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guys I think the previous episode was boring and not good so only not much comments were not there I believe this one will be good so no bak baks back to the story..

abhi was trying hard to make pragya respond Fr pushing the doctors said we can’t do anything but.. They saw pragya trying to push the baby she was tightly holding abhis hands. Tears were continuously rolling frm her eyes coz of pain. Doctors said abhi to wait outside as now they could do her delivery as she is responding now. Abhi went with a heavy heart praying outside not to let anything happen to his fuggy or his unborn child. After 1 hour doctor came out. Abhi rushed to him” doctor doctor what happened is everything alright? Pragya is ok na?” doctor” vo vo.” abhi replied” pathao na doctor please say fast my mind is hvng weird thoughts” doctor said” you won Mr. Mehra you won you made all of us win” abhi asked confused”matlab??” doctor replied handshaking him” matlab yeh hai congratulations its a princess you won and also Mr. Mehra i hv to say it is possible just because of ur love and faith only I salute it otherwise Mrs. Mehra had that much internal injuries that a normal person would take more than 1 1/2 year to recover.

Because of her spirit her motherly love and ur faith made her come back and that small girl is like Mrs. Mehra has took her frm heaven” abhi said” what a princess I won fuggy I am the winner I told her that this one will be beti she said she want beta only but I won” doctor said” yes but u hv to take care of ur princess more carefully as Mrs. Mehra has not eaten any solid food during her pregnancy u should take care of her with utmost attention even if u sneeze hardly she will catch fever and Fr Mrs. mehra she has gained conscious we didn’t check whether she has got her memory back or not now u can go and meet ur fuggy and ur princess see u afterwards Mr. Mehra.” abhi nodded his head and entered the room there he saw pragya admiring her new born child which is in her hands. Abhi smiled at that and called emotionally” fuggy” pragya didn’t responded he again called fuggy now also she didn’t responded. Abhi went near her and touched her shoulder” fuggy don’t u hear that I am calling u hv u lost ur audio in that accident huh??” pragya said” bhaiyya first of all u came in this room without permission secondly u r speaking with me touching me move away and speak who r u why r u calling me fuggy my name is pragya pragya Raichand ok” abhi was confused ”

bhaiyya fuggy I am ur husband u r calling me bhaiyya bad prank fuggy u r hvng one child i am the father of that child ok so don’t play this silly pranks” and went to see doctor even though his heart saying that she is playing he was very much scared that what if fuggy has lost her memory ? Be went to doctor and told her all the situations the doctor said wait here fr some time and follow me. After some time they both went towards pragyas room a loud laughter was coming from the room Abhi peeked his head and saw what’s happening inside he fumed seeing that.

there he saw pragya laughing with her children dadi aaliya saying” ur papa believed me that i hv lost my memory u know aaliya i called ur bhai as my bhai he was confused and scared too and dadi ur grandson was saying that i am ur husband i am the father of the child u r holding hv i said him to bring DNA test papers hah dadi how did u handle this joker hahhaha buddhu didn’t eventhibk at all idiot,” all were continuously laughing doctor also smiled and left. Abhi entered saying ” yes I am a joker hey na I am a joker coz I worried Fr u I hv lost my sleep Fr thus 6 months but u had a deep sleep making fun of me u know hw much tough it was to make u respond huh but u were making fun of me” he turned his head in anger. Dadi understood his anger and handed over the child to pragya. Pragya kissed rishu and aditis forehead and said to them” maa will come tomorrow no fight no play finish all ur homework Coz we hv to play a lot na go I will meet u tomorrow with ur sister ok bye sweetie” and told aaliya to take care of them.

She tries to go to abhi and slipped abhi saw this and immediately made her sit and scolded her Fr this” can’t u stay at one place now only u woke up what is the need of walking??” he was continuously scolding her. Pragya pulled him and gave a tight kiss and said” stop scolding me na always scolding doctors told u na I can hear u I heard all those said by u. U were always scolding me I gave u the best gift but u not even taking care of me don’t speak to me guudiya come lets sleep papa doesn’t love us he only knows to scold tomorrow we will see ur didi and bhaiyya ok come lets sleep” abhi hugged her sideways” fuggy u know how much horrible this 6 months were Fr me I was lifeless without u only our shaitans made me alive and this chutku who were growing in ur tummy I missed u a lot fuggy i love u when u called new bhaiyya i felt like the world under me is slipping how can this fuggy call me like this so only i said it in anger Sry na pls” he holder his ears cutely. Pragya forgave him and gave a peck on his cheeks and said” i missed u too in my dreams also u were handsome only buddhu and ur expressions when I said bhaiyya were million dollar expression I couldn’t stop my laugh itself haahaha u was looking like joker hahaha” abhi said hugging her “to see u always smiling hmlw many times also i will be a joker”( yeh kaisa ishq hai plays) then he took his princess frm pragya”

it looks like life is rewinding infron of me i see aditi also like this u know what fuggy i kept pragya to aditi in ur memory only it was love at first sight Fr me when i saw u at the hospital corridor looking like an angel i was lost in u and when i again saw u in the park i confirmed that it was love. So Fr my love only i hv kept ur name to our aditi if I said to u in the park I was sure that ur chappals will be torn by hitting me that’s why didn’t said” pragya responding to hug and covering the child said” I know”.
Bolna plays
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna


Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna Lyrics at
Chhuteya na chhoote mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna maahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna maahi bol na (mahi bol na)

Hmm… aa…
Whle the song they both were remembering their moments with each other and paying with the baby soo abhi and his princess dozed off in praguas lap itself. Pragya also didn’t say anything as she knows that abi is sleeping peacefully after a long time she patted his head…

Precap: abhi and rishu fighting on who will sleep with gudiya and pragya

Guys I know it’s a short episode and I hv included the song to make it a bit longer and next episode I will upload today itslrf love u guys and support me always ….

Credit to: Vaishali

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