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HI ALL happy weekend to all first of all as usual sorry lets move back to the story.

Abhi and pragya were returning to Mumbai by flight all were seated in the fflight abhi pragya and ria in three seater and rishu and aditi were seated in two seater. They were playing something. And ria slept in pragyas arm after a two days away from her mom. She peacefully slept pragya kept her head in abhis shoulder and was smiling at her destiny which started hapiily with her parents then took a sudden turn after her parents death then again a u turn after meeting a buddhu who doesn’t know to take care of himself after meeting that buddhu she felt the life has again gave her justice to live. Then after marrying that buddhu her life again became a colourful one with her two children and then again came a new member to her family and her arrival gave extra happiness in her life what would she ask for in her life. She saw abhi seeing her admiring at her. She asked him “ what r u looking at me buddhu?” abhi replied” I am just seeing how this girl has taken away my heart and hijacked my flight of bachelorship with just her one smile I am a poor boy hey na?” pragya hit him in his shoulder “ badmash u only hit line on me ok not me u only proposed me and sadi u cant live without me or else I would have married salman khan who proposed me during my college days ok just cause of my children I am still living with u or else wo will live with this buddhu who doesn’t even know thr R of romance huh?” by this time ria had woke up due to their fight pragya hugged ria and told “ hey my guiya woke up did u get nice sleep?” abhi replied before her “ why she wouldn’t get nice sleep she would have slept well as she had to plsy with her papa na she isn’t like u ok mrs. Pragya mehra she is like her father a rockstar hey na gudiya?” ria had gone to abhis lap and kept her head in his chest. Pragya “ hello the so called rockstar ur taunts wont work on me ok she is like me very intelligent and smart she is not like u buddhu “ abhi said “ wahh intelligent I didn’t know that someone who knows only to argue is called intelligent how sweet” ria by now who was irritated by her parents fight got down from abhi and went to her bhai and her didi and sat in aditis lap. Rishu asked ria “ gudiya why r u here u slept na u woke up so early and mama papa kya kar rahi hai?” roa replied playing with her didi’s bracelet said “ bhaiyya mumma papa again fighting bhaiyya I cant sleep there so only I came here pls let me sleep bhaiyya” aditi replied “ its ok gudiya u sleep I will care ur head so that u sleep come on lean ur head” ria did so aditi cared her head and soon ria slept. Abhi and pragya who saw this and smiled abhi said “ see how my children have great bonding how sweet and ria she is sleeping in installments yaar its from u only u also slept during ur pregnancy na so only she is like u “ pragya replied side hugging him “ sorry buddhu I didn’t expect that accident and yah our children are so sweet they care for each other a lot they cant be separated by any one “ abhi smiled at her hugging her and soon they both slept.

At MM,
Pragya was cooking something in the kitchen and ria was sitting there talking with pragya in the counter. Abhi was hiding behind the cupboard as rishu aditi purab was playing hide and seek and bulbul went out to buy her outfits for a party she is gng to attend with her friends. Rishu was the one who has to spot the criminals. Abhi was hiding in his room. Purab was behind the showcase in the hall aditi was under their rooms bed. Rishu was searching fr them desperately. Suddenly they all heard a scream,,” aaahhhhhhhhh” abhi was the one first recognized it as rias voice. He immediately rushed to the kitchen there he saw ria was crying with her hands wide open like something fell on her hands. Abhi rushed to her and asked her wiping her tears “ what hpnd my gudiya? Tell me don’t cry my beta” ria said crying “ papa hot water fell down” abhi lost his cool slapped pragya and said” don’t u have eyes u hv to be careful who said to bring gudiya in kitchen idiot” he rushed ria out taking her in his arms consoling her not to cry and shouted at purab to take the car. Ria said crying “ papa hot water fell in mumma’s hand she saved me from that” abhi asked doubted “ hot water fell in mumma’s hand ha?” ria nodded. Abhi gulped and saw pragya soothing her hands by blowing at it and seeing abhi. Abhi saw his finger mark in her cheeks and felt like he has over reacted. By this time rishu saw pragyas hand shouted “ mumma” all rushed towards her made her sit in sofa. Purab came with first aid box and gave it to abhi and went with the children. Abhi took the ointment and put it in pragyas hand . she moaned a little in pain abhi asked “ is it paining?” pragya replied angrily “ no no it is like having a chocolate milkshake during rain ok “ abhi understood her anger. He tried to hug and comfort her but pragya stood and went. Abhi understood and followed her wherever she went. All saw this and were laughing at them.

