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Abhi dropped pragya In the airport and gave her alist on what to do in kolkatta as for now pragya is always habituated with abhi. Before pragya could board the flight she ran into abhis arms like achild not willing to go to school. It was really a tough time for abhi to convince pragya even though he was not at all feeling good to leave pragya for 4 days. After making her board the flight abhi returned home with a heavy heart and heavy thoughts that how he gonna manage his children who r fully dependent on their mom even he himself is dependent on her. He was wondering how his fuggi is always perfect? Perfect frind, perfect lover, perfect guide, perfect mom, perfect bahu and most probably perfect wife also.
When he entered home, he saw his force running towards him, saying” papa aagayi…” rishu “ pap u dropped maa safe na? has she boarded in the flight? Did she cried a lot say na papa why r u staying silent?” abhi said” did u finished ur bak baks how much u speak baba first of all if u let others to speak they will also answer u ok yes maa has boarded flight yes she was crying a lot then I told her that ur son will be angry on u if u cry so she stopped crying and boarded the flight ok “ rishu replied hugging” good papa I love u” abhi replied” loveu too beta” aditi asked abhi “ pap u don’t love me??” abhi replied” arrey u rmy world how could I be not loving u I loveu a lot sweet heart” rishu asked” then u don’t loveu more?” abhi said” yes yes I loveu too a lot” aditi aksed” then u don’t love me more than him na?” abhi replied keeping his hand on his hand” oh meri bhagwan why did u give me these kids all have children who r like angels but only I hv children in form of shaitans stop this yaar I loveu two a lot ok now leave this fight and don’t make me mad” ria too whined abhi sadi” see because of u she too got included in this fight arrey meri gudiya I loveu loat more than these shaitans more than these shaitans don’t worry” rishu and aditi both started” but pa….” abhi replied interrupting “ chup now come and have ur snacks no more talks go”they both nodded their heads and ran from there. Abhi smiled at their innocence and their love for him. He appreciated fuggi for making his children just like her who loves him just like her.
Abhi was playing with the kids in the living room. They all were playing something yes they were playing business game. Abhi as usualu started cheating he was looking at the cards and was predicting other moves and was wining the game. Ria who was sitting next to abhi in the couch as they were sitting down and playing. She slowly started crawling and stood with the help of couch. Here abhi was immersed in his cheating. Ria started to walk and yet she was feeling difficult to walk for first tieme she gain sttod up and tried to come near abhi and this time she succeeded. Abhi who was immersed looking at his cards didn’t see ria. Ria came near abhi and snatched his cards by her little hands and sat in abhis lap. Abbhi who was shocked at this and he felt super duper happy as if he he has got the world in his hands. Abhi immediately lifted ria and started swirling her. Both rishu and aditi jumped in happiness that their cute lil sis started to wallk and they will play with her a lot. Abhi was so happy ihis happiness was immeasurable but he felt bad that his fuggy is not here to see all this. So he decided to surprise her.

