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Omg u guys don’t know hw happy I am I got 21 comments in previous episodes this was the highest comments I received I don’t know hw u guys r liking this story thank u so much fr ur support guys so back to the story.

Judge asking rishu and aditi” with whom do u wanna live with ma or papa?” both answered chorously ” uncle we want to live with maa”. Abhi was shell shocked and pragya couldn’t hear all there sat down in the chair keeping her hands in her head. Rishu and aditi both went to pragya and kept their hands un her lap and told” yes uncle we want to live with ma hey na ma?”. Pragya was surprised to see her chitkus calling her ma even though they hv called her ma before this time was more divine Fr her as they called her in front of everyone in front of their original mom also. She was like the world is in her hands tears were continuously flowing frm her eyes. They both wiped their tears. Pragya immediately hugged them and kissed their foreheads and again hugged them. Abhi was like a dumb when he heard them that they want to live with ma but after he saw that they were to gng to pragya he felt this much proud that he didn’t know that he is in court he jumped like a kid got the balloons. Everyone looked at him and laughed then he got to know what he was and and immediately stopped. Here both wer fuming yes neerja and nikhil neerja was fuming in anger” how did this idiots call that orphan as maa I want them fr getting the property but they flopped my plan I am not gonna leave abhishek and pragya Fr that I am gng to kill them”. Nikhil assured her” don’t worry babe relax u know what I know that anything can happen in this case so I previously gave 10 lakhs to judge and got him to our side. So obviously the result will be in our favor only don’t worry ok” neerja nodded.
Judge asked the kids” why u want to stay with her when ur real mom is there?” he said pointing to neerja. They both saw neerja and asked” uncle who is this aunty she is looking like witch coming in cartoons she is not our mom see our mom is here she looks so beautiful even when she is simple u asked us na why u want to stay with mom because….” they both asked each other shall we say? And nodded their heads. They said” uncle we want to stay with mom because she use to buy us icecreams even when papa told us not to she will buy those in rainy season coz we love that she will become like kid when she is with us but papa he will be a grandpa when he is with us hey na aditi?” aditi continued” haa rishu papa will always be sappy crying when he is with us but when he is with ma he will be ranvir kapoor who always romances but ma she shows equal love to all and extra love Fr us and she will never complain to papa abt our mischiefs coz he will scold us fr that and give us punishment to write cursive writing 6 pages fr me and Fr this buddhu 8pages hey na buddhu but mumma will help us by writing those pages in her left hand as she will hv handwriting like us and papa cannot identify it hey na buddhu? rishu nodded and realized ” kya buddhe me?? You??” and he started chasing her. All the people laughed at their naughtiness and abhis papagiri. Abhi and pragya both were embarrassed and Abhi” fuggy tum bhi na u bought icecreams Fr them and that too at rainy season and u also wrote cursive writing u say that u r a good mom but u r the bad u r spoiling them he can u be like this?” he started complaining. Pragya told him” so what u r gvng that tough cursive writing Fr punishment what will they do children r known fr their naughtiness but u like a army officer gives them punishment that too that tough cursive they r just 1 1/2 years old papagiri and. That ice cream so what if they like it they can have if anything happen to them i am there na i will take care of them ok u r saying me as bad mom u r the baddest dad i hv ever seen r u a rockstar or army general budddddhu “. Both started their nok jhok u r bad mom u r bad dad. People there were irritated and judge ordered to keep quiet. Both stopped.
Judge told them” Ms. Raichand even though the children wants to live with u u cannot be a real mom u r their step mom only and always its just that they hv never spent time with their real mom and Mr. mehra didn’t allow them a real mom only can take care of the children with utmost care even when other people loves them so Fr the sake of these poor children i am ordering the custody Abhimanyu and pragya to Mrs. neerja mehra.. That’s it now i will sign this judgment” when he gonna much bell rang so the judge said” according to court rules nothing can happen in lunch time so we will proceed after lunch” pragya just sat on her knees and cried hard Abhi came and hugged her. Pragya said to Abhi” u know na buddhu i love them a lot more than u this judge has said me that I am a step mom. And cannot be a why this always happens to me why whomever i love goes far from me right frm my parents my bro and now my children too i can’t leave them with that neerja she doesn’t know anything any my children when they will eat what they will eat when they will sleep she doesn’t know all these am i a step mom buddhu answer me na why r u silent?”