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Thanks Fr ur support so lets move back to the story..
Abhi pragya were entering the house with their gudiya, there what they saw they were just amused yes the house was full of small small paintings by rishu and aditi Fr this cute little sister some were handprints some were with water colors some were collaged with their pics abhi was holding the baby. Pragya ran towards them and hugged them slightly crying they both wiped her tears” mumma u should not cry now we can’t see u crying and papa also say that na he hates tears so don’t cry u bought us a new sister na this is Fr u” they gave gets greeting card in which it is written” momma thank u so much fr coming in our lives u make us all day special u help us to escape from papas punishment u buy us whatever we want which are genuine u love us extremely we r so happy to have u as our mother we wish in many other lives u should always stay as our mother love u ma” they made their handprints at the end of it and there was a painting of pragya holding rishu and aditi and their new born sis. Pragya hugged them and said” this is the best gift I got in my life thank u so much Bacchus love u a lot mumma will never leave u alone” rishu a d aditi again hugged her and kissed her and said love u too mumma. Abhi said to his gudiya” see na princess no one is caring fr their papa they forgot me at least u will remember me na always princess hey na?” the trio said in chorus” stop ur drama” abhi smiled and said” there is no gift fr me hah I bought u whatever y want in this six months and did ur homework and got scoldings frm ur teaches fr what all u did huh?” rishu and aditi ran to him ” there is papa kneel down” abhi knelt down they said” this is the biggest and best gift u hv got me aditi and our gudiya anf gave kiss to him on both of his cheeks abhi hugged them both and said” drama king and queen ok gift accepted” and gave kiss to them.

At night, pragya was trying to put the photo which the twins gave to her in the morning. Abhi was reading a magazine hr was saying” see na fuggy hw our children hv grown up they hv learn to talk also this much big talks they speak na i admire them they r just like u very intelligent easily grasp anything what they see u know what fuggy in this six months they made me run in the house to make them feed they will say we will hv race if we won we will eat if i won they will not eat if i intentionally lose na they will again tun frm me not hvng lunch during their school onl i was free and will come and see u but u will be on deep sleep so i will speak to my gudiya spending me i always know that it will be beti but u only didn’t listen lost the bet silly girl” . Pragya was listening all these smiling and trying to put the frame in the wall she successfully did it but the sound jerked and she was abt to fall but abhi holder her right time and looked at her eyes romantically and said” don’t make nouse my guduya will wake up” pragya was disappointed and patted in his shoulder. That time rishu and aditi were fighting over something. Pragya called them and asked the matter they told ” mumma we decided to sleep in ur room today i said i will sleep with gudiya today u sleep with papa. She said no no i will sleep with gudiya u sleep with papa. So i said ok let’s play a game lets see who wins the game will be sleeping with gudiya we played pen fight i won she didn’t accept it so we played crossword that also i won but she is not at all accepting ma very bd ma” said rishu aditi pinched him and said” ma he is saying lie i only win the game he is saying lie i am saying truth only believe me,” abhi interrupted and said” wait why u want. To sleep here when u both always want to sleep in separate room??” they replied ” because our sister came,” abhi replied ” no one will sleep here i will only sleep with gudiya go and sleep bow its already late ok go ” rishu replied with anger” oh Mr. big mehra i will only sleep here if u want to sleep here compete with me what say ma?” pragya said” obviously” abhi replied with hesitation” fine” as he know it is difficult to beat him in any games as rishu was very good at solving riddles and playing any types of games.
First both the boys searched in their pockets and got one pen and started the pen fight rishu won then hand wrestling abhi had to use only half hand only that also won by rishu next stone paper scissors abhi won it then inky pinky pinky this also won by abhi now scores were equal pragya was confused on whose favour to say the judgment but she saw one thing and bhrsted out in laughter. For which thing abhi and rishu were seriously fighting here aditi had already slept there with gudiya. Abhi and rishu ca t do anything so they went with disappointment and slept in same bed accusing each other coz of u coz of u.

Days were passing rapidly now it’s time fr our gudiyas namkaran even though all called her gudiya namkaran should be held na. It was pragyas turn to keep name. Pragya kept her” RIYA” and said” I want this child to be like their didi and bhaiyya so RI frm rishab and YA frm my beti pragya. Happy” all agreed and our twins were so happy.
Days passing rishu was a perfect brother Fr his sisters he would never say no to them even sometimes abhi itself will be jealous of him.he fights with aditi a lot but he never ever raises his voice infron of riya if anyone asks why he will coolly say she is my gudiya. Now aaliya also had a son being an elder brother to all rishu and aditi always look after their chotis that too their gudiya a lot. Abhi was so proud of them.