Later that vening abhi accepted fr a party to his force for their gudiya’s first steps. They went to park. Rishu aditi and ria was playing something. Abhi was sitting and seeing them playing with a smile. He was complete now. A rocking dadi, a sentiwenti but a dangerous wife, angel like children what else he needed in his life right now? But he don’t know that his life is gng to have a storm now.
Rishu demanded icecream all of asudde. Abhi replied him “ arrey rishu did u hv an agreement with icecream that wheneeer I saw u I eat u in this week itself u ate almost ten basindhis and twelve icecreams that too family pack and u will not ask small icecreams haha? Always like a family man family icecream mere bacche family icecream is fr full family not for single one who doesn’t know the spelling of family too ok now go and plsy ira is calling u go” rishu replied with puppy eyes” papa u know na papa if I want to eat anything I will eat it pls today a new flavor is introduced gulab jamun flavor pls na papa pls see I know spelling of FAMLIY no no FAIMLY no no no FAMILY ok happy now go ppapa plssssssss” he pushed abhi like anything. So abhi had no other option to go like this.
Rishu was playing with his sisters. Some boys of his age came and aksed him to come and paly with them. But rishu refused them saying m,y sisters are alone now I wont come as I will play withthem only. The leader of the gang( sry I know rishu is 5 years and the gang is of same age group but believe in my skl also there r so many gangs we r even scared of them even though we r the senior most in our skls don’t laugh yaar guys) arjun came forward put his hand in rishus shoulder and told to his gang” arrey guys he is scared of us when he will play with us na he will surely loose so only he is plaing with these little chipkalis come guys lets not waste the time leave this scared doll” rishuu replied clutching his wrist” ohh mr. whatever what did u said that I ama scared doll u don’t know the meaning fr brave u r saying me scared doll after hearing this much speak from u I should not stay calm as it will affect my sisters image so lets see who is brave and who is scared doll ok” he turned to his sisters and told them to wait here till papa comes ok. Aditi hugged him and ria too hugged him and kissed him like she knows that her bro will alwys win and she said in her kiddy voice” all the best bhaiyya”. Rishu smiled and made her sit comfortably and safely ( how sweet wish my bro was also like him… =D =D) then he went to play with the boys revealing his true identity.
The boys decided to play cricket. The match is of only 6 balls the toss was won by arjun he chose batting. He hit 22 runs in those six balls. Now rishus target was 23. Arjun who was passing rishu for bowling told him “ ohh mr. scared doll surely u gonna lose if u lose I will tie a name tag around u stating loser ok u thrown on me much tantrums naa now see what I am gonna gng to do” rishu stared at him. When the first ball was bowled it went like hitting rishus head. So it was no ball. The second ball rishu missed it. In the third ball rishu made a sis. In the fourth ball he made againa six and two runs. In the fifth ball he made a four the last ball he need six atleast. When rishu was trying to hit the ball arjun was ready to bowl he decided to hit rishu on his head he made a target on his head and told his gang to stand accordingly. And he started to run towards the grease and he bowled rishu hit……. Here the girls was seeing the match without taking their eyes. The ball went….

Precap: pragya was fighting the case someone targeting on her

Sorry for the same precap guys and I don’t know that I will get this much for this ff which just came as a flow and I don’t know I will write 16 episodes it was all ur support and love for me only guys I just love u guys fr that. I am so sorry for what and all I said in the last episode I don’t know u guys will be angry on me like this forgive me na pls (with puppy eyes). Thanks to tellyupdates and our abhigya coz of them only I got so many frinds and sissies here.
Angita u no need to ask u r not my fan but my sis ok , riya shri I don’t know whether I am younger or elder than u whatever it is I just love ur comments dear I don’t know how u supposed to type fr every update love u dear. I am 16 and frm Pondicherry so tell me whether I am younger or elder than u pls
And thanks to surbhi dii(my jaan and my cute elder sister) somiya dii( my inspiratiom)abhigya dii angita riyashri ( my sweet sis thinking of a name fr u) nirmal(thank fr ur support bro) saranya ( no words to say hats off to u I love ur ff a lot dii) muffin(thank u) adhu dear( just one word love u dear) akshya kannan(eagerly waiting fr urs dear) monesha(awesome ff urs ) maahi dii( sry dii fr that much sorries) durga (thank u so much fr ur comments) reshma pradeep(thank fr ur support throught out my ff) varshavenkat(thank fr ur support throught out my ff) s ilent reader 33 kristy( I like the way u spoke directly loved it a lot) mukund raj prathi (thank u so so so much guys love u loadzzz)

And guys a not from the author( this word is the joke of the year): thank u so much guys fr ur support and coz of ur love I topped in my exams and got first mark thank u so much guys fr that u r my strength and my support system nd coz of those parents meeting and seiosuly sry fr not uploading I wont say any other causes its just that I didn’t got any idea how to move as I want to fuflfill ur expectations fully so don’t take me wrong as my surbhi dii and somiya dii says I don’t worry fr comments I just worry fr fans who r showering their love on me thank u to all who support me an wished me thank u so much lveu all

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  1. Krishnani

    பப்பு pappu, this is not fair…. don’t kill her out give a separation. Episode is awesome. I loved it a lot. Love u loads

  2. Sharaya

    Super vaishali

  3. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Interesting ff. I really love ur ff. Plz don’t make something horrible happen to the kids and abhigya