. Seeing her like this Abhi didn’t know what to answer he told her” nothing like that fuggy even though u didn’t bear them fr nine months u r still their mom coz they hv ur values i am sure they will return to u not Fr me but Fr u they will come to u. Ur love Fr them is true they will surely.come chalo lets see and spend time with them fr last time before judgment” pragya couldn’t hear those words last time frm him but she stood and went with him. She told Abhi ” i will be back u spend time with them i hv to check whether there are any sections that say that children hv to live with their real mom only i am hvmg lunch Fr them here it is go an feed them slowly don’t give water to rishu he will spit out if he coughs and ur pragya doesn’t like curd so give her pickle only ok u go i will come”. She said and went Abhi took the lunch box frm her and walked towards his kids who were playing together zip zap zoo. Abhi didn’t know that tears were rolling frm his eyes coz they know that they cannot see their belovedd jaans here after. He was crying bitterly he went near them and asked them” champs what r u playing?”. They saw him crying so rishu asked” papa if u don’t like this game say it na why u r crying don’t cry r u angry as I said all my secrets to that uncle don’t worry here after I will itself write my cursive writing without ma’s help ok don’t cry smile smile like a rocksart” Abhi smiles at his innocence and said to him” meri bacchu rocksart nahi rockstar my cutie pie and also I didn’t cry fr that ok here after no need of cursive writing I won’t give that punishment infact I won’t give punishment ok shall I feed u last time with my hands will u eat my champs?” he asked. Aditi replied ” why last time when we become this much big also u gonna feed us ok no excuse” by showing with her small hands and she went and sat in abhis lap rishu asked her,” hey aditi get down today I will only sit today Wednesday my turn and I am also mama prince and papas buddy get down” aditi replied with attitude” so what I am papas princess he will never put me down hey na papa?” Abhi nodded and said” yes of course my darling” aditi said see I told u na. Rishu began like crying” papa u don’t love me na u always love this ghost u r also not making me sit in ur lap u know that is the best place to sit don’t talk to me papa i won’t forgive u ” he turned and sat facing away from Abhi. Abhi asked while holding his ears” arrey rishu who said like that i love u a lot sweet heart ok papa did a mistake now u can sit in my lap come on” rishu said” no u hv to do punishment Fr sure” Abhi with a scared expression” now what punishment i hv to bear?” rishu” yes papa u hv to 10 sit UPS and after coming home u hv to write my cursive writing that too with much perfection i will put mark Fr that if u get less than 7 u will ne neaten now do the sit UPS or else i won’t talk to u” Abhi ” arret what is this yaar u r my father or what i won’t do that here many people are there what will they think of me? Haan no way chance less,” rishu turned his face saying so don’t talk to me. So Abhi had no other choice he looked whether people are there or not he immediately put the sit ups and asked” now happy?” rishu replied ‘ half remaining u hv to at home ok no excuse like Abhi use to say to him. Abhi laughed and said,’ ok grandpa’. Then he began to feed them they were playing word building while eating. Abhi was surprised that his small small children know this much words that he has to think what to say next. He began crying silently. They played Fr sometime zip zap zoo inky pinky ponky and many games. Abhi intentionally lost in the games to make his children always win. The passers by saw this bonding and praised his fatherhood who did not want to see his children sad. Abhi became extremely sad hearing those words as he will not be able to see them after this. Soo rishu and asiti became tired they said” papa we want to sleep call ma she will make us sleep u r already tired playing with us and u r also crying like a girl call ma na” Abhi replied wiping his tears” who said i am crying no i am not come i will make u sleep ma is hvng work i won’t ever say no to u come mere Bacchus”. He took them in his arm and started roaming here and there to make them sleep aduti asked” papa that’s why we told to call ma she will sing lullaby Fr us u don’t know that na u also will sleep with us hearing her lori call ma i want to sleep hearing her Lori” Abhi replied” arrey always ma ma i will sing Fr u when u were so small i use to sing Fr u u both will sleep only after hearing my Lori then ur ma came so i also had that habit of sleeping after hearing her Lori ok now lean ur head in my shoulder come on time to take a nap” he sang tere balliyon mein( Sry guys i do t know any Hindi Lori i saw in one ff that it is written as Lori so i mentioned it if it is not right then take chaoro frm Mary kom) while singing tears were continuously rolling frm his eyes. Then he checked whether they hv slept it not then he sat at one bench started Remembering his moments with rishu and aditi their music melodrama torturing pragya his hide and seek with them enjoying in the park sleeping with them same like skid punching bag interviews all were just rewunding in front of him as if it is happening now..
