Love makes life beautiful episode 24


Hii all missed u all a lot ur comments always energises me now no more bak baks lets go to the story…

Abhi was wondering about pragya convo with that suresh same thing was replaying in his mind as if it was in a rewind mode. The last thing he want was to whine and to wake up his little gudiya who is sleeping after a long struggle. So he let his way towards the washroom and stood infront of the mirror. He shouted” why??” and broke the mirror with his hands. It did hurt him but not less than his heart facing a pain. He said to his reflection.

Abhi : u r a failure abhishek prem mehra u r a failure a loser who don’t have one in his life u cant expect anything in return from anyone u r a loner in this world now the women whom u trusted more than ur life betrayed u. u have ni one in this world u r an idiot to believe her. Now I don’t have anyone other than my children now they are my life I should secure them here after. Even though pragya betrayed me she gave me the biggest gift in my life my childrens love to their papa and my new gudiya. Gudiya.. suddenly he remembered he left riya from there. He ran towards the room and saw the couch. He panicked not seeing riya there. He checked the bed pragya was also not there. He feared a lot and saying to himself again and again” nothing will happen to my gudiya nothing will happen to my gudiya”. He searched the whole house like mad and when he was passing the living room there he saw a silhouette of one lady with a child in her arms. Abhi surely know that that was pragya and his gudiya. A warm feeling crept in his heart knowing they are fine. Before he could go and hug her but suddenly he reminded of pragyas words to suresh. Now he was filled with anger. He went with a rush and pulled riya out of pragyas embrace. Pragya was shocked enough
A : how dare you? I told u not to come near my daughter but..
Before he continues to say more th e lights turned on and he saw all his famiy members were there. Rishab aditi purab bulbul aaliya her husband Aryan all were standing with a smile. Abhi somewhat made his anger come down as he don’t want to upset them. Riya who was in pragyas arm hopped to abhi rishab and aditi too came near him. They all shouted in unison “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA”. Abhi after his tiring day forgot about his bday. He was overwhelmed by his childrens love. He knelt down to their level and caught them in a bear hug,
A : thank you bacchon today is the best birthday ever. I am having all my family here. Thank u so much bacchon. All children hugged him and kissed him. Purab bulbul aaliya Aryan wished him too.

P : happy bday bhai.
B : happy birthday jiju
Al : happy birthday bhai see I came at correct time na.
Ar : happy birthday bro. thank god we came fast or else ur sister would have eaten me alive. Abhi chuckled hearing this. Lastly pragya said, “ happy birthday bud-abhishek”
B : arrey dii wen did u start calling jiju by name?
Pr : ( hiding her tears) today his bday na bulbul so only.. after all time changes everything. Rishab shouted “ enough mama no more talking now cake cutting time.”

Aditi and riya led abhi to a decorated table. Abhi didn’t even utter a single word as he was overwhelmed with happiness forgetting abt pragya temporarily. He happily went near the table where his children led him. He was proud that his children are dng for him and he gladly followed their path and always will. There was a cake with words written “ for our superhero.. happy bday papa” there was a miniature of abhi in a super hero dress. Abhi smiled at the cake. He kissed his children forehead. Aditi handed the knife. Abhi cut the cake and took the first piece to the children who were standing in a line wanting to know who will abhi feed first. Abhi who sw their confusion smiled wickedly and forwarded the cake first to rishab. Rishab broke into smiles and put out tongue out for aditi and riya but before rishab could eat abhi moved his hand to aditi who was standing next to him aditi held a victorious smile to rishab and opened her mouth to abhi but before she could eat abhi again moved his hand to riya. All were laughing at them as rishab and aditi pouted cutely as they didn’t get the first piece. Riya broke into a huge smile and told “ see na di and bhaiyya papa will feel me firlt(first) hey na papa” before she could eat abhi shoved the cake piece into his mouth. All cried in unison

All : this is not fair papa.
A : everything is fair in love and war ok fine I will share one piece with u all so that u don’t have to worry who got first piece. He held out cake piece and cut it into thre halves and fed them. In return rishab aditi and riya fed him cake and made a cake facial to for him.. abhi rubbed his cheeks with all and they four had cakes in their cheeks. Abhi laughed happily seeing his children happy.

Pragya who saw this was having happy tears as she wont be there for his next birthday. This is the last day in MM for her. Tears were showing its existence to hrer. Immediately she wiped those tears without anyone noticing her. Bulbul and aaliya cried in unison “ so where is the party tonight?” in a singing tone. They both laughed at their coincidence.
Pragya : arrey girls there is a party but this party is for my baby abhishek so this years theme is baccha party. Bulbul and aaliya showed faces. Purab and Aryan made puppy face and asked” bhabhi so this means that no hard drinks are allowed in this party” pragya made a stern face and said “ no way Aryan bhai coz u remember what happened last year?”. All looked up for flashback. ( twirls.. twirls..)

Fb :
Last year in pragya bday party abhi purab and aaryan hade a separate party in the lawn. Because of the full moon and full bottle they turned into vampires and started eating all others brains. Prgya bulbul and aaliya tried hard to take them to their room but in vain the troublsesome trio pushed the girls down so the girls dragged them and thrown them in the pool. Then only they were clear out of magic. It took 1 week for the boys to make up with the girls and coz of that thye had to 1 week’s household works too.
Fb ends

P : see remember if u want to do household chores don’t wait for thr party I will itself give u purab take the broom. Aaryan take the cloth. Folks follow me.
Ar & pu : no no bhabhi we will follow ur orders only baccha party this time. Ok purab come we will make the arrangements. Arrey come bhai.