  4. Superb episode vaishu…

  5. Riyashri

    Congrats!!! Very Happy!!Do reach many more heights!!!
    Vaishu Di for this and all u r asking pls ah?? U r elder to me di! But I guess both of us r studying in the same std…
    That’s so sweet of u for the lovely reply Di!! Waiting for my naming ceremony!!!
    And if u r facing problem in reading my long comments then pls do tell me that Becoz I would stop my blabbering…. But I couldn’t control as it’s coming from my heart…. So I would try to be crisp and short hereafter!!But that’s the most difficult job for me!!
    And now coming my joke of the day U r seriously A double Buddhu Author!!
    Being a responsible fan girl of My Vaishu Di….I need to help u to remember imp things as My Di has STML(Short time memory loss)…
    Don’t u dare think bad about My Author Sis….or Make fun of her!!!Got It…This time it’s. MY Deadline Warning!!! Ok….See now u would hav clearly known that this habit of giving lengthy Comments would take atleast 10 yrs to change!!!So until that pls do bear my torture!!! Kind Request from your sis!!!Take Care!!
    With Love
    Nameless sis of yours…

  6. Riyashri

    Very sorry I forgot to add something.
    Today’s update was Block Buster!! Rishu is My Hero!! Aditi is My Princess!!
    Loved them to the core..
    Ofcourse Love u too….
    Keep Rocking!!!Stay Blessed Forever!!

  7. Wow it was awesome I loved it to the core waiting for next episode

  8. First of all I want to inform you that I’m a girl…. ??? And don’t feel sorry bcz this usually happens…I won’t mind it… Those who are hearing my name without always misunderstood me as a boy…

  9. Awesome episode yaar

  10. Angita

    Amazingly fantabalous sweet sis.congratulations you have come til this episode.and ya congrats for topping .loved it only you can write such sweet episode but you are more sweeter and I guess I gotta call you di ,my sweetest vaishu dii.and all the best rishu hope you can win .I just love this whole family pragya abhi rishu aditi ria.I dunno whether you type or write but still uses finger right? So now I’ll say you are having magical fingers(not ladies fingers)loved it keep going

  11. super…..

  12. Nice episode.abhigya’s children have awesome bonding yaar ,seriously I too wish to hav a loving n a caring bro like rishu.loved it .keep writing..!! And ya congrats for ur great achievement in studies.keep rocking like this forever.

  13. no words to describe vaishu it was truly amazing yr no need to say that u r a perfect narrator chhutku fantabulous and yeah rishu rocked today wish I could also have an elder brother like him but I am happy I have younger one who is not less than elder he always use to point out me that didi dont talk to that boy or that girl otherwise I will get u scold from mummy lolz anyways bless u dear 🙂 😀

  14. Loli

    Superb…..Waiting for your next epi

  15. Krish

    Awesomeee epiii dr…………..

  16. Maya

    Wow it was such a sweet epi! Congrats on ur achievement both in ff and studies! U are such a sweet person and u will surely have more and more sweet moments in ur life! So just keep rocking and today’s epi was really awesome! I really love the kids! Too cute!???????????

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!Loved it………

  18. woooooooooww… no words to appriciate you.. vaishu u r a wonderful writer..when reading this i frogot whole world.i completly immersed in ur ff.. wooow.. heartouchig mindblowing perfeclty written… woooow…. hatts off.. congratz ny cute sis…

  19. Arshifan

    Superbbbb!!! Very excited for next epi…sorry i m not regular to your ff but i m reading some epi at one go and failed to i thought to comment..finally i succeeded its really awesome..keep going..

  20. Dear darlu it was lovely???and congratz fr ur frst mark my intelligent sissy love u??

  21. Maahi

    omg omg girl finally u uploaded itttt nw I am sooooooo much wala happy to c ur update bcoz I love dizzzzz yaar yy ur saying srry to me u dont knw haaaa sissy’s nvr say srry tht tooo especially younger ones soo ur younger to me naaa so nvr dare again to say srry nd yaar it is a blockbuster hit episode my god cuteness overloaded nd vaishu drrr hearty congratulations on ur success in both studies nd ff yaar lv uuuu sooo wala much bcoz ur such a CUTIE pie u write soooo cutely keep rocking dr loads of love srry if I blabbered more

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