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Abhi was confused how pragya came to know about bulbul and how bulbul called her dii when they even don’t kow each other. Pragya got emotional and bulbul also they both had tears and hugged each other tightly and purab also came and hugged pragya “ dii u know how much we missed u u did wrong by leaving us dii” pragya replied wiping his tears” oh my dear brother don’t cry that time was bad and I hv to take care of u both I cant ford to lose u two ok” he again hugged him. Abhi was confused what is hpng here. He said “ ok if the hugging function is over may I know what is hpng here “ he went and surrounded pragya by his strong arms. Pragya said reciprocating to his hug” arrey buddhu for that u have to know a longgg flashback ok I will bring snacks fr u or else u will sleep in between and it will be waste for me to say a long flashback ok” abhi nodded and sat on the sofa with his kids then the trio went to their room saying they have work abhi also didn’t say anything as he was in the mood of listening to a flashback that his pyaari fuggy is hiding with him. Pragya came with snacks and gave to all. Purab said “ dii u know how much I missed this food and u know na ur pyaari sister bulbul is an expert in cooking and she is the masterchef America she will give me some of her exotic dishes u know what it is bread toast and orange juice. I missed ur home made best food dii love u “ pragya laughed and said” leave it purab I am sorry but it is ur fault that u insisted to marry her earliest. It was ur fault”. Bulbul said angrily” dii u r again taking his side very bad u believe him what all he says what dii jiju ask her na scold her jiju” abhi replied eating his snacks” arrey bulbul even she is my wife first of all she is ur sister and a successful lawyer I cant ask her anything if I ask she will put forgery case on me and push me behind the bars or else will give me the worst punishment that is gvng rishu and aditi their pocket money daily for their piggy bank. For them I have to keep change with meso sry bulbul I cant help u I am also like purab surrendered myself to ur dii ok”. Bulbul made a pout and said” very bad jiju how mean?”then pragya said” ok fine stop ur fight now come to the story do u want to hear it or not?” abhi immediately nodded and said” of course baby”. Pragya started.

