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So so so so sorry guys I will give 1000 sit ups but pls forgive me actually I had exams this week I forgot to inform this to all I am so so so sorry and also I didn’t got any idea of moving this story further so only didn’t uploaded it I am so sorry fr that hope u forgive me so back to the story..

Abhi and pragya were hugging each other lost in each other without knowing that five of them are staring at them like anything and they came out of the trances when they heard them shouting” enough of looking come we are hungry” pragya and abhi both came to senses and saw five pairs of eyes staring at them pragya” oho guys don’t u know to give us private time fine come we will have lunch” rishu replied” oho mr. mehra ki girlfriend u r the one saying like this my mom never says this and pls have ur privacy time afterwards in ur room now give us lunch maa pls” abhi took him in his hands lifted him and said” oh mr. mehra u know this much to speak if u keep on speak like this then for sure no basundhi for one week got it” rishu replied with attitude” oh. Mr. big mehra what if u didn’t give me my mom sweet mrs. Mehra will give me ok now leave me I am hingry u r creating distance between mom and son maa see him and scold him for this.” Pragya hugged him and said” haa bacchu surely I will scold him but I heard sometime before that someone said that their mom is someones girlfriend now where this mom factor came in between. Haah????” rishu replied hugging her” sorry wrong timing come we will eat” pragya nodded and took all f them to dining table as it will take more than four days to come again to mm. she gonna miss her home, her kitchen, her mandir, her nanad ki tantrums, now her sister’s bla blas, her children and most probable her sweet pyaari arrogant jealousy husband abhi aka buddhu. She even felt sometimes is it good to call her husband ‘buddhu’ she even asked him one time. Abhi’s reply amused her “ fuggy u have the full rights to call me buddhu because I am really a buddhu I should have proposed u when we were in skl but that time I missed and when I saw u in hospital that time I should have recognized u but that time also miss and we met at the park and we were spending time na that time I should have told u but that time also I behaved like buddhu and I proposed to u after 8 months of our meeting only how really a buddhu I am fuggy and I am really a buddhu in front of u I will always be a buddhu just for ur smile ok don’t hesitate u can shout I love u buddhu now try it it will sound more fun…” pragya shouted “ rishu is calling buddhu…” abhi replied not again. They went and had their lunch. Abhi helped pragya in getting ready. They both were heavy hearted to be away from each other for 4 days. Abhi asked her when p[ragya was pinning her duppata. He asked while getting the duppata and make her pin “ fuggy will u miss me in these 4 days?”. Pragya replied” no buddhu ji I will miss my son and my two daughters their antics their plsya their tantrums and one more..” while pragya saying this abhis face lost its glow thinking that she didn’t miss me. And asked” who is that robin hai kya?” pragya laughed and said” no robin nahi my another son who is elder from all his smile makes my day if he calls me its like I am hearing sweet song when he hugs I am out of the world ok I am gonna miss him more without him I cannot sleep at all “ pragya went by saying this and went into the closet. Abhi who was confused to whom she is referring then came to know that it is him. He smiled and went near pragya and hugged her from back and said” haan fuggy I know u will miss ur elder son I knew that I will tell that to him that his sweet fugy gonna miss him” pragya patted his cheeks and gave a peck and ran out. Abhi laughed at her “ no one will believe she is a mother of three she is still a kid to me paagal ladki”. Then he also went to drop her at airport.

In the hall pragya was kissing the children and telling them to behave good don’t disturb papa don’t irritate him do ur homeworks and take care of ria too. When she was saying abhi wnet to her” oho fugggy don’t be sentiwenti only 4 days we will take care ok and we will be more happy if u r not here and we will spend a rocking time having fun if u r here there should be systematic works now it is not there now there will be a new world where only masti masti masti yeahhh now get ready time for flight is less only come on fuggy don’t cry…”. Pragya was disappointed when abhi said that they will be enjoyi8ng a lot when she was not there. She said bye to bulbul and purab and told them to take care and shift from their home to here before she comes. They assured her. And pragya went and kissed ria aditi and rishus forehead and told them to take care. They also assured her to take care and hugged her and cried the mpost cried was rishu only as he is gng to miss his mom who will give him anything he wants as he is the apple of her eye. Abhi couldn’t understand the relation what these both r sharing. Even though pragya is not their real mom they share an eternal bond with her. He was proud of them. Rishu gave her a family photo and told” whenever u miss ur elder son or younger son or ur two daughters just look at this photo we will be there don’t cry maa my pyaari mumma will never cry will make othere cry by her lectures no wm ile “ all laughed when rishu addressed abhi as elder son.

In car, pragya was still upset thinking how she gonna spend these days without them she looked at the photo and silently a tear came she asked abhi again” buddhu really I have to go or what?” abhi replied side hugging her” fuggy u have to coz it is really a sensational case and it will help thousands of girl childs who r losing their lives and I know pragya raichand will never lose in any case but pragya mehra jii should never lose her in emotions ok I am there now purab and bulbul is also there don’t worry abt us just relax fyggy I know for me also it is gng to be at hell but u hv to fuggy pls mere liye..” abhi pleaded with puppy eyes. Pragya nodded and asked” buddhu really u will not miss me and u will have rockig time without me ahh??”. Abhii replied smilingly “ arrey fuggy I just said it for fun meri maa how can we be happy when u r taking our happiness with u it will be tough only bu ur aim will be fulfilled” pragya asked questioningly “ which aim?” abhi “ arrey u always say that I will break my bones if I don’t obey now don’t worry ur work is so easy ur children r there na they will fulfill their moms wish they will make me bend dowm in their knees ria is always a sweety pie fr me she will never do anyting fr mr but rishu and aditi na I just wonder if the nurse gave me wrong babies in confusion or what they r not at all behaving like my children they r just ur children only so don’t worry just enjoy there think that u r gng fr a nice cause ok lov u fuggy” pragya laughed at his statement and hugged him and said” love u too buddhu”.

