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Guys not much comments but I am not at all worrying as I hv all ur love Fr me I know the previous episode was boring so sorry I was not hvng any idea and also I said I was admitted so I typed in a hurry thanks fr caring me Fr my health live u guys back to the story…
Abhi was entering one hospital walking through the corridor and entered one room. There what he saw he smiled yes it was our pragya Sry his pragya wait she was not normal she was sleepin Aaaaaaaa deeeeeepppp sleep Fr more than 3 months…. Abhi entered saying” good evening my sweet heart and my dear fuggy..” he went and kept hand in her tummy which was somewhat bulged. He shared a hifi with his unborn child.

Then he went near fuggy cared her forehead and said,” enough fuggy I can’t handle anymore ur children r driving me crazy and our unborn is also waiting to see u get up na fuggyits been a long time u r sleeping I know pregnant ladies sleep much but u cant sleep this much then I promise Fr this u hv to take care of our chutku at night I am warning u and this is also my child and will more probably be a beti so she will obey her fathr only I will ask her to torture u like u said to rishu and aditi at park they r at ur side but see my beti will be my side hey na sweet heart… U know fuggy we hv crossed many hurdles together in our lives but I am. Feeling lifeless now without u our children r worrying now hw long I will say that their mom is sleeping hah and if I took ur name only they r bng obedient or else full package of mischiefs as if I took them from Disney land huh…

And u know fuggy after making aaaliya married now she is also living an happy life now she gives advice to me like an elder” bhai u r spoiling ur children when bhabhi get up na I will say to her that u r not at all letting them write their homework u r becoming more like bhabhi ” and ” bhai can’t u make round rotis like bhabhi u r her husband na still u didn’t learn waste every husband should learn to cook not only wife’s if not u will get nice punishment see Aryan he is only dng dinner saying aalu baby u sleep na i will do dinner and will bring it Fr u. That much training i hv gvn him bhabhi only gave me this idea of putting our husbands in our pallu but she itself not following poor bhabhi..” see she speaks this much why fuggy u can only handle her get up fuggy pls i am begging u..” that time abhi could feel his baby taking round in her mummys tummy so abhi says” its time to drink water” he took water in a glass made pragya sit straight with his arms and made her drink it to go straight to her stomach without hvng trouble. Then abhi sat near her holding her arms..

Before 4 months, one day after celebrating their 2 1/2 years anniversary and rishu and aditis 4th year birthday pragya came to their room that night sheepishly. Abhi was playing with the kids. She went near abhi and said” buddhu u like kids u always ask fr one more???” abhi replied” haan fuggy but u not at all taking step Fr that not at all respecting husbands words what kind of patni r u?? All men hv their children before their first anniversary ok I hv already two but these two r feeling bored always playing with me so I am saying Fr them only not Fr me but Fr them also u r not at all dng anything bad fuggy u know u r not at all a good mom good wife may be a good bahu I will give 34 just pass mark go away see u instigated my mood u also won’t let me come go bring our dinner …” he was continuously speaking like this didn’t gave pragya a turn to speak so she stuffed the laddo she was hvng in his mouth and shouted” cchup chup hw long will u speak idiot r u a rockstar it a lawyer I am the lawyer here I hv to nonstop I hv the habit of driving others mad but u.. U making me itself mad stop it first listen what I say then u do what u want ok??” abhi nodded trying to eat that laddoo.

Pragyagave him her blood test papers and sat on the couch saying” I can’t handle this abhi itself hw am gng to handle one more god only knows o my god why u made me marry him I asked fr nice guy u gv me the best children but gv a worst husband.. No one can tolerate him how dadi handled him all these years its a miracle?? Chalo bacchos we will go papa will shout and enjoy Fr sometime come we will hv dinner,” they both nodded and went with their mom. By this time abhi came to know that pragya is pregnant he didn’t know what to do . At the doorstep pragya turned towards him” congratulations papa” and went Abhi shouted” yeahhhhhhh I am again gng to become papa omg I don’t know how to express this ”

he went towards dining table and saw pragya feeding them so he immediately went there and took the plate frm her ” I will do it u sit” rishu said” say her na papa frm morning itself she is dng much works coz of that she fainted we went to doctor he said that one new partner will.come Fr us so u make her sit and also don’t make her work.” aditi said” haan papa u r there na u will do all the work hey na papa my papa is the best” abhi gulped and said” ye.. Yes sur.. Sure why not. .” pragya was laughing there looking at his expressions. Abhi went to he said” so I am the last to know hah very bad fuggy I won’t talk to u ” he turned pragya went in front of him” oh ho papa is angry what do we now ok fine we will go when papa gets calm down we will come” she said to her stomach and tries to go but abhi pulled and gave her a kiss” congratulations mummy love u a lot..”

Here neerja came to know of pragyas pregnancy even though she married nikhil she was fuming as she couldn’t get the properties.