Flashback :
A big house shown, named” arora villa” inside the house a girl was shown running here and there escaping from her mom saying” mom don’t insist me to look at those photos I wont ever look at those why cant u ask dii to marry first do u not like me? U r making me to go first rather than dii so mean ma” the lady caught her by ears” arrey dramebaaz ur dii has said to us that she want to do llb so she wants time u know na she is a lawyer no one can win her case so only we thought to make u marry first as I will make my daughter marry peacefully rather than hvng this dram aqueen who will be putting tantrums, and drams and create chaos in the marriage. Ok” . yes the girl is our bulbul and the lady is sarla ma.
Abhi interrupted and said” arrey fuggy but ur surname is raichand na then how come it is arora haan” pragya replied with anger” don’t u hv sense y ru interrupting just listen to the story shut up and listen” abhi has no other option and thought” no one is clarifying my doubts poor boy u r abhi so sad”
That time arnab came yes it pragya and bulbuls father. He came and hugged bulbul sideways and said” sarla don’t tease my daughter she will not go anywhere but bulbul I am also getting old so I cant handle two sarlas so pls look at the photos na pls” sarls atared at him but he signed with his eyes. Bulbul also saw this but thought that she don’t hv any other option so she took the photos from sarla and started to see it. What all she saw she was shocked at it. It was all PURAB photos in different poses. She looked at her parents with teary eyes” maa paa” they both nodded their head happily she went and hugged them. From back came a voice” arrey bulbul why r u crying u only asked me to do it na?” yes it or pragya with her lawyer attire ready to fight a case. Bulbul ran and hugged her adsaid” dii that’s why I chose u to tell abt purab great job dii but don’t shout dii maa will know and she will say see my elder daughter is more mature ad knws to solve all problems. And she will start pragya history ok “ pragya twisted her ears” badmash bulbul” bulbul shouted “ dii leave me why all r liking my ears always twisting why is it looking so cute leave it dii” pragya laughed and hugged her and said” I am so hapy for u bulbul after all my way is clear now mom will not pester me abt my marriage for next six months I ur marriage thak u bulbul especially I hv to thank purab who darefully loved my sister and made her accept also really he is a great man hats off to him.” Bulbul stared at her. Pragya said “ ok baba leave it very soon get married and start ur life frsh ok now I am leavinggetting late take care maa and paa” he kissed both of them and went to court for practice. The most successful lawyer went to her work to get justice.
Both sarla and arnab were happily seeing their daughters bondig and their naughtiness and soon her younger daughter is gng to marry. But arnab was somewhat worried now a days he is always engaged in clals and was shouting at someone often. When pragya asked him” papa is there any problem in our company tell it to me papa I will solve it legally tell me papa” but he refused saying” no beta nthng like that why r thinking much go go and seep”.
One day pragya saw him and her mom talking secretly and mom was crying much then she saw them gng in a car together. Pragya thought to follow them and put her cellphone on in that car and took her personal cellphone to know what they r speaking inside the car. She took another car and following them she heard her mom saying” suniye what we gonna do we can give the company pls I cant ford to loase my daughters if we don’t earn what change it is gng to make both our daughters r earning they will manage themselves whatever that karan Mehta is threatening u don’t take it pls give him his share” she also heard her dad saying” no sarla ji we can give him his share but he wants our company I complained in the board of directors u r also the co owner of the company na so u also hv to sign it we r gng fr that only”. Pragya understood everything. Karan Mehta was one of the business rivals of aranab arora he was a share holder of their company due to his fraudulent activities arnab discarded him from his company. He will often come to their home asking fr his company and his share money eventually arnab refused but he started to blackmail him by saying that he will kill their daughters. First arnab didn’t take it serious but when karan started to take steps arnab was scared he decided to make it as a secret to his famly. Pragy had all these thoughts while she saw a truck who was driving rashly coming towards their parents car. Before she could intimate by shouting at them the truck hit the car in a most damaged way pragyas heart stopped at that moment she didn’t know what tod o. she saw a man coming to thie car and telling to her dead parents” see mr.& mrs arora this will be the end if u again try to mess with THE KARAN MEHTA the owner of Mehta groups and the new owere ARORA COMPANIES. Hahaha u gng to file complaint against me hah will I leave u like that be like this dead here.” He went laughing at them. Pragya immedialtely admitted her parents at the hospital but she found they were dead before ½ hour itself. She couldn’t control her tears she informed bulbul who was also shocked by the news. They both took their bodies and pragya did their last rituals. She made bulbul and purab marry purab told her that” dii don’t worry abt bulbul dii I will take care of her like my mom dii”pragya replied assuring him” haa purab I know but u have to do one thing just leave from here I don’t want bulbul to be caught in their hands if they come to know abt us so u better take her to us or some othe country ls purab mere liye..” purab agreed fr that.
After that pragya started to closely study abt karan Mehta she came to know abt his fraud activities towards mehra groups which is actually abhis company and wrote a letter to abhi not revealing her identity stating abt the activities of karan Mehta selling their private detailsto their rivl companies. Abhi immediately fired him after checking by himself. He felt very thankful to the one who told him abt karan mehtas true colours. Then pragya wanted to destroy him completely so she went to karan Mehta and told him that she is behind fr all the things happening fr him there she saw neerja talking with someone yes karan Mehta is neerjas father. She saw abhi and neerjas engagement photo hanging in the wall. She immediately identified him to be his childhood friend whom she loved secretly. She told karan Mehta that” u cant even try to find proofs against me u murdered my parents this is tit fr tat and mr. Mehta this is the court order which states u to be insolvent and u also cant start any business newly or cannot become any shareholder fr any company I can kill u ay way but I cant dirt my hands good luck and bye bye”. Kran Mehta didn’t know what to do and ate 40 sleeping tablets and gave his statement to neeja to destroy abhi and before telling abt pragya he died in her hands. P[ragya then changed her surname to “raichand” not wanting to reveal her identity.
One day pragya saw dadi in the park where she will sit dadi said her everything abt neerja and pragya assured her” dadi I know all her doings and the reason behind it I will make him alright and will make him mine always I will return ur grandson and my buddhu to u dadi I promise” then she followed neerja and got to know all the infos abt her. Then only abhi met pragya at the hospital , their love, her motherly feelings towards his children, then their marriage, their duties and finally their cute little daughter.

