Love makes life beautiful episode 25


Hi all thanks for ur comments no more sound from me back to the story..
Pragya asked “ is it hurting?” abhi replied “ not more than the hurt in my heart” pragya wiped the lone tear and plastered a smile in her face. Abhi was seeing all this in the reflection of his mirror. He don’t know why pragya is dng this but he is sure she will not do this without any reason. Suddenly he got remembered that suresh is coming to pick pragya today. He decided to find the reason behind pragyas behavior.
Pragya then put thick framed big glasses for abhi just like a over studying stud and then put a school bottle around abhis neck. She turned abhis chair towards mirror and said,
P : child star abhishek mehra tayar.
A : childstar birthday boy abhi iss dress meh kaise lagri hai! (with sarcasm) circus ka joker lagri hai. Pragya first bowed her head when he said the first sentence but when abhi continued she turned the chair towards her and said
P : ohh hello rockstar stop ur horses there itself u hv to dress as per theme na
A : oh yeah ms. Pragya arora who is the birthday boy? I am na so who should u ask for fixing theme ? me na then y u didn’t ask attitude?
Pragya became sad and said : ok I will change the theme.

Abhi grabbed her hands and said : no need my kids have decided so this is final now go and get ready as I don’t want my children to be waiting for their so called mother who is getting ready to leave them.
Abhi turned other side. Pragya looked at him with pain in her eyes and moved towards the wardrobe. Abhi again turned towards the mirror and saw his reflection. ( guys just imagine abhi like this I know he will be looking awesome as he is always handsome)
School uniform, star printed tie, smiley badges near the pocket, black full framed glass, school bottle. He really looked like a truant school boy. Abhi chuckled to himself. After some time pragya came out in a red and black saree with a single pearl necklace and a matching pearl earrings and a single black stonned bracelet in her right hand. She was simple yet stunning. Abhi had to admit he couldn’t take his eyes off from pragya. Both went down to hall. While coming down the stairs abhi stopped pragya.
A : pragya I wont come down all will laugh at me. I am looking like a joker and see I am the only one in the theme all are looking like professors and I am the only student here pls I will go and change the outfit.
Pragya stopped him and said,
P : don’t u dare mr. mehra I have spent so much time to organize all this. And see purab Aryan are also like ur outfit only.
A : no look at purab he is hvng skl bottle he is looking like 12th grade and Aryan too. I am only looking like primary kid.
P : no u have to u hv no other choice ok
A : fine but I wont leave u

They both went down and saw their force standing. Rishab was wearing a formal shirt and jeans pant and a coat hanging around his neck. Aditi was in an elegant frock and riya was also wearing a frock and trio were looking awesome. After seeing abhi coming they ran and stand in front pf abhi they surveyed abhi from top to toe and all laughed at once. Abhi looked shocked as if he was cheated by his own. He picked up rishab and asked.
A : eyy rishu why r u laughing at me? Am I looking so awful?
Rishu : no papa u r looking superb its just that u r looking like my classmate arun who is nerdy boy other boys always tease him so only hahah but papa I have to say u r looking jst like skl boy. Abhi smiled at this.
A : I see mr. rishab mehra I will see you after wards for that and girls u r also on his side ah?
Aditi and riya : what to do papa he is our pyaari bro na..
A : ha ha pyaari brother always pulling papas legs.
He turned to say something to pragya but seeing her talking to someone on phone behind the pillar instigated the egoistic rockstar again and he went off with a jif.
Abhi was speaking to guests and all were appreciating his outfit as he wa looking a school drop out going again to achoool. He was checking on the kids time after time. That time he saw rishab who was limbing the slide was going to fall. Abhi rushed towards him pushing the people before him. Before rishab could fall abhi caught him. Rishab started crying because of fear.
Abhi : champ champ see papa is her don’t worry now don’t cry be a good boy
Rishab : mama..
Abhi : see papa is here na.. we will search for mama.. now don’t cry u r papa’s brave boy na.. come we will search for mama. Rishab somewhat stopped crying but still wanted to go to his mama. When abhi was searching pragya he saw her going somewhere in car. Abhi immediately gave rishu to dadi and assured him to get his mama. Abhi immediately followed pragya in another car. Pragya entered abhis’s music studios RISHADIYA backstage. Abhi doubted why she is gng towards their studio. He stopped the car in distance. He followed pragya stealthily and what he saw definitely boiled his blood a lot to the exten abhi will burst out if he continues to see.. he began to llisten what suresh and pragya are speaking.
Pragya : suresh see I came now come we will go I don’t want them to be in trouble next time.
Suresh : patience sweet heart patience why r u hurrying up? U came to me after a long time don’t u want me to cherish these moments finally I won over that stupid brainless rockstar ahh how he challenged me now he will suresh shrivastav never fails he always knows to win come sweet heart we will start our life afresh now leave that rockstar and ur so called dumb children
Pragya : suresh don’t u dare I can tolerate u for abhi but u don’t have the right to say anything about my children if not for them I don’t have been here so mind ur ongue or else I don’t know even I will stragle ur head do u get that?
Suresh : ohh sweet heart so hot it seems cool don. Ok fine I wont talk now shall we go flight is at 8 pm now itself 7 come. He dragged pragya but pragya made him stand
Pragya :I want to say something to u
Suresh : now? We don’t have time come we will speak in flight or in our suhagraat?(winks at pragya)

