle grabbed his wrist and made him sit” where r u escaping I know u won’t talk to her wait I will itself call her” Abhi” what he knows neerja? This neerja had set up a man to convince me I won’t leave her Fr this” and he turned the direction of pragya. There pragya not able to gear anymore said to aunty” ok aunty today bight itself I will follow all these and tell u the result tomorrow ok bye aunty” she also tried to go the same happened aunty made her sit she told to pragya” u follow these steps at night but try the basics here wait I will call him” pragyaalso turned towards Abhi. Both aunty and uncle said at the same tim ” now u both do what we hv said”. Now only abhigya saw each other. They were amused and surprised to see each other a strange happiness filled their hearts. Aunty and uncle both made them sit together” u both r lookingso cute now sort out ur problem” Abhi and pragya made expression like’ we r trapped so lets act together’ and nodded their heads the stroller was in centre. They asked sorry to each other. Aunty said” now handshake” they did. Uncle said” wat r U looking now hug” they don’t hv any other options so they hugged. Both uncle and aunty ‘ be lime this always and be happy’ Abhi replied” if we will be like this always hugging and sitting in the park who will do the other work uncle?” aunty hit his head’ bdmash’ they both left frm there. Abhi and pragya both laughed on each other on how this wired couple is. Abhi said” I am so happy to meet U that time U taught me how to hold them so only now I can handle them easily.” . Pragya also said” yes I am also happy to see U and these chutkus again I hv read the article and came to know that U R my rockstar I love ur songs a lot” she said taking aditi with her and played. Abhi was really happy when pragya said him as my rockstar he also know that she said it in a normal way. Then Abhi” pragya shall we leave? Bye pragya” pragya was confussed ” U R asking me to come with U but saying bye” Abhi realised it and said” oh sorry I forgot to tell U my jaans name also pragya only so only I told like that” pragya was surprised to know that he had kept her name to his daughter” pragya U hv kept my name why?” Abhi didn’t know what to answer if he say that I kept this name in ur memories surely her chappal will be torn so he managed and said” woh wohh pandit said the name should start with p and end with ya so only I kept this now only I remember ur name is also pragya.” pragya was disappointed but didn’t show it in her face that he didn’t miss me like I did its ok pragya leave it. she asked ” then if we meet sometimes what will U call me?” she asked with a childish smile. Abhi was mesmerized but managed and said” koi baaath nahi I will call U fuggy U R my friend and U too look like a balloon” pragya stared at him but abhis smile made her forgot this. They both were playing with the kids. Some passers by told ” how cute they R looking? They R looking like a perfect family” another one said” they both R made fr each other” hearing that they both were embarrassed but inside they were really happy.

PRECAP: Abhi ran calling”pragyaaaa” pragya ran towards him calling” abhiiiii” and they both hugged each other.

Thank U guys fr the gvng such wonderful comments and surbhi dii I am eagerly waiting fr my fav kb story of faith, somiya dii missing ur fff a lot Maya durga sharaya sana(abhigya) kitty kunju Sry if I hv missed any thank fr the comments keep reading and support me always love U all a lot

Credit to: Vaishali

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  1. awesome vaishali……really so sweet n cute….pls add somemore abigya scenes…..

  2. Very nice vaishali and abhigya convo was very cute and adorable??

  3. And all long i kept laughing ??????????? you related life with social media that was so amazing, and that was so cute scene in park, na na ??????? and aunty and uncle’s tips lol ?????????????? Vaishauuu you are so hilarious, OMG i can’t stop laughing, a hilarious +cute episode +from my fav writer Vaishali =Best combo i hav ever got, this is so besttt! Vaishu, Vaishuu, Vaishuuu, u have made me so happy, i just can’t describe lol ?????????? Acha listen vaishu don’t miss me ? okay i got it you were missing my ff lol ??? bad joke! Acha listen i m not gonna start any new ff, as bcoz of something, i will be just writing One shots! So…. I m gonna read this episode again! Love on facebook ?? Marrige on Twitter… Buy children on OLX and divorce on instagram, u nailed it Vaishu ?? Oh instagram se yaad aya are u on instagram? Well what a episode ???

  4. Wow..its really superb…I loved it so much…what an episode yaar….I loved this track..entirely different…pls continue..don’t stop this ff yaar…pls add more abhigya scenes….pls update next episode soon…

  5. yaar till nw I am silent reader but today’s hilarious nd weird xpressions wala episode made me to cmmnt y compared life with social media naaa its worth appreciative omg old aunty ideas red lipstick laughing a lot imagining pragya njoying dizzz ff a lt intrstng precap

  6. Superb….soo lovely. … I think soon Abhi would see her motherly bond towards his kids…….soo nice…waiting for next episode

  7. sana (abhigya)

    Woooooooow awesome I loved it waiting for the next episode precap seems to be very interesting

  8. vaishu vaishu vaishu ????????? my chhutki u rocked today loved this episode to the core yr and yup u told right doesn’t matter what the situation is uncles and auntys always use to interfare and this mostly happens in park I am saying as I have experienced and u know I love this episode and this ff too and that dialogue ” loves in Facebook marry in twitter buys children in olx and get divorce in instagram” superb I mean I can’t stop.laughing ?????? superb vaishu superb

  9. So nice ya I don’t know how to express my happiness so soooperb

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Wow……Its Awesome dear….Especially mentioned abt social websites…. I like it……& The Weird Couple….. Oh no…..??????????????????????????????????

  11. Awesome episode yaar

  12. Haha vaishu that was soo sweet episode and funny episode … Especially that social websites haha ??? awesome yaar and aunty’s tips lol that was sooo funny keep going and I want to say that I am not a regular commenter but I will comment whenever I get time soo don’t feel for comments u just go ahead with ur storyline and be happy that some people r happy reading ur ff I thought to share this with you if I said anything wrong I am sorry…

    1. Well one more thing r u in Instagram If means tell me ur username we can be friends Ok…

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