Love makes Life Beautiful (Episode 1)


Vaishali work as lecturer in Mother Theresa college for women’s. Her father was runs his own business but he get loss in the few years back. So he drop his business and he was in the home. Vaishali and her father are lives happily. One day Bharath got 1 registered post. He opens it and get shocked to see the content in the latter. He gets upset and thinks about that latter.

Vaishali return from the college, looks her father’s dull face and ask about him. He tells our native house is now owned by the RK industries & groups. Vaishali gets shocked coz that house is her mother’s dream. Still she fell her mother’s soul around in the home, Vaishali grownup from the house. They vacates the home when her mother fall in sick. Teardrops are came out from Vaishali’s eyes unknowingly. Vaishali try to cheer up her father. He thinks when he looks sad and she also gets sad so he hides his feelings from Vaishali. Vaishali also in the same mentality.

Days are rolled out. Vaishali write the reply to that latter, she ask some time to repay the loan who father’s got from him. Vaishali and her father are hide their feelings from each other. After 2 days Vaishali get reply from M.D of the company, he replied to her,”I’m not ready to give a chance to u. Your father buy loan from my father, he was passed away since 1yr, but still ur father dnt repay or send any requesting message to me. Then how can I trust you. I can’t give a time to you. One more thing I want to settle the balance amount to ur father. So come and bring that amount from my office”. Vaishali think its ridiculous how can he replied harshly what he think about my father and myself. She get irritated and realise here after no use to talk with that company’s M.D.

Radhika (vaishali’s friend) comes to staff room sees vaishali and ask her wat hppn? Vaishali tells evrythng to her. Radhika tells I have one idea, vaishali ask what’s that? Radhika say u dnt do that. Vaishali said no I’ll do anything for my father’s happy tell me plz. Radhika say u go to that M.D home and stole the legal papers from him. Then he dnt have any proof automatically the house would be handover to u & ur father. Y I say this mean, he behave like an arrogantly easily he cant leave this. Vaishali thinks and say good idea but….

Radhika ask but wat? He is not in our town. He is in bangalore how can I go there? How can I get permission from father? Radhika say definitely ur father dnt allow u too did this, in our college final year students are going to the kerala tour in day after tomorrow, so u go said to ir father u also wants to join with them but u may go to bangalore.

Vaishali said ok thank you so much radhi, the college bell was rang. Vaishali leave the college and reached her home. When the dinner time, she ask permission for tour, he grant the permission and they talk about some stories then casually she ask about R.K industries and addresses.

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  1. What papers stole chori karna galat haina

    1. I think loan or house agreement papers

  2. Hi Sara gud start. Nice keep writing. And I have I small doubt this story is starts from where? Which city she and her father’s live?

  3. & 1 More thing, that’s Shivakarthikeyan & Keerthi suresh in ur title card. May I right? R u also from tamilnadu?

    1. Also its from RajiniMurugan movie same doubt are u 3m TN

  4. nice I m 2 from tamilnadu from chennai u guys?

  5. Me too from tamilnadu

  6. Hi guys I’m also from tamilnadu (Trichy the rock fort city, shiva also from Trichy). Sara plz dnt mistake me I was read out ur story, u may derived this story from the famous writer Ramanichandhiran may I right? I read out the Ramanichandhiran story. Its ditto from that. But u changed the character name and the location.

  7. Nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, keep it up

  8. Dint mistake me I just came here to comment seeing my hero’s pic I dint even read the heading ….. I am sorry I will read it ….. Surely I will read as it had my hero’s pic …. Hehehe I am lil bit over msg fan of Siva Anna …..

    And guys nice to c many Tamil frnda here ….

    @ aaradhana is this ur name …. Actually it’s my fav name recently as it is siva Anna daughter name ….

    @Athira @riya @nandy @vaishu hello FRNDS I am also frm tn….

    Sara waiting for next epi …. Haha now I have read ur story …..

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