Precap: pragya fighting the case and someone from back aiming gun at her.

So so so sorry g=uys fr late update actually I was busy with my exams so only coz of ur love and support I think I did well and guys so sorry fr saying tathat episode as boring as I am itself was not satisfied with that so only I said like that and I got nicely frm u all sorry that is enough fr me I am thankful to this ff as it gave me so many sisters and crazy fans also which I didn’t expect I wont mention names coz I am really weak in remembering names so if I miss any one I will feel guilty so only… love u guys pls drop ur comments and stones chappals rotten tomatoes are also welcomed love u all guys….

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  1. Y rotten eggs buddhu its really wonderful???ya i missed ur ff a lot but fr tat y tis much sry u had exam oly na ten wat i ll kill u if u ask sry again?tis s ur sissie’s order got tat??but superb epi dear love u loads stay blessed?????

  2. Gud eagerly waiting for next episode…..

  3. Adhya

    Hey, Vaishu..just Awsome yaar… ur soo wonderful Budhu…..missed ur ff alot.. plz upload next episode..soon.. waiting for next epi…love u

  4. Akshaya kannan

    A epi full of wonderful emotions dear it’s awesome I loved today’s episode how did you write your exams and please continue soon dear I am desperately waiting for your next epi and please the PRECAP??????

  5. Omg this much sorry plz don’t ask sorry it was awesome episode precap is interesting plz update next episode soon otherwise my head will rotate

  6. Angita

    Hello vaishali I’ve just come to the page your episode was quite interesting so I read all your episodes by surfing telly updates,hmm girl why rotten eggs instead I’ll give you a yum yum apple .(sorry)OK enough of my bak bak,will you accecot me as a new fan of your ff vaishali???hoping for your answer.

  7. no need for sorry vaishu…..nd as usual the episode was awesome ??….

  8. superb yarrr…………………………………..but plz don’t seperate them

  9. Maahi

    srry ki bacchi kitni bhi srry bolo phir bhi mei naa tumse baguth gussa huuu par kya karu teri kiye jo pyaar hai naa vo vus gusse ko katham kardiya its kkk dr u hd exams naa studies frst I knw u would hv rocked in the exams but I missed dizz cute cute episodes fr sooo long but I am super happy nw by cing dizzz its only one thing CUTENESSS OVERLOADED nvr dare again to tell it as boring bcoz cutenesss nvr turns to b boring buddhu(srry if I hurt uu) but I lvd it a lotttttttttttttttttt keep rocking but frm tht day I was thinking wat vil hppn fr prags nd precap gv conclusion fr my silly thoughts I lvd ittttt yaar u just ROCKZZZ

  10. Really nice n soooo cute episode especially soooo cute family….grt episode yaar

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Ohooooo Don’t tell this much Sorry YAAR…………Its AWESOME as Usual……….

  12. Awesome episode… What yaar why you are saying this much sorry… Don’t say sorry and thanks to us yaar… Keep rocking like this… Waiting for your next update.. ????

  13. Riyashri

    Uffo……vaishu Di I guess u really Hav a memory loss and it became very serious after writing your exams…..
    Wish u get best marks in it!!
    Coming to your update…. I Hav told this to all my Di’s who wanted tomatoes… Chappals…. Stones….etc
    I won’t give any of the above instead I would give Lovely flowers shower to u…..But wait it’s different in your case… If u dare to repeat the last few stupid lines again…then this Crazy fan cum little sis would straight away send u to My heaven frnds by giving the same Lovely Flower Shower!! And U would make sure that u r born again with all the special features especially with a very good memory power!! So be careful the next time….even if u your hands touch the letters to type those words…. Remember this sis’s warning!!ok…..So I hope my Vaishu Didi won’t Repeat this again… make a note of all the terms and punishments…..
    Coming to the update….It is Superb….. And your sudden update made me Super duper happy!!But then made me upset again by those last lines…So it’s a kind request from your sis that Please Do remember that u r not gonna blabber any thing in the end of your update…. Ok!!
    Missed u Sooooooo much!!!
    Love u Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!
    Now see I started blabbering soo much!!!U Hav turned me crazy towards u…so u need to bare these frm this sis…no sorry for this…..Take Care Didi!

  14. VarshaVenkat

    Don’t feel sorry… was a block buster emotional part…keep goin

  15. super yaaaaaaaa

    waiting 4 next one yaaaaaaaaa

  16. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Can’t wait fir next episode

  17. vaishu this much sorry han now I should name.u miss sorry if u will say this much sorry anyways coming to the point the episode was million times hit and specially mr mehra ki girlfriend mehra.lolz rishu is so cute yr so is aditi and riya u totally rocked love u alot chhutku 🙂 😀

  18. update next part soon

  19. You know what Vaishali I missed this ff a lot since you said it’s your exam I was waiting patiently.. Awesome dear ?

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