They both ran from there. All laughed at it. Here rishab aditi riya were yawning continuously so abhi took them to their room and made them sleep by patting them slowly. But unknown to him he also slept as the previous night he slept on the floor. Pragya peeked in the room to see whether the kids slept or not. She saw abhi sleeping and smiled faintly. She went near abhi slowly taking baby steps and kissed his forehead softly. Abhi stirred in sleep.
P : buddhu I know u will be hurting like hell but my circumstances are like that buddhu.i know u will be there to take care of them even though I am not here. They are all ur Xerox copies. I wish I can spend my life with u but god has written something else in my fate sorry buddhu I love u and I always will.
Abhi muttered in sleep.

A : fuggy I know u love me but why r u dng this to me? Its hurting like hell I cant live without u pls don’t leave me. Tears started coming down his eyes. Pragya understood that he is seeing her in dreams. So she wiped those tears and kissed his eyes. Soon abhi stopped crying in sleep. Pragya switched off the lights and went.
The next morning all woke up and continued their work. All were waiting for the party. Abhi was waiting to know what pragya gng to do. Pragya was waiting to know how abhi is gng to react but both didn’t show it.

Evening all were getting ready, abhi was confused with the theme. “What am I gng to wear? Andy is also not in town to ask suggestion. Who select this type of theme.?’ Abhi was murmuring contuously looking at the pile of clothes. Pragya entered the room andsaw the room condition and got angry.
P : what are u dng inside the mountain of clothes? Are you practicing to crime mt. everest? Haa who makes a room like this?

She started grabbing clothes which was lying here and there.
A : haa one who decided the theme must think whether they can get the outfits or not? I am the bday boy here but no one asked me what I want?
P : stop ranting here itself MR. abhishek mehra its ur children who decided the theme so go and ask them ok if I tell it u will reject it but if ur kids tells the same u accept it. And one more thing if u want to get ready u should ask the person who is dng arrangements u should have asked me as I am organizing all outfits ok stupid ego of urs. To hell with it.
The last line pragya murmured and went into the wardrobe. Abhi shouted’
A : sunaha meri
P : sunaney keliye kaha tha. She came with a set of slothes and gave them to abhi.
P : u go inside the wardrobe and change and I will change in the next room call me after u put clothes as the accessories are with me.
Abhi wonderd accessories? Ok fine I will do it coz my fate is like that I don’t even know what is in my room without her help. God has written bad luck in my fate. What did I do in last birth? Did I kill someone cruelly? Is it gandhiji? Majnu? Romeo?

Pragya shouted “ don’t make yourself so high abhishek mehra jaldi ready hojao meh bacchon ki check karke aata hoon.
Abhi sighed and entered the wardrobe. When he opened the package he was shocked. It was a SCHOOL UNIFORM. White shirt and blue pants and star printed tie. He closed his mouth in shock.
After sometime pragya came in and knocked the door but abhi didn’t open. Pragya saw the door was slightly able to open with a push. So pragya entered the room and what she saw she was really surprised. Abhi was there in that blue pants and his vest with a messy hair and having the shirt in his hand looking at it pathetically. Pragya asked

P : what are u looking at? Why didn’t get ready yet?
A : no I wont wear this see I will look like a joker.
P : or u will be looking like a hero?
A “ oye hello hero hi hu mein
P : fine stop it party is gng to start come here and wear this shirt abhishek I don’t have time. She pulled abhi and made him wear shirt folded the hands made him wear the tie.

She turned and opened the box which had extra fittings for him. She made abhi sit in the chair infront if the mirror. Abhi who got angry with pragya caring him tried to get up. Pragya pushed him again in the chair and tied him in the chair and said” no don’t mve from here I don’t know when will I be able to celebrate like this” abhi replied angrily “ ohh yeah coz u r gng to meet and live with ur boyfriend na who am I to u?” pragya got tears in her eyes but she managed and made abhi wear the smiley badges. While putting it abhi shouts “ouch” pragya stops in midway “ is it hurting?” abhi replies “ not mre than the hurt in my heart” a lone tear escapes pragyas eye.

Precap: abhi in the party waiting fr someone. Suddenly he notices rishab hurt and he was crying. He went near rishab and saw hims crying” mumma “ he searched for pragya. He saw her hugging someone. He stared angrily at her with rishab in his hands patting him.

Hii guys after a long time it is right. Actually I hv typed this episode again and again for 3 times as I thought it is not good so only this much late guys sorry late mujhe maaf kardo na pls I will try to upload daily in the next three days as I am hvng leave for commerce exam so I will try to upload thanks for the support u guys given to me. I know this episode will disappoint u as I want to show some bday scenes as in real kkb doesn’t show any bday scenes without any drama first in abhis party pragya said she had an abortion tanus bday party tanu was insulted pragya bday party champus entry and lastly bunty babl bday party also for pragyas revelation so only this scnes next scene is the climax for this drama by pragya so wait for it guys… and guys I want to keep touch with u all my fb accounts is this is my id pls gv me request.. now thank u segment as I didn’t reply to u all…
Thank you
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