Abhi stopped her and asked” fuggy pls don’t be angry at me pls I cant take this see all r laughing at me pls fuggy u r my sweetest cutest pyaari fuggy na” he held her chin. Pragya pulled that and said “ I am not angry at u but I am angry on ur anger why cant u just control it can u just think before doing anything? I told u many times to control ur anger but u r not at all listening to me unless u promise me to reduce ur anger and think twice before doing anything I wont talk to u now go and do ur work or else et me do my work the kitchen is a mess its like u hv prepared food for 100 persons in one go go away” abhi was disappointed but he also know that she is also correct. So he didn’t made a fuss out of it he just sat in the sofa with others thinking how to convince her. Rishu who was standing there went to abhi “ so mr. big mehra wants to apologise mrs. Mehra right?” abhi replied” exactly betaji” aditi asked” in usual rockstar way” abhi while hugging her” of course” ria came to him “ it should result in forgiving u” abhi said” obviously”. The the trio said in chorus “ then express ur feelings” purab chuckled and said” bhai u have the best children see they r gvng u ideas wish I also have like them” abhi smiled at him. Aditi went and sat in purab lap said “ chachu don’t worry I am always there for u I wont let maasi to scold u ok don’t worry chachu” she hugged him purab too hugged her. That time bulbul came shouting “ purabbbb why didn’t u pick my call u were supposed to take me from the mall na” aditi after hearing this ran away from purab saying “ take care chachu” abhi laughed at this while purab stood disappointed. Then purab went to apologise to bulbul for forgetting too pick her up.
Abhi wnt to his music room thought of a song to apoogise to pragya. He took his guitar and started to sing. Pragya after hearing sound from his music room thought to go and check on him what he is doing. After seeing abhi she smiled at him at his cute gesture. Abhi began,
Narane narana nara nara naa nara narana narana nee..
He stringed his guitar and started singing towards pragya while the others were enjoying it and waiting fr pragyas reaction
Jhuki Teri Palko Mein Mil Jaye Mujhe Panah
I hope to get the place under your leaned eyelids

Palkein Gire Aansu Bhari
Eye lids may fall eyes may remain wet

Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan
But my signs my presence will stay there

Tute Dil Ki Mat Kar Tu Fikar
Don’t you think about my broken heart

Mere Humnava
My love my companion

Pyaar Doon Tujhko Iskadar
I will give you love in such way in such a style
I love you in such a way that

Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan
My signs my presence will stay with you forever

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Aakhon Mein Mil Jaun Mein Jaise Ki Ek Lamha
I want to stay in your eyes just like a one moment unforgettable forever

Aa Lag JA Sine Se Baan JA Mera Rehnuma
Come Hug me and become my guide

Dekhta Hun Sapne Tere Sun Le Meri Jaane JA
Listen my love I dream about you

Khwaab Ye Sach Ho Jaye Agar Khuda Ho Meharbaa
These dreams will come true if God becomes kind

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Sajde Mein Tere SAR Jhukta Bas
Only in your worship I bow

Chahat Ki Hai Yeh Dastaan
This is the story of love

Rooth Gaya mera Rub Jo Mujh Se
If my god becomes upset with me

To Mita De VO Mere Nishaan
Then he/she can remove my signs
Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
My signs My Signs

As he finished the song by gng on hs knees pragya came forward and hugged him with small tears due to her husbands unbound love. Abhi whispered “ I love u fuggy I promise I wont be angry at u and will think twice before I do anything” pragya replied” I love u too buddhu glad that u realized and that slap was really hard buddhu that it tells me ur unconditional love fr ur daughter and anger on ur wife pragya leave it buddhu” abhi muttered sorry pragya nodded and immediately gave him a peck on his cheeks. There all of them closing their eyes “ no we didn’t see anything” pragya replied” good now panchayat over meeting disperse who r all there in the dining table within 60 seconds will be given a special extra cup of sundae time starts now” all ran except abhi as he knew his sundae is already waiting here. They both hugged each other but it again got interrupted by purabs sound “ dii enough of romancing come fast or else u will not get sundae” pragya ran from there” no I wont give my share purab don’t dare to touch that”. Abhi smiled at her childish antics.

Precap: pragya shoutingat someone on phone” don’t u dare to say like that how will I leave abhi just like that haan?”

Sorry guys but believe me I was trying to post for three days but whenever I loaded tellyupdates page it always come server maintanence or error establishing database I am irritated with that so only couldn’t upload I think u all understand me as I love u guys and guys I will update it on three days that is Wednesday,friday and Sunday if u r ok with this or not pls tell me.
thanks fr ur support throughout my ff. and my dear sis riya shri here after I will call u chutki or gungun whichever u like just tell me ok love u all surbhi dii sry dii I cant comment in my fav ff story of faith I am so so so sorry u know na I hv some hectic work but believe me i never ever miss to read this even I miss to eat love u dii thank u all fr ur support and love stay blessed

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