Flash back end.
Pragya” how was the flashback buddhu I am sorry I didn’t tell this to u coz I don’t want to create any dirts between us so only didn’t tell this to u. abhi was silently crying when pragya told this he immediately hugged her” sry fuggy I don’t know how much pain u would have gone through now I promise I will always be with u and support u at any means I will never leave u.” pragya said” I know” and she too hugged him. Rabul coughed abhi said” what do u both have cold if not will upls excue two love birds some lone time pls go to the childrens room play with them and make sure they didn’t do any mischief’s and bulbul u tld to me ur sister is gng to marry me before neerjas proposal is it pragya? And how is this possible she didn’t even mention me in flashback only in the last part only she reveled abt me tell me bulbul how it hpnd?” bulbul smiled sheepishly “ actually jiju we fixed ur proposal fr dii in secret as u got to know in fb na that dii want to continue her lls so mom and me planned this secretly and I only suggested u as ur my fav rockstar and i want u to be my jiju so only dii doesn’t know this” pragya stares at her” bulbul” bulbul said sorry. Abhi hugged pragya and said” see destiny always wanted us to be together so from now I will never leave u promise my dear fuggy” pragya hugged him and some tears were falling frm her eyes. Purab and bulbul smiled at their love.

Sorry guys for the late update y skl was reopened and in the first week I was hvng a peak of homeworks not less than mt. everest I was fed up I was being restless not able to upload so so so sorry guys and I know this peiosde this will be more boring and not worthy to read sorry fr that I just wrote it for uploading sake and sorry guys I want to finish the fb so only longggg episode sorry fr that and loveu guys a lot… and thank u guys this is my 15th episode thanks fr ur support and love…

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  1. Awesome I have been waiting for this ff for a while now and what I got is a treat? Loved it ?

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so mmuch prathi fr ur love and support

  2. Riyashri

    U r telling It’s not worth of ……………
    I was very happy seeing your FF……..Super happy after reading ……..But became Very Sad seeing the last lines ……….How can u tell that this update wasn,t good ….or boring…….
    Toooooooooooooooo Bad Vaishali !! U made me upset…..
    Please don’t repeat this again ok………If u r thinking to ask sorry then no need to………As I know MY DEAR Vaishu won’t do it again……..Hope so u take this Frns request !!
    If u wondering who I am……. I am Riya ……..Long time silent reader of your FF!!
    Your story line is very Unique and I Love it Soooooo Much !! Missed Buddhu and Fuggi sooooooooo Much !!But as u gave An Amazing Start again ….I am sure I would read all of them without fail and comment too…….Afterall it is written by Vaishu Darl na……..
    Waiting for your next update …………Update it whenever u get time !!! Take Care !!All the Best for Your Academic Year !!
    Love u Vaishu !!

    1. Riyashri

      Vaishali I forgot to ask something…as I started blabbering seeing your update !!
      Will u accept me as your frnd ???If so then don’t again ask the same to me as I already consider U as MY Bestieeee……..And Remember something U hav A Loving Fan who would be supporting u forever and even get angry if u tell something bad abt your writing or think bad abt it.I don’t know what would I do to u the next time …..Ok !!So be Careful with this Crazy Fan of yours !!!

      1. Vaishali

        oho riya i am afraid yaar i cant think what punishment u will give me of course u r my friend dear my bestie name is also riya whenever i am moody she will make me smile likewise with ur comments u also make me smile this much big comment how u manage it i dont know yaar love u loadzz surely i wont say it boring i felt like boring yaar so only i said now my lips r lockd thank u so much my crazy fan now i feel i hv done justice to writing that i hv got a crazy fan who will kill me if i sa anything…

      2. Riyashri

        That’s great ……..Love u Vaishu Darl!!!

  3. SUPER EPISODE ABHIGYA love is soooooooo pure in it keep rocking dr

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much maahi u r always commenting in mine thaats so sweet of u dear..