After the lunch session again the court hearing starts pragya returned with a full face told to Abhi” there were no such cases to research i totally lost my hope buddhu if this case fails na then i won’t be able to live without them…” Abhi immediately placed a kiss in her lips to stop her frm saying any more. He was holding the kids now also. Abhi was called. He went and stood in the witness box the judge asked him” Mr. mehra u can leave the children at the audience area it is no need to show off ur fatherhood ” Abhi replied” Sry my lord but now i can’t let them down as when they are over me they won’t easily come down” he turned his back showing to the judge that rishu and aditi were tightly holding his shirts as if someone is trying to snatch them frm him. Judge understood and called neerja there and told her to rake the children frm him.neerja hesitatingly went and took them frm Abhi but Abhi said” my lord old don’t do this they will wake up if anyone take them frm me now only they hv slept” but neerja didn’t listen she took them they immediately started crying loudly like anything neerja tried to calm them down but they were not stopping.they were continuouslycrying” papa papa why u let her take us pls papa come na we want to sleep in ur arms come papa pls papa”. Abhi tried to run towards them but the cop didn’t let him so he shouted frm there ” papa is here sweet hearts pls don’t cry u both know na that papa don’t like tears so stop crying please see do this now” he started doing actions like the children does with their friends( tamilian guys like abhiyum naanum and deivathirumagal and I don’t know any Hindi film sorry guys) . both rishu and aditi were crying” papa papa don’t let us go pls papa take us frm her”. Cant able to see this pragya ran towards them and took them frm neerja and leaned them on her shoulders saying” its ots ok my baccha s don’t cry na u know na mumma can’t see u crying now don’t cry be a good children shall i put u down” y
They both nodded their head negatively. So pragya” so ok u will both sleep in my arms ok now sleep” rishu said” ma don’t give us to someone we can’t sleep in someone’s arms other than u and papa pls” pragya” ohh meru sweet heart don’t worry papa will scold me if he see u crying he is already angry on me coz u said all our secrets ba now sleep lets handle him afterwards now sleep like good children” and patted their heads she continued her proceedings with the children in her hand. Judge saw all this and told” thus court has never saw such cases evey time children will be handled to maa as she is the only person i the world who can give unconditional love to her children without any objection. In this case i hv seen many scenes that portray the true love of the mother here. I am at loss if words so not dragging the case i am ordering the custody of abhimanyu and pragya to their mom” Abhi and pragya were. Again shocked but after hearing those words they both were on cloudnine. Yes the judge said” i am ordering the custody of both of the cities to their real mom pragya Raichand sorry pragya mehra” . Abhi and pragya both went and hugged each other and gave kiss on their foreheads. Abhi said” i told u na fuggy they r ur kuda our kids they can’t go far from us” pragya replied with a smile” thanks buddhu u returned my life back to me” Abhi patting her shoulders said” our i returned back my life as u r my life my sweet cute pyaari fuggy hmm”. Pragya blushed they four had a family hug.

PRECAP: neerja saying to nikhil ” i don’t want that pragya to live i want to see her in a pool of blood do fast what u can do to kill her” nikhil nodded his head.

sorry akshaya dear I couldn’t comment in its and many of my fav ff Maya di Tina dii Tisha dii and many more ff Sry if I forgot anyone and thank u so much guys Fr commenting seriously i am so happy that i can’t express seeing yr love towards me thank y everyone Fr supporting me till this tenth episode i didn’t expect i will wrote ten episodes and all again thank u all and love u all loadzz…

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  1. Wow… emotional….I cried a lil…..update regularly….plzz……u love this ff…a lot….one of my fav too

  2. Wow… emotional….I cried a lil…..update regularly….plzz……i love this ff…a lot….one of my fav too

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