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So so so so sorry guys I know u all r angry on me actually I was hvng high fever I tried to type it but my mom got my phone and hided it so only I couldn’t upload so sorry guys now back to the story

It was a loaded afternoon. Abhi was sitting in his balcony in a shady place where he could ser the whole Mumbai. He smiled at his children who were sleeping peacefully after a busy morning. They made Abhi run after them like a marathon race. Making them get up and feeding them is the most toughest task Fr Abhi now than writing songs and putting music fr it. waking up, getting ready fr school, that time is the only time Abhi could relax Fr the next set of works. Yes after frm school making them change feeding them but not easily today they had a race on who will cross the corridor first if Abhi loses he has to buy two icecreams Fr them each and they will eat the lunch or if they lose they will not eat the lunch and immediatelywill go to sleep so Abhi had no other go he lost in that match believing that they will eat now but wait they r abhis children they again ran here and there not eating the lunch but our Abhi is a rockstar na he told them ”

wait I will call ma I said I won’t give punishment but she will give no one can stop her ok wait I will call he..” before he finishes they both were in front if him quiet obedient waiting to eat tht boring spinach rice Abhi feeded them with his hands then after playing sometime he made them sleep in his arms then he went to the balcony as this is his free time. He took out his diary and wrote,

Dear diary, u are the only one to know my feelings after my fuggy its been a long time as I hvnt written anything coz of my cute little shaitans as now they hv slept I hv decided to write right frm my shaadi with my fuggy that day was the happiest day in my life my dadi and my Eiffel tower is returning my fuggy is coming into my life. My life is gng to take a new turn that day mm was full of colors the only marriage where the dulhan itself is dng all her works and that too managing the kids she was like an all rounder rocking the round and she didn’t let me work also saying” rockstar shouldn’t look dull in his marriage” . That evening during our pheres dadi arrived with aaliya. Pragya saw her and immediately ran towards her leaving me in the mandap I was like” what this fuggy is dng even though she is elder will she leave me like this in the mandap am I gng to marry that pandit hah and waise bhi how she know dadi I hv told her that I hv an dadi and sis she didn’t even saw her. ” many ques were rising in my mind.

Pragya went and hugged dadi and aaliya aaliya lifted her and hugged” arrey ab tum meri bhabhi Hui Baba” I got up frm the mandap and went to them there pragya was saying to aaliya” arrey now I am ur bhabhi so u hv to obey me ok no more pranks no more plays ok u got the age of marriage first I will see grooms Fr u to get u married fast hey na dadi?” dadi replied hugging her” haan bahu bilkul sayi kerahi hai ” I went there questioning them” arrey hw u guys know each other and she hvnt seen u all but she is like seeing u frm childhood” dadi replied tapping his head” arrey first u tell me hw u agreed to marry this girl u loved some other girl na? Answer me” i replied” dadi u r wasting my hairstyle” and saw pragya staring at me like hw dare u? U didn’t told this to me too. I said to her” fuggy calm down first calm down look into my eyes what u see love na?”

pragya replied” yes i can see full jhoot leave me”. Abhi” fuggy it was just a puppy love yaar I had a crush on one girl I didn’t know her name she was the aspl of our school I always call her chipkali she was that much Thin I loved her antics hr care towards others she will call me as buddhu like u and her management of handling 200 biys in a single ground I was amazed yaar that’s it I still hv feeelingss Fr her but not that much strong ok pls” dadi asked by pinching him” abhi u still didn’t know her?” abhi” what???” dadi replied” arry yeh hai woh chipkali she saw me in the same park before beerjas pregnancy she only identified me and came to me and talked I told her all ur situations she told she is a lawyer so she assured of getting back my abhi and her buddhu see she did it that’s my baby” abhi was not at all believing what is gng in front of him his childhood love and his matured love are one and the same. He didn’t thought of anyone went and hugged pragya tightly and lifted her and swirled her saying” fuggy fuggy fuggy chipkali chipkali now tell me what I hv to call u my childhood love chipkali or my matured live fuggy hmm?” dadi and aaliya laughed at him pragya begged him to put her down and said” how can I leave my buddhu when he is in problem come its getting late see my children r waiting fr us come”

she led me to the mandap and my heart said she is the one who is gng to lead u in ur success in ur failure too. Our shaadi was different from others. Normally the bride and the groom will be sitting in the mandap but in ours extra two shaitans were also sitting there. They both were sitting near pragya and she was only looking after them giving them water coz they were sitting in front of fire na. She didn’t even looked at me after all its a ritual na in all marriages the bride will see the groom and will blush but here she Is not at all looking at me. At the time of pheres rishu held my hand went in front and after mw aditi she was leading pragya they both were holding my sehra and her saree. The marriage ended with full dhamaka.

Nowwww, it was our suhagraat the most awaited moment by me not at all by her she came late by 1 hour as my shaitans didn’t let her go. After making them sleep she came to me. I immediately went and hugged her ” how much time u took fuggy I was waiting fr u like a watchman?” she replied ” arrey they r ur children leave me I am feeling so sleepy coz of the arrangements leave me na buddhu” I replied” how can I leave u I got my puppy love back and suhagraat is the only night where husband and wife will not sleep I was waiting fr this Fr more than 8 months yaar come” he pulled her. Pragya had no way so she responded to him. Abhi went near her and . . Alrrey this is someone’s personal we
should not see this close ur eyes guys..

Now abhi and pragya were sleeping on each other. I asked her a ques, which UI sh ouldnt aked her” fuggy shall I ask u smthng?” Pragya nodded I asked ” fuggy will u love my children as ur own when u give birth to ur own?”. I didn’t saw pragya this much angry before even when neerja said that she will seperatr frm her. Children she was like an hungry tigress who is ready to eat me. She just shouted” how dare u say like that abhishek prem mehra they r not ur children they r mine if I get to know of ur thoughts I would hv went with my kids not marrying u hw can..” before she complete it my kids came and saved me. Pragtas anger got somewhat down. They were telling their to make them sleep as they couldn’t sleep with bua. So pragya made them sleep in our bed and she also slept. I didn’t know that my fuggy will get this much angry and I was also proud of her. It took me one week to convince her. See my state poor newly married man.

Like this my life was colourful full of joy we celebrated our 1st year anniversary so grandly now my champs are nor at all looking at me they r just spending time with their mom only.. Like this our time spent I was the happiest person but…… This twist… I didn’t expect it in my life…

PRECAP: abhi walking through the corridor if the hospital and enters one room and said with a smile” good evening sweet heart and mt fuggy….

Credit to: Vaishali

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      1. ha ha ha……relax….take care vaishu….am too ‘ll b like that oly…I too had such a experience……so slim………

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