hi guys my name is harini.this is my first story so this one is kind of short just tel me whether is nice or nt
lets move on to the story


abhishek merha college boy whom is 2nd year in xyz college bro of purab,bro of aliya
pragya aroa a girl whom is 2nd year college in xyz college sis of bulbul haves a bro ranveer

purab merha a 1 st year student he loves bulbul silently did not tel anyone
aliya merha 2nd year student she has a crush on boy but did not tel to any one (abhi skiped college 1 year because for his parents)
bulbul aroa 1st year loves purab she and her sis know but nt her bro
ranveer aroa 3rd year student he is intested in love and wanted to meet his dream girl
shalini an orphan girl studys in the same college and becomes best frd of bulbul

INTRO OVER Lets move on to the story

a girl is shown who cover her face with a blanket and another girl comes and wake her up (thats is our bulbul and pragya)
pragya goes to another room sees a boy combing his hair (tats ranveer) she tels time for college a new sem for u a new place for me. rv said yeah better be good to every one but everyone is nice and good to speak best of luck ok abt the marks pragya,yeah but i think this bulbul does not worry abt any thing she is a..bulbul wat she is a?? pragya nothing bulbul time for come on guys lets goo. stop bulbul said i am not coming with u guys because my frd is also in the same college pragya oh yeah shalini where is she ????

i am here hearing ur convo bulbul tats my shalini. shalini stop[ it yaar lets go now

i am sorry but i hav to just pls come if i should conti or not

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    there is no question about continue or not…you just go ahead dear…

  2. Princesskrisha

    Superb harini continue it yaar waiting eagerly

  3. nice intro dear and pls continue and don’t mistakes me what’s ur age?actually i would like to call you di or choti??

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Nice!

  5. nice intro dear pls conti

  6. Asmithaa

    Continue yaar… Tamila??? Then her name is not Shalini.. It is Ishani..( in Tamil serial they change names na).. So change the name yaar.. Or else they will be confused.. Episode was superb..????

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