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Thank u so much guys fr ur lovely comments that’s so sweet of u all and I am also writing one more ff with our abhi only alas a story of different form of love if u guys hc time pls do read that so back to the story

Abhi was sitting in his couch it seems that he is in his room sitting alone thinking something deeply and crying thinking that. Here neerja was sleeping in their bed facing back from their children yes abhi s children his life was born they were two days old. Abhi was wondering he culd a mom can face away from children when he was thinking that some words were echoing in his mind. Yes the same words which were the reason ft his tears

Neerja was pacing in the balcony as it was her ninety month and her date was also given a sudden strike of pain in her stomach ABHIIIIII she shouted abji rushed to her and immediately arranged the car. In the car neerja blurted out some unexpected words” just because of ur property I am bearing this pain because of ur dumb father who has written his will on behalf of his grandchildren who love u my love ft ur money has making me to face the utmost pain just get the hell out of this children from my belly” she cried abhi was dumbstruck he was like ” what the hell is happening here she loves my money why this always happens to me?” Again her screams took him out of his trance.

She was taken into it. Abhi was pacing Herr and there and those words filled his mind a line tear escaped from his eys. That time he saw a chashme wala girl running Here and there playing with the children giving chocolates to them there was a wide smile over her face but an unexplained sadness covered her eyes only abhi could recognise them she has worn a white kurta and blue jeans she was simple but she looked like angel to his eyes. Yes that was our pragya. Seeing abhi she came towards him that time nurse came and congratulated abhi fr the birth of his son and his daughter then abhi confirmed abt neerjas health nothing but with a blank mind. Nurse went in and CE out with two bundles of joy his reason fr living his happiness. Abhi had a mixed type of emotions she handed the babies to him. Abhi was scared to take them.

That time pragya reached when abhi was saying to nurse ‘ no sister I am scared what if I put them down?’ Pragya came with saying ” yes u can put them down but a father cannot” she said by gvng the babies to them abhi was so happy he don’t know why. Either by pragya speaking to him or helping him or his children he don’t know. Pragya said to him ” today is birthday of botg y parents yes they were born in same date and died in same date too they died in an accident but I don’t know why I see mg parents in ur children thank u so much God to make me meet them” oragya turned back to look fr nurse she confirmed that nurse was not there she took a bit of honey and put them in both of their mouths and in abhis mouth too and said ” kush raho beta my ahirvaad and my prayers will be always fr u people” she turned by wiping her tears
Abhi said ” oneinure ur name?”

Pragya ” pragya pragya raichand”…. And left from there.

Precap: abhi naming his daughter as PRAGYA and son as ABHIMANYU.

thank u guys fr commenting and I want to know that if u want abhi to be a perfect father more abhi children scenes or as usual normally villain hero heroine scenes pls tell me thank u fr comments keep supporting me love u all..

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  1. Perfect father abhi more children scenes!! haha but it’s up to u vaishali as u will also some preference right? Btw today’s epi is awesome and u expressed Abhi’s feelings in a very realistic way… expecting eagerly for the upcoming updates on how love makes life beautiful for Abhigya!

  2. Nice episode yaar….

  3. Abhi should be perfect father for his children. Nice episode yaar. But his wife s so annoying yaar, Kill that character. Need abhigya scenes. Will they unite or not?

  4. vaishu ur choice chhutki i will enjoy ur every episode as ur narration is perfect i had already said that reading ur another one story and again i am saying prrfection overloaded but one thing please reduce mistakes like ninety months i know it happens by typing on phone its k anyways the episode was perfect dear superb go on ????☺☺☺?

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome yaar…….Extremely Beautiful……….

  6. Narration is so perfect… Pragya… I loved her character, this story is so different that i want to read it’s next episode now, and that’s not possible haha vaishu i lovedddd ittt! Awesome,Abhi a perfect father….

  7. Wow vaishu its so amazing the dialogue which pragya said ‘yes you can put them down but father cannot’ loved that dialogue a lot awesome vaishu

  8. Superb vaishuu?????????❤????

  9. Really good darling,the way you narrated,is very good and all the dialogues are in a matured tone. Nice to read such a off.

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