Abhi got more profits in his company and more concerts also. He thought its because of his two shaitans and their new partner in crime.. He was very much happy that his career graph is gng much ahead” dadi was right getting married is imp. As it brings luck and wealth to the man.
neerja and nikhil planned to kill rishu and aditi so that both could suffer they thought to execute the plan at o e party which abhigya along with the kids gng to attend. Party day came. Abhi was dressed in a black and white suit pragya dressed white saree with black and gold embroidery matching to abhi. Rishu and aditi were dressed in blue and pink. All were looking extremely gorgeous they took some funny selfies before gng to party this time pragya was 3 months pregnant. Her stomach showed that she is pregnant. They all went in car on the was rishu saw one ice cream vendor so he shouted” ice cream ice cream ” abhi said” no not now I will buy u after the party ok obey me and sit down don’t shout u r not in home mr. Mehra” rishu replied with attitude” i am not asking u mr.

Big mehra i am asking my sweet mom mrs.mehra hey na ma? Pls ma buy me ice cream u know na if i want to eat anything i will eat it pls pls” with puppy eyes. Pragya replied laughing” father and son stop fighting abhi come with me i will buy ice-cream come aur buddhu oops abhishek u wait here with ur daughter” rishu laughed” budhu perfect name mumma” abhi replied with anger” she told u mr. ” before rishu could say anything pragya went with him. Aditi bursted out laughing” buddhu buddhu” abhi lifted her and shutted her mouth by his hands,” arrey u r in my side or theirs shut up i know that’s why u laughed after they went but don’t shout they will hear and ur bro will again tease me chup” then he played with her inside the car tickling and playing with her.
There rishu bought ice cream and ran shouting,” i got my ice cream mr. Big mehra i got it” pragya was laughing hard following him.

Nikhil started his car and was gng speedily towards rishu here neerja was waiting to push rishu towards the car buttttt…. Unfortunately pragya came in between and neerjas saree struck in pragyas saree so she was also hit by nikhils car. Neerja was spot dead but only few drops of blood came from pragyas head. All rushed towards the direction abhi went to see what happened he was shocked to see such a sight he begin to faint but managed and took his fuggy went to his car and started it straight away went to hospital. Rishu and aditi both were crying abhi consoled them and went to hospital. Her last words were” don’t be broken i will be fine don’t ever leave my children alone take care of them take care of itself coz i love yo…”

He admitted and waited outside while the operation is gng on. Abhi didn’t fail to take care of them he called dadi and aaliya and informed them. Dadi couldn’t come as she went to gurudwara aaliya rushed to hospital consoled abhi and went to see pragya through the mirror she cried there Fr sometime and took children with her,” mumma will wake up soon we will come and see her once she wake up if she knows that u didn’t eat snacks today she will beat me ok come” they both were crying but went with pragya.

After 6 hours of operation doctor cane out and said to abhi” Mr. Mehra the sudden force she was hit her body is paralyzed but her mind is alert she can hear u she can see u but she can’t respond to u there are more internal injuries luckily coz of the vitamin tablets she has been taking correctly the child is safe we will try to give food through injections its up to u coz the she was murmuring the words buddhu Abhi aditi during operation smile in front of her encourage her to get up it’s up to u Mr. Mehra i will see u afterwards u can see her now” abhi slowly went bear her and said,” see fuggy rishu is calling me Mr. mehra again get up and scold him get up fuggy” after sometime” see fuggy i hv got ur fav cream roll which u love in ur school days get up come and eat or else I will eat ur and mine share too” he tried in different ways” fuggy see aditi got first prize in drawing comeptitionshe told that it is coz if her mom very bad fuggy I am her papa abhi the rockstar but u r a boring lawyer just to know to argue why r u staring at me why u want to argue with me come I am ready. Come on” ” fuggy rishu again used me as a punching bag and u know what he put all my fav and lucky t shirts in his punching bag and was practicing with it I was searching fr the t shirts when I crossed his room I saw my shirt coming our frm the zip when I asked him he said no I didn’t see it I opened the zip and saw all my t shirts ins poor condition very bad fuggy get up and scold him u r not at all scolding ur son always scolding me only bad fuggy”

But neither pragya reacted nor tried.
Flashback end.
Abhi was crying silently and nurse came and said to him that it’s time fr patient to rest so pls u wait outside.
After 3 months,
Now it was almost delivery time fr pragya all doctors were confuses whether to take up normal delivery or c- section. Abhi answered them my fuggy will get up Fr her kid she will surely hv normal delivery only doctor”.

Doctors were continuously checking her whether the child is ready to meet this beautiful world so they fixed a date. On that date doctor team were getting ready Abhi was also there as he was asked to be with pragya as he has to support her. Doctors were trying to take the kid out but pragyas body is not at all responding. Abhi begged before pragya” fuggy pls fuggy come on get up it’s enough u hv to get up Fr our kid its been six months and our child is gng to meet this world come on try yourself or else doctors say the child will die of suffocation if i say operation i hv to risk anyone’s life i cannot do that fuggy pls get up i am not that much strong like u to bear anything i became so weak after seeing u at the road with blood pls fuggy don’t do this get up fuggy get up pls…” he was begging continuously. Doctors said that they could not do anything. But……

Precap: rishu beating someone in the park abhi running towards him.

Thank u guys Fr commenting and yesterday was my b’day i tried to upload yesterday itself but my phone was engaged by calls and msgs so sorry friends support me always both positive and negative comments r ok Fr me love u all…

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