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Authors index at the end so please continue with the story without any anger n beating me or killing me for not updating,

The ball went higher and higher all were looking at it one boy caught the ball arjun and his gang cheered at it and arjun started teasing rishu rishu was devastated but what he saw next he smirked at arjun. Seeing this arjun saw towards the boy ram who caught the ball. Ram had hit a huge 6 feet figure who was standing beside him and he had hit that that huge figure while gng back. He stood there astonishingly. The huge figure said in a attitude tone “ well that seems to be a six either after all who can win rishab mehra?” all the kids “ rockstar abhi” abhi had put his trademark smile and waved at the kids. Rishu who saw all this thought “ aagaya meri mumma ki badi puttar” he saw abhi and the children laughing at them. Arjun called rishu “ arrey looser come on see our rockstar he is so genuine u might have not gone to his concerts coz u r a boring rat always playing with ur sisters not being a man see we always listen to his songs but u will sing lullaby to ur sisters hey na?” he laughs and he again continued” come we will introduce him to u and u will see how close the big rockstar is to us” he dragged rishu and went to abhi who was standing there with a group of kids surrounding him he himself being a kid there. Arjun took rishu to abhi “ sr see he is the loser we have been talking now he challenge me that he will 23 runs in just six balls and he lost in it sir u saw na the last ball have been caught see and u loser look he is the rockstart he is my frind from now yes u cant take autographs or photographs from him coz he don’t like losers” abhi understood what is sgng on and wanted to see his sons counter for this happening. He looked at rishu suppressing his laughter. Rishu “ oh I see ,r. arjun I am sorry I don’t listen to his songs they r quite boring and they r not worth to hear at all just the guitar stringing and his voice horrible u know my father is far more better than this rockstar he sings sweet song for ur he sings lullaby for us and I am totally in love with my fathers voice not in ur so called rockstars voice ok” arjun interrupted” how dare u to say abt my rockstar that his voice his horrible and who knows ur father’s voice is more horrible ok don’t dare to say abt our rockstar and what did u say ur father sings better than the world famous rockstar whois ur dad and what does he do I want to see him how he is tolerating this loser and not knwing anyones values call ur dad” rishu replied with attitude “ oh u want me to call my dad or this so called rockstar ok I will call him oye Mr. big mehra see ur crazy fan is calling u just answer his questions I am gng to see my sisters or ok or not u left them there and playing with these stupid boys answer him fast and come or else the icecream will become like ice juice and u have to write 10 pages of essay on mohammed akbar for my assignment samji?” arjun who saw all this and got irritated how can he call his rockstar by name he turned to abhi who was nodding to his son not able to do anything as he knows that hi spyaari choti son will tell to his mom extra bits that his dad was flirting some random girls in the park asking for date and for abhi he very well know the consequences behind it. He turned to the boys who were looking at him eagerly that the great rockstar is scared of a five year old boy. Then abhi asked them “ what r u guys lookg at?” one of the boy replied” sir how do u know this boy and why does he orders u and moreover he is calling u by ur name?” abhi replied huffingly “ its all fate beta what can I doo in my house he is the boss all obey to his orders only no one respects me right from my wife my bro my saali and my two pyaari daughters too its all in tha fat nothing is in our hands” rishu shouted at him “ enough of complaining mr. big mehra I heard u stop it and come fast ria needs u” abhi murmured“ just like maa” and shouted” coming beta ji” all stared at him finally arjun asked” matlab who loser hai aapki be…”abhi interrupted” haan haan who meri beta hai beta nahi mera baap hai he sits on my head god knows what sin I have done in last birth and beta he was rigtht he hit a six only coz while ram hitted me he was over the boundary so it was definitely a six hope u guys next time play childrens game bye thanks for the fun u gave” he went smiling abt his son. Rishu who saw all this smile and shuted at arjun “ I think now u know who is loser don’t underestimate rishab mehra son of the great abhishek mehra and u r also a good player u gave me a tough competition indeed love ur relations then u will get victories I think u understood bye meet u again at the same park afterwards my friend” arjun stood dumbstruck.

