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so so sorry guys fr the late update a ctually i went to receive prize fr elocution there my whole day was spent i was so tired so couldnt update and thank u fr such lovely comments i know there were more mistakes this time there wont be many I also love abhi as a perfect father only so back to the story

abhi repeater\d her name “pragya”with a wide smile in his face. that time his son kicked his face and smiled like”dont you dare”. abhi replied”ok fine i wont look at her dont punish me come lets go see ur mom”he went inside the ward and put the babies next to neerja and sat on the oppositre chair. then he asked her “how r u noow”neerja repliedÿes better”there was a silence in the room fr ten minuted then neerja slowly asked”one boy and one girl ha?”abhi asked with confusion”why u dont know?” neerja nodded her negatively and said”no i didnt asked the nurse”” and turned her head. abhi thought that yes how could u ask when u dont have any feelings fr them. sooo neerja drifted into sleep, abhi was caressing the babies after they slept abhi also slept.

Here pragya was sleeping in her bed no she was pretending as the warden could see her. Yes she stays in hostel. Pragya was thinking”every year in this day I will feel sad and cry but thi year a strange happiness filled my heart I don’t know why those children made me happy and that man he was so handsome and looked en\ven more cute with the babies mey their happiness remains the same” pragya couldn’t sleep as their image was coming infront of her. Then soon she slept. In the morning pragya was reading the newspaper one news inspired her. There was abig photo of abhi with a large headlines stating that”the \heartthrob of all the girls in the country broke their hearts, yes abhi the rocksar has been blessed with two babies’an unknown smile formed in pragyas lips she mutters”ohh he is my rockstari used to listen to his songs only haa I love his songs even though they r rock songs an unexplained silence is there in his songs”” pragya again mutterd “ABHI””
Here in MM abhi along with neerja and his children walked into mm. dadiwelcomed all. Abhi was holding the babies. Aaliya his sis asked abhi with a witty smile”bhai how is the family burden?” abhi “arrey chup kar pagli they r the reason fr my happiness even though if someone didn’t love me they would definitely love me and definitely wont leave me at all” he said this while looing at neerja. Dadi saw this and realized “oh abhi came to know of her nature”dadi drifted in to some memories.

This was the time when neerjas godhbharai was finished abhi read out his dads will in that function it stated that”half of his property will go to his sons children that is my grandchildren and half to his daughter aaliya and some clauses which were in favour of abhis children”. All were very happy except neerja. Dadi noticed this but didnt reciprocate it. The next day when dadi was passing abhis room she heard neerja talking to her mom”how can this old man do like this? He has written his property will on favour of this unborned children just because of his property I am here and maa because of ur words only I am bearing this child or else who will bear this nonsense” she kept on stating bad words about abhi and his family dadi was hell shocked she straightly went to abhi snd told all these. But abhi an ideal husband failed to believe all these. He said”no dadi I don’t believe this u could have heard someones talks dadi no my neerja cant do this if u r right we will talk abt this after her delivery”he said and left the place dadi prayed to god”omy god pls save my child”

Flashback end:
Abhi asked aaliya”I asked u to prepare fr my childrens naamkaran did u finished it”alliya nodded her head. In the evenin abhi and all were ready fr naamkaran dadi asked abhi to keep namr but abhi refued. When all insisted abhi said k fr it neerja was fuming that I beared this child by the keeps their name what rubbish?
Abhi went near his son and said”u only came firs to this world so u r like a elder bro. u should take care of ur sis and u should faceall the worst situations in ur life boldly u should be a wall to ur sis andu should give unconditional love to ur sis so I am keeping ur name as ABHIMNYU @ RISHAB this name represents the powerful characters of our ancirnt history.
Then he went to his daughter”my jaan elders will say that a daughter is like a second mother but in my case u r my mother as I haven’t seen my mothers face. U should always be like a good child uu should a moral support fr ur bro so I am keeping ur name as ADITI @ PRAGYA u remember that aunty na she was soo sweet u should be like her very caring sweet soft natured ok love u sweet heart. All had tears hearing his confession except neerja. The function ended well.

Abhi was sleeping and his children were in between them. At midnight suddenly aditi cried abhi woke up firs and saw neerja sleeping peacefully as if nothing happened. Abhi tried to wake neerja but neerja sadi”hey you u take care of them I am so tie\red they r also ur children na just take her away I cant sleep well.”abhi said”go to hell idiot”and took aditi to balcony there he tried to keep aditi silent but aditi was crying continuously so abhi started to sing song charo frm mary kom aditi became silent. Abhi became happy so my daughter loves my voice a lot afterall I am a rockstar and my daughter is also like that. Soon rishi\u also cried so abhi sang also fr her. He tried to keep them again in bed but again they creid so abhi slept in sitting position in balcony with a wide smile.

Precap: neerja saying to abhi”I will go to office will u mange the kids alone at home coz I cant tolerate them”will abhi say yes or not

Thank u so much guys fr ur lovely comments I don’t know when I am gng to update next u can think she haven’t uploaded two episodes now itself she cant upload daily hah but sorry guys I am so so sorry pls frgive me and support me always.. love u all…

Credit to: vaishali

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