  4. Ohh dear not at all boring its lovely love u loads dear muuaahh????

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much saranya dear love ur ff a lot waiting frur episode… love u too

  5. Superb Vaishu……so lovely..I loved it…yaar..don’t worry my dear…u plz take care about ur health then. Only homework..kk ..plz upload next episode when u get time only..kk keep smiling always

    1. Vaishali

      thnak fr ur care adhu dear thank u so much fr commenting yes surely i will upload next one soon

  6. VarshaVenkat

    my jaan………woaw… fav ff has been posted after a veryyyyy loooonnngggg tyymm……loved it….that too d fb part of prags parents desth was awesome……but u could hav kept someother fb for prags to change her surname……..n d way bulbul n sarla saw alliance for prags through internet was lol n cuteee……totally i missed this ff n today happily njoyed it……..update regularly if possible

    1. Vaishali

      thank u much varsha dii thank u so much fr ur support and ur love without u guys i am nothing yaah i just posted it fr uploading sake so only didint thinkg of any good scenes sry fr that i wish i could come up to ur expectations..

  7. Nice episode yaar really superb

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much durga fr ur comments…

  8. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    I was waiting for ur ff for soo long. I thought u might quit but I am happy y started writing it. It is like a book I always have to finish the book or my head will blast with thought. U sometimes read the last part due to curiosity. Plz keep yearning regularly or more often

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much kristy actually i had no time to type and my desktop also corrupted so only coudnt comment sry yaar but thanks fr ur support…

  9. Don’t say sorry vaishu studies are important… U may upload when u r free…nd today’s episode was not boring but awesome…

    1. Vaishali

      thank u abhigya i will always wait fr ur comment pls uppload ur ff too yaar thanks fr ur suppor love u dear..

  10. SURBHI

    vaishu do u want me to give u punishment haah ! how could u judge ur own episode no u can’t we the readers are here to do so dear ??? don’t feel about it and you are fantabulous yr no match seriously rocking u deserve this ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Vaishali

      dii i am so sos so sorry dii i wont ever say it again pls i am sorry i wont judge anymore ok pakka promise i was missing u a lot dii i was on cloudnine when i saw ur comment thank u so much dii love u loadzzzzzzzzzzzzz muahhhhhhh……

  11. Krish

    awesommmeeeeee epiiiii yaar i lkd purab nd pragyas bondng……… i was waitng fr ur ff soo long its not at all borng……… nd ur studies s important u can upload it on ur free time……………..luv u dr……….

    1. Vaishali

      thank u krish bro sry fr making u wait forgive me na pls.. thank fr ur concern sure i will uplad this soon…

      1. Krish

        hey srryy dr im not a boy my full name s krishnapriya if u took iy wrong

  12. superrrrrrrrrr episode please don’t finish this please continue

    1. Vaishali

      sure krithika thanks fr always commenting in m ine thank u so much dear love u ..

  13. Maya

    So awesome! ????…was yearning for this ff for so long and finally when i saw this i was like so excited to read!????
    It was so nice!!☺☺☺☺ and y u keep on say its boring? It was so interesting! Pls thirupi thirupi intha mathiri boringnu sollathe….update whenever u r free and hope ur everest mountain gets smaller too!

    1. Vaishali

      sry dii here after i wont say it boring actually i felt like boring so only i said like that thank fr ur comments dii it makes me so happy dii love u loadzzz

  14. I alrdy said yaar tht you are great writer and now don’t try to change the my words! Okay? That’s better! Coming to episode ,it was unexpected for me at each point! The flashback and all was so spectacular! You are so best! ???????????????????????? This epi is bookmark for me vaishu! I was just waiting for your ff and i m glad that you posted it today! It was so so so so awesome! I loved it truly! It was Brilliant! Don’t you dare to say it’s boring because it got me like this ?????????????????? awesome!

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much dii i missed u and ur comments a lot dii ok sry fr saying like that actually i felt the episode is boring and i was not happy with the way so on;ly i said sry dii fr that hereafter i wont say that my lips are zipped ok lov u dii a lot

  15. Hai cutiee as usual u rockd da soooo awesomeee da we missed u very muchh da ur ff us lovely i love ur ff much daaa abhigaya and rabul are so sweet nice twist i didn’t expect it school life is nice experience we will know it after our schoolings so enjoy ur school to fullest all is well have a nice day God bless u with all happiness

    1. Vaishali

      thank u so much anu dii fr ur lovely comment thank u so much fr ur support sry fr making u wait

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