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Thank u so much fr ur lovely comments all r asking fr abhigya union but they r not any ordinary couple they r somewhat. Special so wait fr their union but believe. Me I won’t drag just two more episode. So no more bak bkas back to the story..

Abhi entered the room playing with the kids there he saw neerja getting ready in a red short dress she was applying lipstick. When Abhi asked” hey bhootni where r u gng?” rishab giggled hearing the word bhootni Abhi saw that and smiled at him. scared by that sound neerjas lipstick went out of the lips now she really looks like bhootni. Neerja” why r u asking that?” Abhi” no not like that I just asked coz u r looking like getting Fr a party” neerja” I am bored of the chudidhars given by ur so called grandma during my pregnancy so I thought to wear what I like do u hv any problem” Abhi” no not at all I was just concerned Fr the person who r gng to see u” and shared a smile. With his son. Neerja got irked and went into the closet. Abhi waited fr her in the bed then he told to his kids ” see 1 hr gone still ur not coming out she is getting ready as if she itself is gng to office. Today after getting ready I want to go to office and attend a meeting and then…. He keep on telling his plans fr the day hearing that Aditis face lost its glow Abhi saw that and said to her ” I don’t know hw U guys understand. What I am saying I just love U guys fr that. Ok sweetheart. Papa will come early and then we will go to park I will show U the outside world today there we will see different persons animals etc. Etc. Then we will hv ice cream oh sorry I am saying as if I am gng with my gf”:-D neerja heard the word”gf” and asked wat gf U R speaking? Abhi made a oops expression and said” kuch nahi actually hw long u will be inside the closet? I hv to get ready fr office and went inside the closet gvng a thank god expression
Abhi came out in formals rather than his normal attire. He saw neerja struggling to feed the kids he smiled at her convenience. Suddenly aditi cried hearing that rishab also cried. Not able to handle them neerja shouted” just shut up u two I can’t tolerate it my head is aching I shouldn’t hv bear u Fr nine months nonsense” Abhi lost his cool” shut up neerja just stop it don’t u know hw to behave with kids they r just one week old hw can U say like that? Don’t U hv any brains?” he went to the kids and took them and said” its ok its ok my champs papa is here na I will see who will scold u I will beat them if they tried to scold U” by this time they hv stopped crying Abhi told to neerja” see if U approach them with love they will also love U, mother is not only gvng birth to kids but also gvng good values to them yes I forget it hw will u know that as ur mind is filled with money” he turned to kids” come lets go see ur bua and badi dadi” and he remembered ” oh yeah they hv gone to Punjab its ok come let’s go to balcony” .

After feeding and making the. Sleep Abhi. Entered the room and saw neerja getting ready fr office” what the hell u r dng?” neerja” don’t u hv eyes I am getting ready fr office. U only told na I can’t be a good mom and my mind is filled with money so let it be I am gng to office u be a good father give good values to ur children take care of them alone will u??” Abhi thought Fr some time seeing that neerja” see u itself cannot be a good father then y u insisted me to hv children no one is at home I will call any babysitter” Abhi said ” wait no need to call them I will take care of them may be I cannot be a good father but I will be a good friend I was always bored with those files and meetings now go and spend time with ur bf aka files and we will. Spend a rocking time gng out… Bye bye.. He went in changed his dress to his rockstar form and went by saying” bye bye we r gng to park but one thing neerja u r soon gng to regret ur decision”

Neerja with a victorious smile” I am not gng to regret mr. Abhishek prem mehra its only u who is gng to regret this us my first step to keep u away from office and make ur all properties not even leaving a single penny Fr ur my revenge Fr u begins.. Tit Fr tat…
Here pragya also went to the same park where Abhi is gng. She sat on bench and wrote a letter to her parents that” mom dad I always miss u but don’t take me wrong pa now I am not at all missing u i feel that u r staying with me only u want to spend time with na that’s why came in an avatar of abhis children I know pa i also feel like that only that man was so kind to his children i love his rockstar life a lit but didn’t see his lovely side he was so caring wish to meet him again love u papa love u ma in ur memories and love ur beti pragya raichand. She put it in a balloon and flew it away. She was smiling and lone tear escaped frm her eyes.

Here Abhi was entering the prk by pulling the stroller. Girls hv seem him and ran to him shouting” ABHI ABHI ABHI” Abhi was like ” o know here also they came Abhi u r gone today aditi is not gng to leave u she will beat u with her legs and rishab he will not at all come to me oh god wat to do?” that time girls came near himAbhi Abhi. He asked them ” hii lovely girls long see no time. Bye ” he tried to go but they blocked his way Abhi stamped his foot. One if the girl asked” Abhi dear why u didn’t do any concert we r missing u alot” Abhi gave a smile. Another girl asked” is this ur children?” Abhi nodded. Ohh god they R so cute, she took them but aditi cried. The girl panicked and gave her to Abhi suddenly aditi stopped crying. Girls were amused. They told” Abhi U R not only a great rockstar but also a great father she knows the difference between ur touch and mine by the way where is ur wife?” Abhi” actually she went to office so i came to park with them. One girl asked” why Abhi why U let her to office”? Abhi ” i am bored of files so i let her go. Girls would U please excuse us i want to spend time with my children.” another girl” Abhi will U marry me? Divorce that lady” Abhi laughed and said” i am sorry i am already engaged” and went by shaking his head and Sat on the bench where Prague d siting both didn’t see their faces.abhi apologised to his kids by holding his ears ” i am so so sorry i don’t know these girls will come and destroy our plan koi Baath nahi aur dekho ur fathers beauty all girls dying to marry me again.” aditi and rishab made stern faces seeing that Abhi said” ok fine the girls like my song so only dying ” again saw them ” ok oh fine leave this topic i won’t say abt this come lets have a walk.”
These all R heard by pragya she was continuosly smiling.

PRECAP: Abhi reads the letter by pragya and smiles he again repeats” pragya” and searches fr her.

I know guts this episode will be boring and not good but beleive me next one will be nice and full of abhigya scenes. And one more thing guys U want Abhi and pragya to marry soon or want more love and romance betwen abhigya. Plz answer and thanks fr the support love U all….

Credit to: vaishali

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  2. Amazing vaishali! Well go the way u have thought if their union or what takes time, then let it take time gk the way u have thought for the story ? But let me enjoy this beautiful story! I loveddddd it to the core Vaishu it’s seriously was amazing!

  3. vaishu if u again said na that story is going boaring then I will not talk to u see the fabulous story u r writing each and every word I am enjoying then how can u say it is boaring no it is not understood and don’t tell this story boaring again ok ????

  4. Awesome pls update nxt epi fast its really gud

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar……Really Interesting……

  6. Want more n love between abhigya b4 marriage yaar thn 2day’s episode s nice n awesome n don’t say it’s boring it’s really superb thn tat last part s really soooo cute

  7. Marry soon… and romance..actually abhi is awsm father…

  8. Nice..episode. ..they want to marry soon..yaar…but totally it’s ur wish according to ur story track…vyshu .so…plz continue.’s interesting yaar…update next episode soon..

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  10. its just awesome dr…differnt story compare to others….
    i loved it…

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