At night, abhi rishu aditi and ria were at airp[ort. Yes they were planning to surprise pragya by gng to kolkatta by night flight and rieach to court directly from the hotel. As per the plan they started from Mumbai and now they were in flight. Th whole flight was irritated and sometimes amused by the father son fight both fighting equally. And both the sisters were enjoying their best mens fight by laughing. They all had a fun time in the flight.
At kolkatta, pragya was missing them a lot today she was thinking abt them only. Today is the last hearing of the case she got threatening calls murdering things and all that stuff but THE PRAGYA MEHRA didn’t fudge at all she was as cool as possible trying to hide her longing for his buddhu and her sweet children who r her life.
At court, pragya was gng on with the case against mr. khurana who was the head of the gang kidnapping the girls and selling them cruelly while pragya was gng on with th e case the whole court was silent and listening to the lady who was setting the court on fire. Ut one pair of eyes were staring at her aiming a gun at her. He said” enough pragya u r gone now u r finished” he loaded the gun and pulled the trigger and it straightly went and hit pragya she shouted a little” who the hell it is aah “ the whole court turned at her so she again continued. There again the gun was shot. Th8is time pragya was irritated by that she turned to see and what she saw she was the happiest girl in the world.

Yes,,,,, it was our abhi who was shooting her with rishus gun with small darts he smiled at her naughtily and gestured her” see I cam “ she smiled widely and abhi said to continue the case and end it fast. So pragya had to hurry it up and was waiting fr the judgement.
The judge opened up saying “ Mrs. Mehra as ur points are perfect u can take ur seat now the most awaited judgement is here. Girls are the light of the house they make a house a home but some factors in a society think that girls are only for producing children they want male child only but want a female to produce it and this society also saw some cheap men thinking of girls as a product well in this case it deals like that so the punishment for this case is the victim has to spend his entire life in the prison form now that he has been given life prisonment and he has to work for the girls society for one year helping the girls over there and he has to pay a sum of 2 crores for the welfare of young girls in our country I congratulate mrs. Mehra for gvng a wonderful speech and pointing out all the mistakes and clearly preoccupied and researched abt the victim I personally thank her for coming and solving this case easly despite her family thank u mrs. Pragya”
Pragya answered honourly “ its my duty your honur after all I am alo a lady well in thatc ae behind all my success there is something whoch makes me think that I =should be the best as they think me a s a role model its my family who r standing there hiding without revealing their identity its becoz of their support and love only pragya mehra is her or else sh ewould have been lost somewhere thank u to my buddhu for bring there always for me and my dearest and my cutie pie daughters they belived me more than their rockstar father thank u my bacchas’ she blown a kiss to them. Abhi and his force shouted” love u mumma” all smiled at them. One voice came from backside” so u do not love me mumma?” in a childish voice. Yes it was our ria. She walked to pragya and hugged her thighs” but I love u so much mumma” pragya was surprised and looked at abhi unbelievable he nodded his head happily. Pragya took ria immediately and kissed her forehead” who said mumma doent love u mumma loves u a lot baccha thank fr the surprise I don’t know mu gudiya has grown up much oh no she will grown up soon then how will mumma play with her.?” Ria replied hugging her” no mumma for u I will always be achild u can plsy with me don’t worry” pragya too hugged her” thank u my baccha” she said “ I love u buddhu” in sighs to abhi abhi too replied the same. All smiled at the court at this cute scene.

Authors not:
So so sorry guys as u all know I am in 12 th so I was occupied with some tests well that’s not the real problem actually I am a big cashew nut without knowing abt my worklo9ad I got engaged in some seminars and three competiotions this week one elocution one debate one essay writing so only couldn’t update so sorryyyy I will give u 100 sit ups pls forgive me all I was typing this bit by bit so it would seem tobe boring as I didn’t know what I thought when I started and I ended up somewhere pls forgive me fr that and don’t scold me for this as it is truth u will itself know I was also worried abt not postng this I was missing u all ur love always amazes me and sometimes I will think am I dng good by this story as u r showing immense love to me I am grateful to u all thank u so much again guys love u all keep supporting me and tomorrow itself I will upload the next one and probably next week I wil not able to upload o9r will give hport updates as my mom id disconnecting wifi in home coz of the poor connection the company ig gvng but I will keep on trying to upload and satisfying so enough of my bak baks happy weekend to all my siissied, diis and bros thank u all and love u too stay blesse.

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    Actually I shouldn’t scold a person who is totally a Buddhu…..Yes u read it r8 U r The World’s Greatest Buddhu na…..So u would take time to learn things……Buddhu..Buddhu !!!
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