Abhi was at the top of his anger. If he had the power killing someone from eyes now suresh would have been ashes and the shes would haveflown away how dare e call his fuggy sweet heart and this girl also not saying anything doesn’t she loe me? He was at his own world of confusion like always but decided to listen what is the important thing)
Pragya : no suresh u have to listen or else I wont come I will leave for sure
Suresh : ok fine I have waited for long cant I wait for five minutes? But I have to say sweet heart u r tough to handle. I have to make so may ways to make u come my way. And it is my benefit that the so called rockstar has went to delhi for a business prob that also planned by me. On that day only it was easy for me to make u accept my way. Or else I would hav to continue those calls to threaten you. If not for ur children u wouldn’t have come will you?
Pragya: of course not mr. shrivastav if u have not threatened to take the life of my children who r my and my husband’s soul I wont have come to u if u hv not made the car runn near to my rishu I wouldn’t have agreed to come with u to pune. If u wouldn’t have made ur men mix pills in my gudiyas milk so that she gets fever I wouldn’t have left my buddhu if u wouldn’t hav made my adhu fell from slide and threaten me with a knife beside her I wouldn’t have broken my abhishek’ heart and even mine to come with u leaving him and lastly if u wouldn’t threatened to kill y husband with a truck who was on his way home to surprise me I wouldn’t hae agreed to divorce abhi u get that?
She finished with tears flowing her eyes. Abhi too had tears hearing that he thought suresh has stopped so low that my pragya my fuggy had no choice other than going with him. Why fuggy why u would have told me I would have helped u why r u sacrificing u for me is ur love for me is that much great? I wont leave u fuggy I wont leave u for this idiot, senseless human being who is insane.
Pragya : and u made me promise on my children to not tell anything to my abhishek or else do u think I would have come with u my abhi would have strangled u beyond death behappy that I didn’t tell him or else u wont be alive now speaking ill about my abhi do u get that now listen to me or else I will go back that u can never ever get me back
Suresh : woah woah chill out woman u don’t have to count my achievements to make me listen to u now say before the time runs..
Suresh, abhi : what?????

Precap : don’t u dare to leave me abhishek mehra.. I wont because I love u…

So guys here is the episode sorry for being late again I will give u the real reasons now.
Reason no. 1- I was out of town for our home town house renovation and my half yearly exams were there
Reason no. 2 – so less comments that I thought u don’t like the story which made me decide to finish this story soon
Reason no. 3- I was frustrated well enough that I though I cant write up to ur expectation which made m efeel like a loser( for true)
Even though there are many reason these are top most rated so I will finish this suspense and u all came to know why pragya accepted to go with suresh and abhi heard ll of that for good and I know u all will be surprised at the last line of the episode( I guess so) if u surprised pls wait for the next episode I will update sooner as I am hvng 3 days leave for my half yearly so time for ur comments I want every reader ( including silent readers if there are someone who is spending time on this ff) to comment who all r spending their precious time just fo r this lame story love u all stay blessed free to post anything abt ur views on this story both positive or negavitive all r welcomed love ya flks….. and for reference of abhis outfit here is the image imagine abhi in the same outfit made me love him more and more hope u all could see that too..

if u dont see the image it is from madhubala serial 8th january 2016 i just copied that outfit for abhi hope u all like it…

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