Pragya and dadi were discussing something seems that pragya is denying something to dadi and dadi was insisting her. Pragya ” dadi I left that profession I can’t handle that case I hv to stay at kolkatta research abt it then m only I can handle all these time I wad hvng small small cases so only I didn’t bother. Who will take care of rishu and aditi? Aditi is hvng exams now and rishu he won’t sleep without me no dadi Fr 4days i can’t go dadi pls don’t insist me” dadi said” beta u didn’t even think of ur own child what will riya do?” pragya” dadi gudiya will be taken care by rishu or aditi they itself is enough fr her but they both won’t be without me riya is papas daughter he will take care but rishu and aditi i can’t leave them alone no dadi i won’t go tell that to him”.
Dadi insisted her again saying” its a huge opportunity its a national sensation if u fight fr this ur graph will go ahead its Fr the poor girls na pls no one gets the opportunity of fighting fr national case that too under 14 girls who has been sold in the market fr money u r gng Fr good cause abhi is there i am there we will take care coz of family don’t lose itself ok pls go beta” . Finally after lot of insistence pragya agreed to go.

That evening abhi all his kids were in living room playing with other abhi was hvng gudiya with him. Now she was hvng teeth and was constantly trying to say something. Abhi now understood she is also like her siblings more intelligent more grasping poweer she can understand what others r saying and will easily react to it abhi WA proud of his children. That eve gudiya went crawling to Abhi and patted his thighs and gwstured him to take her abhi took her she went near his face gave a kiss to him and patted his cheeks saying PA PA PP PAP PA PP. Abhi was overwhelmed he called everyone and said ” see my gudiya is saying her first word that too papa i always said to this fuggy she will be on my side yes my gudiya is on my side aur rishu u can’t tease me anymore my gudiya is there to protect me ok” rishu replied hugging his sis” papa if gudiya is not with u what u will do she is always on her brothers side hey na gudiya?” she hided her face in her bros shoulder and hugged him. Abhi took a photo and saved it. That time a sound came” jijuuuuuuuju” abhi said holding his head” ohh Teri this drama queen came ohh fuggy doesn’t know her lets give her a surprise” yes u know who abhi is talking abt its none other than our bulbul. She came in with her husband purab who was abhis cousin brother.
Abhi called” bulbul purab come in long time no see yaar come” he hugged both of them and showed his force. Bulbul said” is this ur children i saw rishu and aditi when they were 1 year now they all hv grown up and who us this new cutie” abhi replied” then who told u to settle in US so only h can’t see them oh she is my third daughter she is now only eight months old today only she called me papa u came now if she is with u she will speak like u i am not purab to handle u” bulbul stared at him. Abhi raised his hands saying just joking. Purab asked” abhi bhai u married again without telling to us very bad who is this new bhabhi i hvnt seen her actually where is she?” Abhi said” yes actually i tried to contact u at that time but in ur country that time there was a flood so couldnt inform u coz of network problems and she is not new she was my childhood love i didn’t came to know of it only on marriage day only i knew wait i will call her fuggyyyyyyy” purab and bulbul questioningly” fuggy??” abhi replied smilingly” haan her nick name i kept it” and said” bulbul she is just like ur sis speaks non stop after all she is a lawyer na a successful lawyer today she is gng to kollatta Fr a sensational news girl market she is the one who is gng on behalf of it it took me three days to convince her to go Fr this first Shaw refuses by saying who will take care of rishu and aditi rishu will take care of riya but who will handle household work rishu aditi me riya dadi?? After much struggle only she agreed fuggyyy hw long will u take see ur sotans sister came” pragya came there hurriedly” kya sotsn who is that lady? And sotans sister?” abhi replied blocking her view” yes first first my marriage was fixed with this girls sister only but her parents died so marriage was called off then i married neerja then u so only i said ur sotans sister come see her” pragya” yes surely i will see her the family who decided to give girl to this buddhu come” pragya saw bulbul and stood like a statue” bulbul” and bulbul saw her and shouted” diiiij” puran was also shocked to see her. Abhi was confused on how bulbul is calling her dii when pragya said she is an orphan??.

Precap: no precap.

Sry guys i don’t know now a days my episodes r boring old say ur opinion whether i can continue like this or change the track say ur opinion na pls both positive and negative chappals tomatoes are also welcomed… Love u all

Credit to: Vaishali

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